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  1. The photo says it all! Good one, Sue. The bagpipes were actually at the Strawberry Hill trials, which were held near the fairgrounds. The practice field for the pipers was next to the trial field. I think the pipers bothered Tom Lacy the most! He always had some choice mutterings. Sue, I'm afraid you missed THE Sam Furman birthday celebration. It was during the Montpelier trial and featured several entertaining performances, including Tommy Wilson, Tom Lacy, and a group of former Army paratroopers sitting at the next table. That's all I'm going to say in a public forum! :eek:
  2. So what do they get? Motorcycle jumps? Bagpipes? :eek:
  3. That's our F-red! Congrats on the win! :cool: Hey, Sam, Dhu is coming in!
  4. A, is this my cue to cheer F-Red?
  5. Oh. Sorry, Renee. I had to cheer for my boy. Congratulations! You're hot!
  6. Yay for the F-red dog! Woo hoo! :cool:
  7. I think Julie is right. My vet says the painkillers allow them to sleep more deeply and achieve REM sleep. I told her that Rip was doing outruns in his sleep, and she said that meant he was getting REM sleep - a good thing.
  8. Amen to that! I have two scars to prove it.
  9. I do love my Hi-Lo! I have the smallest size (17') and pull it with a 6-cylinder minivan. On most trips, it doesn't affect my gas mileage AT ALL. If the trip is excessively windy or hilly, I'll lose a few miles per gallon. Because of its low profile while hauling, it's really easy to handle. I've been really happy with it. (Edited to get my its/it's straight!)
  10. Hey, Jenny! Is that bathtub dog of yours related to Ms. Dhu? She sleeps in the tub, too.
  11. Holding you in the Light, Bob...
  12. Dhu says "thank you very much." When I brought her home (she was 3 years old), she went straight to the bathtub in the guest bathroom. I figured she went there to feel safe, and I saw no harm in letting her sleep there. That's still her favorite place to sleep, but she'll pick a warmer spot on a cold night. Dhu has a collection of chewies and odds and ends, and she also eats in the tub. At night, I sometimes hear her rearranging her collection. One time, she took Jim's wallet and checkbook into the tub. They were lost for 5 days. :eek: She's a funny little dog!
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