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  1. My Lucy will be on Animal Planet tonight 8:00 central time on "Americas Cutest dog" I think it will be only a few seconds of video since we didn't officially enter the contest but check it out if you get a chance.
  2. Hi Been real busy at work soon as i get some time I will post them. Hope all is well. I have been cutting back on her food and it seems to be helping. Thanks Rich
  3. The big mistake was to teach her hello I used the toss of a ball as the reward for her saying it correctly. Now when I sit down to read or watch tv she will drop the ball on my lap. Of course I ignore her. Than she will start saying hello over and over until i give in and throw the ball!
  4. Hi I have been feeding my dogs orijen which contains 40% protein is this too much? Any other foods you would recommend? Just got back from a clinic and was told my dogs run slower because they are fat and every one said the problem is the 40% protein? Maybe i am just feeding them too much. Just wanted to se what your opinions are?
  5. I have switched to Orijen (the blue bag version) about a year ago form Canidae. The dogs Love it! Lucy is very picky and with most foods she will leave it in her bowl all day ntil she is so hungry she gives in. With Orijen she eats it right away!.
  6. this reminds me of a herding clinic I went to I was the only male at this clinic and it was one of the first clinics i went to. I asked the stupid question "where are all the male sheep?" I was told that most of them get castrated at birth I was than asked "why do you think we castrate them" I had no idea The answer "to make them smarter"
  7. now my feelings are hurt I thought I was really the most handsome now all these people are making me feel bad
  8. Lucy who is also the deep thinker in my house. same thing with the mirror. now when we are in front of the mirror i say "kiss Lucy" and she will kiss her self in the mirror. i also show her a large picture of Mike my other border collie when mike is not around and ask her to kiss mike and she will kiss the picture of him!!
  9. Mike who is now 3.5 years old when i first got him he was quite a handful but has turned out to be an amazing dog. I guess the male dogs take a little longer to mature? couldn't resist posting this picture he is eyeing a sheep
  10. good to hear from you she is 100% here are a few recent pics
  11. " go find president Bush" " go find Hillary Clinton" "go find Mike(the other border collie " "go find Osama Bin Laden" "go play your guitar" "beach time" "leave me alone I am watching TV" "kiss Mike" "bettime" "roadtrip" "turn off the lights' (yes she can do this) etc. here is a video of Lucy finding Osama
  12. Kathy Knox once told me "these dogs(border collies) will do the most amazing things when nobody else is around to see it except me" Tonight after watching a little olympics. I gave the command "time for sleep" As usual my two BC's jump up and head to my bedroom. Usually they both jump up on the bed while I go brush my teeth. Tonight Lucy anxiously looked at my night stand and let out a little whimper. The usual stuff was on my night stand; the alarm clock a few never read and unopened books. I am like "whats up?" Than I realize I left my pager downstairs, I am a physician and tonight is my call night and when I am on call I always leave the pager on the night stand. I run down stairs get the pager run back up and Lucy watches me put the pager on the night stand sighs and lays down. Ok. I realize this may be my imagination playing tricks on me but for those of us who own a border collie and witness these kind of things from time to time know where I am coming from when I say these dogs never stop amazing me!
  13. the question was just a curiosity of the pecking order in nature but I am really bothered that someone in our hood lets their cat run free. I live in a suburb where cars are constantly about. Its only a matter of time before the cat gets hit or begins a chase with a dog that ends up in tragedy. I have two border collies the male is tough as nails but very mellow unless another dog is getting nasty with my girl dog. On the other hand, and I am sure there are many of you on this board who have a similar dog, My female "lucy" has a nervous system that seems to be wired 10x faster than any creature i have come across. Its really an amazing and scary thing when her prey drive kicks in because it happens at the speed of light. As someone above posted thats a time for a "that will do". I am sure many of you can relate that by the time my nervous system can detect what is going on if she wasn't on a leash she would be 5 miles away. It really is that fast no time to say "that'll do". With the male dog I would have time. These dogs really are an engineering marvel and constant lesson of how incredible nature can be in what it produces!
  14. Since I have no cats that is not an option It only has occured once or twice and since I always have good control of my dogs they were not able to pursue the cat. I was just curious in nature what would happen. personally i think it is irresponsible in a busy suburb to allow a cat wondering free outside your house! I don't let my dogs wonder free because there are too many dangers such as loose cats! My dogs have been trained since puppyhood never to enter into the street. Even if i throw their favorite toys into the street they will not follow. However when this cat ran across our path I was jolted and felt the prey drive trigger in my girl who lis lighting fast and so strong! Its very scary Iam sure many of you have witnessed the same release of instant energy.
  15. Just a curiosity? Yesterday I was walking my border collies and a loose cat ran across their path. I was very lucky I had a tight enough grip on the leash because my bitch in a flash of a second was on the chase. Just curious what happens when a border collie in nature or on a farm comes across a cat. who is the better predator?
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