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  1. After many years of feeling welcome on these boards, I'm signing off. My BCs do not do sheep, I do not live on a working ranch (although we were actually thinking of taking HERDING LESSONS and I guess I'm tired (lately) of feeling like a second class citizen. Thanks especially to the person who sent the personal emails about the poor choice I made (actually it was my husband who is not under my control) in getting a new puppy. Barb S
  2. I would try really short throws at first (less than a foot); then as soon as you get the ball back quickly throw again. Use 2 balls if you have to. Barb
  3. That's not quite was advised; if you want to do agility start to work on Foundation Training now. Barb S
  4. I found this site: http://www.sinisterlabs.biz/rally_o_signs.html Barb S
  5. Marla is a doll! She's too young to train or compete in agility but certainly old enough for agility foundation exercises. I don't compete in Rally but it does look like more fun than regular obedience (and from what I could see at the one event I attended), it looks like the Q rate is much higher! Barb S
  6. Which is exactly why I would only use it while my pup was very well supervised! Barb S
  7. You should write a book or at least a short story! You are awesome!!!! Barb S
  8. I got into a discussion on FACEBOOK about Border Collies and kids. Everyone wrote how they were great with kids and I countered with "then why are so many in rescue for nipping at children?". I guess my main concern is that people looking for a dog will read this (on Facebook) and then go get a BC. I know there are many BCs who are kid friendly and great family dogs; I also know that there are just as many who aren't (especially if they weren't well-bred, well socialized or well trained. Anything I can add to my argument? Barb
  9. USDAA and CPE! NADAC used to be one of my very favorites but since all the changes, I'm only aware of one club in our entire state that hosts their trials. Barb S
  10. Our dogs are always collarless in the house, our fenced yard and by water. One of the older dogs caught her tooth in a puppy's collar (15 years ago) and almost killed him trying to get away. Another of our BCs got hung up in tree roots in a river and almost drowned. Plus, I think there are too many things in the house they could catch their collars on. They are all micro-chipped so they can be identified if they do go missing. Barb S
  11. My BCs are the self-cleaning variety. In the summer they swim in Lake MI and play in the hose. In the winter, I guess the snow keeps them clean. I can't remember the last tie any one of them except the puppy has had a bath. (Spirit, our puppy walked under our male while he was lifting his leg! He did get a bath!) Barb S
  12. I know what you mean about dragging dogs thru the course (even off-leash), but I didn't mean that Blaze did courses like that. He had lots of enthusiasm and wasn't coerced; just knew he'd get his frisbee at the end and put in lots of effort to earn it. Barb S
  13. Maybe crate him when you aren't watching him; then you can put him outside when needed and he won't make a habit of leaving puddles and piles in the house. Also, be sure to clean up after his messes with something like Nature's Miracle. Barb S
  14. I think you answered your own question...if you don't want to do agility neither will Buddy. That said, my husband's BC Blaze earned his USDAA ADCH and many other agility titles and the only thing he truly loved about agility was his frisbee at the end of a run. His brother Skye loved agility for agility's sake; his favorite reward was to be able to go over another jump! Whatever you decide to do with Buddy (including nothing) will probably be fine with him. Barb S
  15. I'd worry about things that might be in the woodshed...rat poison, etc. Barb
  16. Someone on this list was a great help when our 14 year old Blaze had it: they suggested a seatbelt-type (padded) harness so Blaze could walk without being carried. Something about being lifted in the air makes them even more dizzy (makes sense). Also raising the food and water bowls was a help. Blaze improved a lot in about three weeks. Unfortunately, he then totally shut down and we let him go to the bridge. Barb S
  17. I took our new pup Spirit to my old principal's house tonight for a meet and greet with a 90 year old blind grandma, the principal, his wife, and sister-in-law and his 8 year old BC. Spirit's feet never touched the ground but he was great being passed from lap to lap. I think maybe we should add therapy dog to his list of intended activities! Barb S
  18. Just a funny story about treats in your pocket. When I was training my first dog (about 1990!!!) I cooked some beef heart and put it in a baggie in my jacket pocket and forgot to take it out at the end of the training session. A few days later, I kept smelling this disgusting smell in my closet at school and also at home. It took another few days before I realized it was the beef heart rotting away in my coat pocket!!! Barb S
  19. I'm not sure how much alone time the BCs need, but now that I'm retired and home more, I need alone time! Barb S
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