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  1. My golden white lab cross is 12 yrs old and she is a MEGA chewer. Tennis balls if left near her are shredded. She has destroyed stuffies, balls and yes even a kong. She has teeth that are down almost to the gum line. I have to limit her chewy stuff. Sam, bc, destroys stuffies as well. He isn't bad about destroying other toys. When they get a cow hoof, Libby's will get really small and then it is gone. Sam's cow hoof will get smaller but he takes his good sweet time about it. I like the big nylon ball that gave out treats ever so often. My only issue with it was it got to were I could
  2. Oh yes many a time Sam has put his nose to the back of Libby while she is pottying. Then he promptly marks over the area. When she poops, he gets a tad perplexed and will sometimes pee close by or go off. Tuck's thing was peeing in the extact same spots he had done before. If there where no prior spots, you would be out there till he found the perfect spot ( no matter how long it took). He did this from the time he was a bitty pup. Libby ( GoldenX white lab) will potty anywhere. Seriously, next to her food, near her bed, in front of the running lawn mower, she seems to care le
  3. Tuck figured out how to open the rabbit's pen so he could let the bunny out to come play. He never hurt the bunny but I had to be very watchful. We have a killer cat and the bunny would have been toast. Sam is the first dog I've had who picked up hand signals. He also figured out how to get a few of my doors open. LOL I can't go to the bathroom or my bedroom by myself anymore.
  4. LOL Sam has recently been shocking me and allowing me to sleep in to the ever so late 8:30am. Normally it is Mommy must get up by no later than 6:50 ( I refuse to admit he has pulled a 4am on me). His way of getting me up ... nose in face, couple of good morning licks, and then pull bed covers off. Only defense when it is clearly not time to get up is make sure you never face the night stand, all covers must be firmed tucked under you and do NOT open your eyes or change your breathing pattern and no excessive tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep. I had to develop these defensiv
  5. Humm. Now that would be something I could work on. Dh has never done anything to him. But large male who gets loud and runs with or like the kids could be scary to a 40ish lb dog. Thanks. Sorry, for the slight highjack.
  6. Well, bitter apple on those little piggies mite help. If you don't have that or you got a weirdo dog like me, who likes bitter apple. then I would suggest a hot sauce. Sounds cruel maybe but it did wonders for getting Tuck and Sam to stop trying to teeth on my Grandma's rocker. I only had to apply it to the rockers legs twice. They both decided that rocker just didn't taste as good anymore and that the cow hooves were much better. Another way maybe tote a squirt gun and he goes for your toes squirt him and say NO. Course, I have one dog that likes the squirt gun. For that one a n
  7. Is she by chance in heat? My maltese would act very different when she went in heat. Missy was always the greeter and drill sargent but when she went in heat she went into hiding. My german shepherd would go stay in her dog house when she went in heat.
  8. Round here the other day I threatend Sam with I was going to remove all his teeth and he would have to gum. He doesn't attempt to nip me. He only attempts occassionally the kids ( read when loud and fast moving usually when they run up the stairs). However, Sam has some issue with my husband. Dh has been nipped on the tush while kissing me ( no loud noise or running ). He follows my dh like he is just waiting for him to do something. I have to call him and down him. If dh spots him, he tells him off. So far the boy still looks at my dh as if he mite be a sheep. I know the man is white
  9. Come borrow my Molly( BC cat). She has no issues with dogs. Pester her or get too close in her opinion and get a good head spinning wack. If she thinks you are up to no good, a nice smack on the head. She is not above chasing the a dog. Now if the dog behaves she will leave it alone. I'll think about loaning you Mo , the one eyed BC cat. Sam ( BC dog lol) and Mo are best buds. Mo loves everyone. When Sam decides to ignore me and stalk what I've told him to leave alone in the house, I have used a squirt gun told him to let it. It broke his attention on the hyper kid on the o
  10. Our old country vet told us to give the dogs a dirty diaper. Trust me they sniffed it, pawed it and destroyed it. The dogs were Lab, golden retriever crosses. I allowed them to see the baby, smell the baby. I monitored interactions. I have pictures of my firstborn laying down with Libby. My son was 11 months and toddling. He was laying down and she decided to curl up next to him. Guess she decided to make sure he was warm since is was winter again. She was practically his other mother. She babies any baby. Later with my first BC, Maggie she just took to the newborn Jared as if he wa
  11. Condolences on the sheep! Now you will have wool to spin, meat, mowing and fertizling all in one nice package. Ahha can I borrow a few to clear my hillside? I can't keep them .66 of a acre is barely enough for the kids, dogs, and garden. I'm still considering chickens but with racoons, foxes, hawks, eagles and coyotes, I'm not sure they would survive long.
