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  1. First, I agree with the suggestion of a Lupine harness. Or anything. They guarantee their stuff against chewing. And I know it is not for the life of that dog. My brother's third dog in a row chewed - and the item was replaced - at least 30 years after purchase (maybe longer). Second, a crate in the car is not necessary if you have a good harness for the car. One that hooks into the seat belt. Heck, I used similar stuff for our 3 kids back in the 1970s - when car seats were plastic, hung on the back of a seat. and had a plastic steering wheel.If you use a crate, you still have to secure it
  2. Our first border collie mix was Fergie. We named her for a lovely dog we met when we stayed at a B&B on a farm outyside Thrisk (yes, James Herriot had been their vet) in North Yorkshire. That dog was named for Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York. When we told the vet through whom we adopted the pup, she told us that the family whose dog had the litter had called ours Sarah. But Fergie's full name was Ferguson J. Puppyfrau. Our current border collie mix is Dixie. OK, we are in North Carolina. But it sure was not our choice. However, she was a rescue who had been through too many changes (i
  3. Ask the vet if it's OK to try both plain un-flavored yogurt and plain canned pumpkin. I haven't know a dog (or cat) who even tries to resist those.
  4. You scared me! I thought this was another version of Sputnik 2. I was in 6th grade when the Soviets put that dog up in the satelite - with no plans to bring her down alive. My now best friend Sandy and I were livid. We started "The Room 6 Weekly" - with our teacher's permission - to write a scathing editorial about that. And equally scathing anti-Soviet editorials each week. We knew that Kruschev was quaking in his boot when our issue came out! BTW, the dog was not named Laika, no matter what you keep hearing. She was a Laika - a Russian huskie breed. She was either Belka (Squirrel) or
  5. Years ago, when I was getting used to our first BC mix, Fergie, I got specific advice about percentages of protein and fat for a border collie from a wonderful guy named Bill who lived on the border area of Vermont and New Hampshire. I think it was ~21% protein and ~15% fat. I went to PetCo and PetsMart and made a list of every blessed kibble and its percentages. Checked back to find the best choice. Since then I have used only PetsMart's Advantage (their store brand) Lamb & Rice and several Lamb & Rice kibbles from PetCo that start with Nature or Natural (have already recycled the
  6. When Fergie was doing badly, she loved pumpkin and yogurt. Which, of course, Maggie Da Cat tried to steal. We let Ferg have as much as she wanted when she wanted it.
  7. We leave on the 27th for a fortnight in Yorkshire: a week in Hawes, North Yorkshire and a week in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. OK, I'll be honest, we are going for the ales, as usual. And as much hiking as DH can do with a dickey ilia-tibial band in his right thigh. And day trips to the coasts and Heartbeat country. That and Last of the Summer Wine and All Creatures Great and Small are favorites and what got us to this area in the first place. But we would love to see anything related to stock dogs. We have seen a woman training a young dog on one walk - a man and 2 dogs moving a herd of
  8. Rub in Aspercream (or a generic version), then DMSO. I can guarantee that it helps for joint pain and arthritis. And you won't even have to lie about for whom you'll use the DMSO. Make sure your hands are clean when you start - then wash well after (unless you have arthritis in your hands).
  9. We will be in Hawes from May 28 to June 4 and in Holmfirth from June 4-June 11. Will there be anything related to stock dogs going on there and then? If not, we will just schmooze with local pups every day.
  10. All I have had to do is put some plain yogurt (I make my own and have a stash) or some canned pumpkin on whatever I want either the dog or cat to eat.
  11. Our first dog had ears like that. We called her The Flying Nun.
  12. As one who is hypothyroid, I sure know that it can make your skin dry and flaky. Heck, it can also make my nails sort of peel back. So, with luck, the meds will - eventually - clear that up. Until then, I second (of twelfth?) adding oil to the food. I do that at the noon feeding anyhow. Can't hurt.
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