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  1. Gonzo sheds way less after switching to Raw, so a better diet could certaintly improve your pups skin & coat. How often do you brush him? Using an undercoat rake, brush him out daily. ;0) there are lots of options other than shaving... and, clipping down his coat really isn't a solution to shedding. He will just shed tiny hairs that are more difficult to pick up!
  2. Have you tried frizbee? Gonzo will play Frizbee for over an hour, and he will still want to go. ;0) A good conditioning exercise is running them up-hill. Toss her ball up-hill so she will have to work twice as hard to get it each time. If she does like tugging, you could also set up a flirt pole to play with. That tires out my pups REALLY fast!
  3. Gonzo & Fozzie love their Softbite Floppy Discs. They also have a bunch of frisbees from Skyhoundz (soft & competition style) that are really easy to throw, durable and soft on their mouths. I've seen K-9 Flyers, and it looks like a nice frisbee. It costs way more than Skyhoundz, though!
  4. Wonderful advice from Julie & Rebecca! You should definitely do what you feel comfortable with. =0) That is my opinion. A contract should absolutely stand behind the structural soundness of your pup for at least 2 years, though! Gonzo is from a breeder who also did not check hips/elbows, and admittedly did not have the best breeding practices, but their dogs worked over 100's of acres every single season and if a dog did not work exceptionally well it was not kept and especially not bred. Gonzo's hips & elbows are awesome... although he has shyness & insecurity issues resulting from other poor breeding practices, as the pups were outside alone from day 1 and were not well socialized. Keep your eye out for breeders who raise puppies in-home, and/or spend lots of time handling & socializing the pups. My sister's family has a Lab, on the other hand, whose parents *were* tested and cleared, but he had both hip & elbow issues by the time he was 12 months old. A very clear guarentee on genetic health issues in the breeder's contract gave them the option of either a free puppy while keeping their Lab, or the breeder returning half the cost of their dog. They opted to get back half of the puppy price which went toward paying for a hip surgery.
  5. thanks, Keith! That last quote is really invaluable. I need to remind myself of that more often! =P I know I should not feel belittled because of my age. I feel I have way more experience with the breed than she does, at 40+ years my senior. I also feel that a some of the new people (including Belle's owner) with MUCH "easier" dogs think Gonzo's chasing incidences are all my fault. It gets kind of annoying when people who assume I know absolutely nothing about dogs ask me if I know how to stretch Gonzo, or why isn't my Mom/Dad handling my dog (I haven't heard this one for a while, thank GOD), if I need help, if I'm feeding him a good diet for a performance dog (while they feed Eukanuba )... etc!
  6. Thanks for all of the very practical advice. =0) It helps put my mind at ease to know I'm not the *only* one who sees that this girl, although cute, is built & bred to lay on a couch, not work in rough terrain all day every day. I posted this earlier at an all-dog board that I frequent more often, and many of the replies I got referred to Belle as "obviously prettier" than Bailey & my BC boy... which I feel bad about. The gist of what she has said to Bailey's owner is "Where did you get her? Why would anyone breed for that much white?" and once, "He is skinny, what are you feeding him?"(about Gonzo, who is 5 years old and 85,483,445x more athletic/smart/attentive than Belle... and is fed Raw for the record ^^). And while Bailey is from very notable trialing dogs. Me and Bailey's mom usually roll our eyes and ignore it, she just seems to have a blunt personality, which is partly why I'm afraid to say something. I think I am going to print parts of the Stickies out from this board and give them to her, and also ask her if she feels Belle betters the breed. She acts sooo high & mighty about everything and as though her dog is flawless... I just hope she has more of an open mind about it. I mean, her dog is very sweet & I'm sure a great companion, but I feel she should've stuck with Papillons if she wants to produce companions only! And, she is either definitely on the "show side", or she just thinks working BC's are from BYB's or something. It's evident that she knows very little about the breed. I would even say that I'm more suited to breed Gonzo (neutered!) than she is to breed Belle, and that just proves that this girl is not a true BC, because I have never even considered breeding my goofy boy. Ever. LOL Mark. I just might say that! It's definitely to the point.
