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How to use the Rescue Resources & Dogs for Adoption forum

Welcome to the Rescue Resources & Dogs for Adoption (RR&DfA) forum.


The following types of posts are appropriate here:


1. Rescue resources, and referrals to rescue resources. (This would include links to your rescue site.)


2. Posting of dogs in your rescue or being fostered by you who are currently being offered for adoption (put location in header).


3. Posting of dogs in shelters that you have had actual contact with, know are currently available, and can recommend for adoption (put location in header; avoid emotional appeals).


4. Requests for help with transport and offers of help with transport.


5. Rescue-to-rescue appeals for resources other than transport.


6. Posts from people looking to adopt a dog, or offering to foster.


7. In response to specific posts seeking to adopt a dog, links to dogs in shelters near that poster.

If you wish to post about a shelter/pound dog needing to find a home or to be pulled for fostering, and you know about that dog through an email, petfinder.com, or another forum but have not had personal contact with him/her, please post in the "Dogs in Shelters" subforum, which you will find at the very top of the RR&DfA forum, above this Announcements section. Please avoid emotional appeals in the topic title. (Posts made to the Dogs in Shelters sub-forum will not be included in "View New Posts." Posts made to the RR&DfA forum will be included in "View New Posts.")


If you can provide transport and are willing to be contacted when dogs need to be transported in or through your area, please post in the geographically appropriate database below this Announcements section.


Thanks for your interest and willingness to support border collies in need.

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