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  1. Thanks y'all. Unfortunately, I didn't even think of a necropsy. I was so devastated. DH dug the grave the next morning. He is out with Sammy and Cheyenne and Holly.
  2. Hey all! I know it has been a long while since I was on here. So much going on but I did stop in now and again. I am on here now with a heavy heart and seeking some info. Friday after my husband had put the chickens up, he threw the ball for Jackson and Skip a few times. They came in the house and left the ball outside. Jackson got on the couch waiting for DH to throw the ball. He told them it was outside and sent Skip out to get it. Jackson jumped off the couch and went under the bench at the table which is what he always does. I was cooking and heard what sounded like quick scratching on the table. I looked under to see what he was doing. I said, Jackson, what are you doing? And he was gone. Just like that my boy was gone. No symptoms of anything prior. He literally went from an active, alert dog to dead in a matter of seconds. We are devastated beyond words. I have lost dogs in my lifetime, but this.................... It wasn't a matter of him being sick, and now he's not suffering. It wasn't an accident, that you can accept. I am still crying over him. I think he had a seizure. Maybe a heart attack? I just never had this happen. He has never been sick. Never showed any signs of any problems. If anyone has any experience with this happening or ideas, I would appreciate it. Thank you all.
  3. I remember back when Jackson first started training. He was still in the round pen and was a bit enthusiastic, to say the least. The trainer used a long pole to hit the ground in front of him, to slow him down and help him learn his boundries. One time, the timing sucked and she hit his nose instead. I thought well, knowing the sensitive nature of my dog, that's going to be it for his training. Instead, he backed off a bit, kept his focus on the sheep, and now two feet is the closest he comes to stock. I don't think getting physical should ever be a "go to" solution, I think it has it's place in certain circumstances. But, I am talking about a "rap" on the but or snout. Beating the crap out of a dog is a whole nuther thing.
  4. Sue, you know you can count on me. Just let me know.
  5. Mojo and prayers for Tess's continued improvement. She's an awesome little girl!
  6. I'm so sorry. It is so hard, it is beyond words really. Run free Lacee.
  7. I guess y'all have way better insulated houses than me! I have no trees close enough to the house for shade. I tried to get some planted, but DH was against it for fear of one of them falling. Right now the A/C is running and my house is still at 89! Between 4-8pm it is just plain hot! The back of our house faces west. DH is going to be building a covered porch on the back so hopefully next year it will help. Seems like I was worrying for nothing. I was just going by my house. Actually, the time when the A/C went out, it was cooler outside! My butter literally melted to liquid!
  8. Hey y'all, with all the eastern US baking and roasting, and the news warning against pets left in cars almost nightly, it got me wondering. For those of you who leave your dogs crated during the day when you are gone, what precautions do you take in case of a power outage? I have a doggy door, so my guys can find some place to get cool if the power was to go out, another plus for doggy doors! And in this heat, it wouldn't take long for most houses to heat up quite a bit.
  9. Claudia, I must take exception to what you wrote. The trainer I used with Jackson was over an hour drive away. But her daddy is a well known handler, at least in these parts, and she is very good. I don't go to her any more because she has been seduced by the money she can get from ACK. And there are not any other trainers close by. Any way, Jackson did NOT have years of training, all said, probly about 40 hrs worth. He was never professionally trained to work chickens, we did that together. I have as much training as he does. But, right now, I could use him to help in a pinch on a ranch. He knows the difference between working baby chicks in a close invironment compared to the wild things that free range. Why? Because he was left with his natural instincts and abilities. Say what you will, but all the training in the world will not make a good worker if you "train" the instinct out of them. Sometimes no training is better than bad training. But of course this is JMHO, from someone who ain't even got a little hat!
  10. It looks like these dogs will soon be able to walk any field with sheep in them and completely ignore them. The dogs are so confused as to what is being asked of them. Their instincts are being shut down constantly. How will they ever bring out the dogs natural instincts with stock if they are constantly pulled back. It seems to me that the trainer, which I don't know, doesn't give a hoot as to whether these dogs will ever be useful on a ranch or able to run a trial. Let's just go play sheep herding, so you can tell all your friends your border collie is a real stock dog!
  11. Great news! Hang in there Lacee, and catch all this Mojo coming your way! Good grief! Well, here's some extra Mojo!
  12. Great news! Hang in there Lacee, and catch all this Mojo coming your way!
  13. I am so sorry. It is the very hardest thing we have to do with our pets. All your memories of Lacee will keep her alive in your heart and she will always have a special space there. Hugs to you and God speed to Lacee.
  14. The only time my dogs get treats for training is when they are pups and it is to teach them to "here" when I call them. Jackson was trained on stock and was never given anything but a "good boy" when he did good. He got some "come to Jesus" lectures when he ignored me or plucked wool. I have found that lectures, on, at least mine, work pretty well. Treats are given because I am cleaning out the fridge or just because. I was reading once about all these folks on here that had dogs that did all sorts of tricks. I tried to teach Jackson some and he acted like me teaching him the trick was some sort of punishment! Skip, well, he will do anything Jackson does, except work sheep, or chickens. But, we all know Skip is a weird little guy. I also taught them to heel using the method described of the leash pop. And a rake!
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