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  1. Our young dogs sleep in crates until they prove themselves reliable in the house. Our older dogs sleep where ever they want. My husband's 13 year old BC Blaze sleeps on the bed as close to me as he can get. Barb S
  2. Zip's from a farm near Morley, MI. Barb
  3. Our Zip is Amish bred. His mom is a working farm dog on a Amish farm. His late brother Roy (and Roy's pups) herded goats on a non-Amish farm. When we went to the USBCHA trial in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago, there were more dogs who looked like Zip (smooth coated) than I've ever seen at agility trials. Zip's parents were both ABCA REGISTERED and we had no problem getting Zip registered as well with the help of his Amish breeder (who hadn't registered the litter). Not all Amish breeders are puppy millers, just as not all puppy mills are owned by the Amish! Please be careful about generalizatio
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