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  1. IF I regester My ABCA regestered BC with AKC so I can do agility( Nothing else) will that prevent me from doing USBCH Trials .Or breede my Dog with a ABCA regetsered Bitchs ? Thanks
  2. I use to do Nadac Usdaa and akc , now i do Usdaa and Akc . i use to think AKC was to tight but than I whent out and trained my dog to collect and to read my boady so they could tell were we where going . BobH
  3. Very , very good work i do think you are doing awesome Its very important to work on the Close work with most Bcs as distence work is easier for most BCs . and both Akc and USDAA requier close work and distant work , You are on your way .ware and with whom do you train .You have done awesome weave work awesome startline stayes your do g reads your turns very well . Looks like your dog and you have very good Foundation work I am enveious and your dog is not only fast itis acurate . does he/she loss any of the accuracy in trials , . hay have fun and Iam sure we will see you guys at the top! bob
  4. Erin i am sooooo happy that your Maggie is doing well. Now is the time to think about how this will never happen again to maggie. The driver most certainly should of stoped but we must prevent our dogs from going places they are not surpose to go . May you and maggie enjoy each other for many years to come . bobh
  5. Yes lots of dogs cats and kids are abused each and every day many of my dogs have been taken home from the pound , i just have trouble with people that think they know whats best for dogs and dictate what is and is not responsible . jmo bob
  6. julie I am only talking about my peception of why I would not ask the Good breeder question. i do feel that some on the list feel that If you donot do sheep than you should have a rescueand we will save the other BCs for Good sheep homes . Again only my perception.Now with the respose of others I feel more comfortable with maybe asking about good breeders or if anyone knows of pups on the ground . bob
  7. I agree with Eileen, i did alot of work looking for my last Bc and i asked lots of people and I went to trials sheep+ agility. I get upset when someone asks about breeders and all they get is rescue info. Nothing is wrong with rescue my only problem with rescue is that Of early S/N policys and yes I understand why but not every one is out to breed there dog they just want to make the decission when to S/N there dog. Iwas afraid to ask the good breeder question hear because My Bcs only occassionaly get to sheep but all 4 of my dogs go to agility trials , go hiking , swiming agility classes and get to train at home the get to be dogs and dig in the yard , All 4 sleep in the house get regular vet treatments and so on and so on . So I think my dogs do Ok but to ask about abreeder and get attached because I do not do Open trials is hard It is refreshing to see Eileens response . Ithink this thread was informative Thanks to all , bob
  8. Iam not against rescue but that was not the question. Like I have said before I would not be allowed a resue because i want to N/S when I think it is the best Time .Not when the rescue wants a dog N/S > I may might just want to know its history I must admit i might of overr reacted but what is wrong with getting a dog from agood breeder both my Bcs came from breeders and I had the choiceas to when to S?N them . That is important to me All my dogs 1 male and 3 females are S/N but i decided when to have it done and did not just do it on a wim which i feel rescues S/N pups at much to early of an age JMO If one wants to get there dogs From rescue I think that is good but if a BC list can not help or direct someone to good breeders than I am lost for words bh
  9. I can not believe this No good breeders in this persons location ! WOW well lets forget the breeders and go for the rescue. It seams like every time someone looks for a good breeder all they get is check out the rescues ! Well this person wants to go to a breeder . I can understand that if someone wants to rescue that is awesome but can anyone help this person. LOL bobh
  10. Why would your spouse want to keep a dog that bites his wife(YOU)? I do not undestand this seems strange to me! No dog can be trusted 100% to not bite a child. Zeeke is a GSD right, Oh ya i am going to get on top of a dog that has bitten me .Not to be rude but whats up ! I can not in any way understand this situation at all. Love is strange !! bobh
  11. Ehrlichia, Has ashort acute phase that may be missed than a unactive stage than a chronic stage . most people will say that at one time the dog just did not seem to be its self than the next thing they know its life thretning bobh
  12. I think the question was about recommending a breeder not the Positives of rescue ! Or am I wrong What doese it matter to anyone that swim2c wants to get a pup from a breeder and not a rescue . I have rescues in the past but i will not N my dog until he is 18-24months old .so most rescues are out if I want a young dog . I know that rescues know whats best for all dogs but not mine . Mayube Swim2c wants to make decissions on her dog and not let others do it for her or him. maybe s2c wants to lay agood foundation and socilize the dog there way so S2C wants a young dog with a clean slate , Can you get by the rescue thing and help S2C out . bobh I do not want to prove anything to a group of people well meaning or not that i want to N my dog by the time they think is good for my dog. bobh
  13. Swim c2. A simple question still loking for someone to ansewer the question . bobh
  14. Linda , Not to worrie you but up here in CT we have so many ticks. I might have a total tick pannel sent . bobh
  15. in new england we are mostly out door trials but more and more are going inside. We have lots of trials Akc usdaa nadac cpe docna ASCA. Most all Nadac and AKC and Cpe are fenced either 2-4 foort fence around the ring . Usdaa mostly just a rope or tape around the ring. I have a biat bag after a run we feed from the bait bag than we run or walk back tthe car and play bobh
  16. Laura, I agree with the Nadac part! I live in Ct lots of Akc Trial . mostly work out of my car and the dogs are good most of the time but sometimes they can bark . I tell others they can tell them to be quite. I have never seen or heard any one yell at someone for there dogs barking in the warm up jump. If someone YELLED at me for leting my dog bark while I was next on the line ,As long as my dog was not distracting a dog at the start line I would lough at them.Once any of my dogs are on Line they are quite. but in NE ngland we have many barking dogs So what ! Kat , many of the top handlers dogs are barky bobh
  17. Kat, You are young and look to be in shape. You have awell trained ,fast dog . I think you could drive your dog more like marcus Topps, Linda M. and so on. I have not done NADAC since all the new changes , but prior to the changes I got board with it because my dog would run the courses without being challenged , she could go out and do the courses with out me.So not much of a handling challenge! I have a 2o2o position for my dogs because I am Old and slow . If you have a 2o2o that is fine but as you quick release more and more your dog MIGHT become more and more confused as to what you want him to do.so he may start to creep down the AF or stat jumping off, I have seen this happen .If you have aruning AF than the dog knows that he drives all the way down thur the yellow contact.Aruning Dog Walk is harder because of the angel of decent. A runing AF is all so easier on your dogs shoulders . As to working close If you look at all the top USDAA and AKc handlers most drive there dogs and use ditance to get to were they need to be fot the next part of the course using lateral distence. You and Dazzel look awesome ., you should be proud of yurself and your dog you have done a good job, Go out and have Fun ! bobh
  18. Kat, You have done awesome work with your boy very very very nice! You will have no problem with NADAC courses. nice distence work I would like to ask if you can work with your boy close to you for some of the harder courses you may need to have a close or com in comand. Have you ever thought of a runing A frame. ? Bobh
  19. I have gone to many seminars by Stacy and attended a agility camp with her In NY. As Kristi says she is awesome, have fun!! bobh
  20. BEE. i have seen a few some are very fast and some are ok and some are slow. lol bobh
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