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  1. I'm on the east coast, but we had a high level haze that is hiding the sun for most of the day, and the weather reporter said it was caused by smoke from out west being carried here by the jet stream. Said it was at too high a level to be a breathing problem. But talk about traveling a long distance! Sure glad to hear your nephew tested negative, Mark.
  2. The reason you haven't gotten any replies is that "ASK AN EXPERT is a forum for questions about training dogs to herd livestock ONLY. So I'm going to move your posts to the GENERAL BORDER COLLIE DISCUSSION forum. In the meantime, I assume your dog has chewed your couch when you were not present, or gone to the bathroom in the basement when you were not present. If so, the most likely explanation is that your dog does not yet know that he is not supposed to do these things EVER, even when you are not there. Dogs often associate learning with particular places -- just because he knows not
  3. The reason you haven't gotten any replies is that "ASK AN EXPERT is a forum for questions about training dogs to herd livestock ONLY. So I'm going to move your posts to the GENERAL BORDER COLLIE DISCUSSION forum. In the meantime, I want to give you some reassurance. Puppies will usually follow a moving person, until they get distracted by something else interesting, and an insecure pup will be hesitant to leave its person's side (not really a good thing). But the kind of "attachment" you're talking about rarely comes in the first year or two of puppyhood. It comes (in varying degrees,
  4. I sure hope so — the researchers are working intensively on this from several different directions and are optimistic — but I’ve learned that you never know with science. If so, it will have been well worth waiting. But in any case, we will be issuing another statement within a year, reporting where we are at that point, and reassessing the best ways to proceed in light of that.
  5. Here's the full paragraph, from which you quote one sentence: The ABCA HEF does not endorse this marker test, nor do we encourage people to test at this time, before the causative mutation is found. But at the same time, we are not telling people not to test. The test does have some significant benefits, especially for someone whose dogs have deafness somewhere in their pedigree and who must make a breeding decision in the immediate future or who is considering buying or beginning the training of a young dog with deafness in its pedigree. The presence of deafness in a pedigree greatly i
  6. When you say "shot this test down," it sounds as if you think that we somehow prevented it from being offered, or prevented people from using it. That is certainly not not the case. The test is still there and anyone can choose to use it. Our statement is intended to make sure that people recognize the limitations of the test -- that they do not drift into assuming that the results mean more than they do. It seems to me that this is an example of someone putting more faith in the test than it merits. You are assuming that the carrier results are definitive -- that they really mean
  7. I should have mentioned that I'd be happy to answer (or try to) any questions that anyone may have about the test or the statement.
  8. The ABCA Health & Education Foundation has published its statement assessing the current state of testing for EAOD on its website here. Also I have attached copy of it here on this thread. ABCA HEF statement on EAOD testing Sept 2019.pdf
  9. I see what you're saying, Mark, but I'm not sure I fully agree. You would take a causative mutation test to get reliable information about your dog. Miss M knows that her dog is deaf, so she is not seeking information about her dog. If she took the test, it would be mainly for research purposes, to add to the number of dogs testing the predictive value of the markers, and the accuracy of the prevalence data they purport to show. But I fully understand the financial decision she made.
  10. Journey, if backtoblack did indeed mean the 3 markers cited in the Yokoyama article when she said "the original 3," then what she wrote is incorrect. The four markers being used in the Genoscoper test are not the three cited in the Yokoyama article plus one more.
  11. What do you mean by "before"? Could you give a citation for "the original 3"?
  12. We have no way of knowing this, because projectDOG did not share the identity of their test variants with us.
  13. Happy to have an easy question to answer. There is zero possibility that this test will be patented. As part of the conditions for HEF's grant to the researchers, they agreed that they would not seek a patent on any results of the research.
  14. Because of their tight linkage, they have been inherited as a group in every dog tested so far, and there is a likelihood (but not a certainty) that they will always be inherited as a group. The results will be given as Clear, Carrier, and At Risk. AFAIK, that's true. Only if both parents test Clear would Genoscoper say that there is no need to test the pups. It seems to me it's a hardship only to those who have already had a panel done elsewhere on a particular dog. There are some testing labs (not "many," at least in the US) that offer individual test rates as well
  15. Within the past week, Genoscoper began to add a test for EAOD to their test panel for Border Collies in MyDogDNA (Europe; www.mydogdna.com) and Wisdom's Optimal Selection (US; www.optimal-selection.com). They have not yet had time to add this test to their list of Border Collie tests on their websites. Nor have they had time to inform all personnel of the new addition, which probably accounts for the varied answers people have received when contacting them directly by telephone or email. I think they were not prepared for the level of intensity, urgency and initiative among US Border Collie
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