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  1. To be honest, I think most of the reason I don't stop by very often is that I just don't have time for the dogs much anymore. I used to be so much more... involved. Especially with Oreo. And now I feel much more like just a dog owner than one of those "dog people" (granted, one who will go OFF on people about rescues vs. bad breeders and spaying/neutering pets and proper vet care). I do feel terribly guilty about it sometimes, but I know Zoe at least really doesn't mind if I'm not very active. Zeeke cares, but he always cares, and there's not much we can do about that besides finally finish th
  2. For whatever reason I felt the urge today to pop in and let everyone know that everything is still going well with Zoe and Zeeke in this household. Unfortunately neither one will ever be without their issues, and neither my husband nor I will ever be professional dog trainers (LOL!), but within our household everything seems to be getting along just fine. Zeeke, the shepherd who has butted heads with me since we got him, has slowly softened considerably towards me and now my biggest problem is that he greets me with such enthusiasm that he almost knocks me over. We're still working on tha
  3. Zoe sleeps on the bed if she wants to, but she seems to prefer it only if there's only one human in the bed. If there are two humans she either curls up between our legs or jumps off. Zeeke isn't allowed on the bed, usually, because he has some territorial issues.
  4. Yeah... I have a tripod and remote control so I set it up to do it myself. :D My husband has no patience for taking photos!

  5. Nik

    Luv the pics of you and Zoe and the kitty. Turned out great. I take it that since you mentioned tripod you took the pics yourself?!?!

  6. My girl Zoe is a cuddler. Not as velcro as some of yours... on the bed she's very picky about when she cuddles. She likes playing and cuddling (all at the same time) but to sleep she picks the farthest corner. And if disturbed she'll get off the bed. o.O Zeeke is my only male dog, GSD, but he's definitely not a cuddler. He will snuggle with his daddy for a good scritch, but he's much more interested in playing and at the very least laying at your feet protectively. Oreo was never much of a cuddler. She's more of the "hi, how are ya, thanks for the cookie, I'm gonna go lay down now" typ
  7. I've been doing some research and found some sites that list recommendations for vaccination. I thought I'd share them here. In no way do I endorce any specific one nor vouch for the website's validity, this is just what came up in my search. http://www.doglogic.com/vaccination.htm http://www.critteradvocacy.org/Are%20We%20...0Our%20Pets.htm http://www.sagekeep.com/vaccines1.htm
  8. AK, thank you so much for all that information!! That was extremely helpful. I'm wondering if anyone has a link to an explanation of why 3-year is recommended (in absence of titers)? I know you explained that it's more or less a "best guess" type thing - but I'm interested in seeing how they came to arrive at that number.
  9. Vicki, yes, she did see the vet. It was initially flea allergy that was treated, but that only removed the infection and extreme itchiness. We haven't seen fleas in weeks now. So the vet then gave us fish oil caps in hopes that would help. He recommended Medi*Cal, the brand they carry, but I took one look at the ingredients list (and price) and said, "You've go to be kidding me!" What I have her on now is ten times better than theirs (the first ingredient was by-products!). I don't have much faith in Vets as nutritionists. My fiance's GSD also had a really bad skin problem when we adopted
  10. Oreo's had dry, itchy skin for a very long time. She's apparently allergic to fleas, which caused her normally dry and itchy skin to turn red and rashy and infected. So we dealt with the fleas (all gone now), got rid of the infection. Now we're just back to the dry skin again. She's been on several different foods. I convinced the parents to put the pets on Chicken Soup for a while, but apparently the pup got sick on it. (They are horrible at deciding on what caused the sickness without doing any checking, and what THEY think it is is usually something they didn't trust in the first place
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