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Borderbob... sigh :rolleyes: I am sooo sorry, and sad,I won't even try to come up with words.. there are none.

There is an old saying: "A friend in need, is a friend, indeed!"... your Border Collie friends, do know what love and loyalty are all about, and they don't need words. They truly, do know, and so do you.

And I think I can speak for everyone here on the boards when I say, we are here, as best we can be. If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Prayers, and dog kisses, coming your way!


((((((( hug))))))))

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Is your name really Bob? I ask because about all I can do besides offer my sympathy and prayers is to put you on our parish prayer list. We may be Episcopalians (the frozen chosen), but we do pray for family and friends every Sunday. And we have a group who will add you to their individual daily prayers and weekly group prayers. It really does seem to help.

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That so completely sucks. I'm glad your BCs are sticking close, and to the extent that we can, we will too. There's little I (or probably most of us) can do physically from a distance, but if you're in need of any moral support you have only to say so. Generally I tell people who have convalescing dogs to give them lots of hugs and tell them lots of jokes. Sounds like right now your BCs are returning the favor, bless them - and bless you and yours, too.

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Border Bob , i am going to tell you a story about My wife .

When linda was 28 she found a lump in her L breast . She had a needel biopse, It was adeno CA of the breast , She had a modified Mastectomy, nodes where Neg. so no chemo or rad.

2years Later she was found to have metastic BrestCa to he Liver. Itwas difuse infiltration of her liver so no surgery , The Dr gave her no more than 2 years to live Her liver was so big and painfull that the only way she could get into bed was by kneeling on the Bed than i would have to lift her and she could lie down. Well she had Chemo for 7 years , Along time but she never gave up and slowley the tummer died and it has now been 24 years . And she is a live and working 40 hrs aweek and playing at agility with her BC Emma

So my point is that you never know what life has in mind for us , If my wife could survive than you can ! We will be thinking of you your family and dog(S)You will be in our prayers


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