  12. Tuck used to hump his stuffed bear to the point we would just tell the boy to get a room! Sam has never been caught in the act. Can't recall Libby doing that either. Course, I've got a border male cat named Mo who is very loving. He cleans Oatmeal, the kitten ( and I mean all of him). Thought he was just maternal. Until......he started his humping poor sweet Oatmeal. Oatmeal just got neutered and Mo was neutered later year. Apparently, it doesn't make a difference.
  13. I think I would contact the local police dept and file a report. Let them follow up. Then God forbid anything happen, it is one file and they will have an idea where to look. In the meantime, glad you raised the fence. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Yrs ago Grandma had her Pekinese stolen. Oddly enough they took Rusty but not the chichaha (sp). Course, if you picked up Jose he would pass out like he'd had a massive cornary. The only person he didn't pass out on was Grandma. In fact, that is the very reason the vet gave him to her. And yes Grandma's gate was locked.
  14. Neighbors started with roman candles around 7. OH JOY! Sam was fine with it and kept Libby calm. We promptly put everyone in their crates. Once they were in their crates, I think they went on to sleep cause we never heard another peep out of them. The town fireworks are a mile away and that started at 9 and lasted till 11. So far none have gone off today and amazingly the neighbors haven't decided to shoot their guns off.
  15. Hump. Round here if I take care of it Libby and Sam will adopt it. Katie the toy fox terrier thinks anything smaller than her or Molly the cat are for chasing and barking at. My only real issue with Sam, the BC, is he thinks anything black and white is a playmate. Hello dude! we are in skunk territory here. LOL And yes he has gotten to a skunk. Fortunately, he moved fast enough not to get sprayed but his play area stunk for days. I just hope he learned his lesson or I'm a gonna have one stinky dog on my hands. Kitties are cuties. No don't send them here. Dh would kill me. He is
  16. Just based on what you have said and I read. Frankly, I would get with the local authorites and see what can be done ( just to be on the correct legal side). If you are not in a postion to control what happens or PTS and he is going to just pass the dog so to speak, then they may have some recourse to take with the so called owner. For example, The authorties maybe able to say to the owner per microchip "dog is aggressive either get help and change this behavior or PTS AND under no circumstances is this dog to be rehomed till behavior is at a tolerable (safe for human) level". Sorry,
  17. LOL They are ADOREABLE! Send the three little nippers here. They will not interrupt my sleep any more than my children . Just take my toy fox terrier and explain to her that she doesn't need to scream( in her crate) like someone is killing her in the morning when I'm getting the leash to take her out to potty. I swear she can wake the dead! Course, I will insist you take them back once they start sleeping thru the night. Give them some good little belly rubs!
  18. Ditto all the others. I'll only add a couple of things. 1. I use neosporin on my wounds. ( check with Doc. about using it when bandaided the wounds). 2. Watch for any red streaking on the leg. Any streaking call the doctor immediately. Possible infection. I know he is on an antibotic but just in case. If he can get them wet a nice hot bath with epsom salts will help draw any infections out and soothes the muscles. Give Ben some extra hugs.
  19. Ahha Hanky just wanted to share. Round here Molly the Mauler and her cohorts had to contend with my interfering. They catch or kill and I if I can get to it in time rescue the critter. Last yr was the first time I almost rethought the practice. Molly caught a baby bunny and I got it free and shortly after a small bunny started invading my garden.
  20. Well the dogs didn't get the bunny but we found her dead the other day. And don't worry the EASTER BUNNY will come, only the Bunny will know to bring a treat filled kong to toss out or atleast bring a good supply of tennis balls.
  21. You have your hands full. As for the crates and dogs not liking them. Put them in the crate with a kong( treat stuffed) or other nice treat. You can also feed them in the crates. With a little work you can get them to willingly go to crate. If 16 yr old isn't responsible enough and this dog needs training ( and she isn't getting it), what about you taking her to classes? You could do both dogs just at different times. Is Whisper the alpha dog? Some of the others can explain the alpha dog better than I can. I just follow some of the advice I've received in the past and it
  22. Prissy my old Maltese used to clean her sister's ears. Prissy was also known for cleaning humans' ears, noses and tonsils if she caught you with your mouth open. Didn't take us long to figure out how to take fast breaths when she was after your nose. lol Longest tongue I'd ever seen! Course, you couldn't leave a strawberry daiquri any where near Prissy or Missy's reach... or it would be gone. That same little cleaning machine would delight in rolling in goose poo. So Dazzle is not alone. On the bright side her ears are clean.
  23. lol I really shouldn't laugh.... really I shouldn't. It is good to hear she is being all puppy now. I prescribe plenty of toys, chew sticks and an older dog with patience of Jobe and enough energy to wear her out.
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