  7. Ok... so, there is a Border Collie female named Belle training with my Flyball team. Her owner brought her to classes while in heat last week , and I got into a conversation with her about her decision to breed Belle. She is a very sweet dog, but I for real thought she must be mixed with a spaniel or a Golden, because the most BC thing about her is her markings, period. Belle has cleared health certs, and is AKC pointed. I think she only needs 1 major before she's a Champion. The owner has bred Papillons and is involved in Papillon rescue, she got a BC because she wanted a bigger dog to show, because bending over so much to show her Paps was getting harder with age (LOL at that one). But, I'm positive the pups would be well raised and socialized. Belle has never seen livestock, but she does a bit of Agility & Flyball with her for fun. Other people on the team seem to support her, but me & the one other really enthusiastic BC lady are kind of sick over it. Belle is super mild-mannered and a dog that could be trusted with about anything, but I have never seen an ounce of intensity in her. She's stocky (about 15 lbs larger than my male BC), fluffy, short-muzzled, & tires after a few runs. Besides that, she just does not care about working either way... and she's super slow! I mean, she's a nice dog, but literally a black & white Golden Retriever (a show-bred Golden, of course). I have never seen her actually focus on the ball, her owner, other dogs, n o t h i n g. This dog basically bumbles around, like "Ohhh, a ball", and does not even pick it up or bring it back half the time. When I met her, I thought she may be a senior dog, but she isn't even 2 years old! I don't know if I want to say something to the owner or not. I feel like she looks at me as inferior, because I am a teenager, and I wouldn't want her to get mad at me... I would just like to say SOMETHING instead of just staring in shock! She expressed to me that she plans to breed Belle on her next heat in the fall. I was asking what kind of studs she was looking into (hoping maybe it'd be a working dog?), and she said she would be line-breeding to her brother who is a conformation CH OR to an unrelated CH. To breed to her brother must be like, the worst possible breeding ever, I feel. Any ideas? You guys are definitely the best people to turn to for this. This is Belle: (note the intensity when retrieving the ball ) This is Bailey, the other BC-enthusiast's working-bred dog. She is beginning to trial on sheep already and she's just over 1 year old. She's also nearly done with Flyball training, even though she has chasing habits. Belle's owner has made rude comments about Bailey's white content, of all things!:
  8. Puppies are (USUALLY) so much fun, if you really stick to what you know you need to do & you gather as much puppy info as you can possibly fit into your brain. =P I'm happy to say that my pup is 4 months old now, and I have yet to go insane! Hopefully the teenager stage won't kill us all. Oh, and I did raise him along with my high maintenance, puppy-hating Border Collie! I gave him tons of attention, tons of exercise, and for the first few weeks the 2 only got a few hours of supervised time together every day. Now, they love each other and are completely comfortable playing, wrestling, & sleeping together... Gonzo is also much happier, and has more energy than right before we adopted Fozzie. Congrats on the new baby! Oohh, I can't wait to see Shmeltie baby pics! What a wierd situation your pup was concieved by, but it's great the owners are fully taking responsibility for the unexpected pups.
  9. I totally feel ya. Gonzo has very similar behaviors, VERY rarely, but it's enough to concern me... it actually happened today! I was at the park with 4 of my friends, & one of their Aussies, with Gonzo & Fozzie. Everyone was being good, until our friend Jake came walking into the fenced park. He approached without even looking at the dogs (he's nice, but not a "dog person"... which is why I told him he shouldn't even come), and Gonzo sat politely wagging his tail. When the other 2 dogs approached him, so did Gonzo with only mild interest in Jake. Then, Jake kind of kicked out at them and ignored them and kept walking towards us. I saw Gonzo creeping behind him and before I could yell "leave it", he had nipped at Jake's calf and scared him (it didn't leave any marks, of course). Jake proceded to kick out again (freakin dork) and Gonzo circled around him again before I could call him away. :/ I know that I need to better control him when strangers approach, because he will only do this to strangers that are approaching & ignoring him. It makes me feel like he is passive-aggressive, kind of, and demands attention... I know he is insecure, and it's so hard for me to figure out how to help him.
  10. I use the same for training most of the time, especially puppy training! It works SO well to get silly ADD puppy's attention. I do the same as Allie. I cut up portions (which is about 2" each) of the biggest role, and keep one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. Otherwise, they will get gross if it's in the fridge for much more than a week.
  11. LOL, no, I'm a female. I actually live in Folsom so I'm near Roseville =0) that's cute that you saw a Gonzo look-a-like! I haven't seen any BC's who look like my pup. He's uh... unique, in a funny-looking way. I met one BCxHusky who did resemble him, though, go figure. Tahoe is awesome, anyway! Gonzo is off-leash when we go, as long as we are there to give him commands. He has never bothered anyone. There's tons of secluded trails & areas around the lake. Except, every time we go there is always at least 10 Labs that run up with the owner far behind calling "Don't worry, my dog is friendly!" We usually stay at our cabin but we go camping, too.
  12. I would say a vet appointment is in order! But, it sounds a lot like she's pregnant. I do hope her breeding was well-planned out and done responsibly.
  13. Oo, you're in Sac? Me too! =) We camp most summers at/around Squaw Valley in Tahoe, it is AWESOME! If you go in the winter, you can try out sledding with a team or skijoring with your own dog.
  14. I dunno? It might just be that it's a new, exciting kibble for your adults so they're acting like it's irresistable. My BC doesn't really care about the puppy food... because he gets raw, and that kicks any kind of kibbles butt . I feed Fozzie in his crate, anyway, Gonzo would get very chubby if I was leaving all the food out!
  15. I'm using treat lures with my puppy, I have him sit and have a treat in my hand so he can really smell it... but he doesn't GET the treat until the lead is on. Maybe starting from scratch (treat luring) is necessary to get him back on track?
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