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  1. My Lucy will be on Animal Planet tonight 8:00 central time on "Americas Cutest dog" I think it will be only a few seconds of video since we didn't officially enter the contest but check it out if you get a chance.
  2. Hi Been real busy at work soon as i get some time I will post them. Hope all is well. I have been cutting back on her food and it seems to be helping. Thanks Rich
  3. The big mistake was to teach her hello I used the toss of a ball as the reward for her saying it correctly. Now when I sit down to read or watch tv she will drop the ball on my lap. Of course I ignore her. Than she will start saying hello over and over until i give in and throw the ball!
  4. Hi I have been feeding my dogs orijen which contains 40% protein is this too much? Any other foods you would recommend? Just got back from a clinic and was told my dogs run slower because they are fat and every one said the problem is the 40% protein? Maybe i am just feeding them too much. Just wanted to se what your opinions are?
  5. I have switched to Orijen (the blue bag version) about a year ago form Canidae. The dogs Love it! Lucy is very picky and with most foods she will leave it in her bowl all day ntil she is so hungry she gives in. With Orijen she eats it right away!.
  6. this reminds me of a herding clinic I went to I was the only male at this clinic and it was one of the first clinics i went to. I asked the stupid question "where are all the male sheep?" I was told that most of them get castrated at birth I was than asked "why do you think we castrate them" I had no idea The answer "to make them smarter"
  7. now my feelings are hurt I thought I was really the most handsome now all these people are making me feel bad
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