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  1. Kent Herbel clinic 11, 12, 13 June 2012 Hado-Bar Farm Nova, Ohio contact Judi Bigham at hadobar@gmail.com
  2. Nancy -- just now reading this. How absolutely scary, but coming on late, I saved myself the anguish of hoping that she'd be OK, since your scary story has a happy ending. I've had two dogs with obstructions. One, Tam, now an old geezer, a dog who never stooped to play with toys, gulped down a portion of a rubber ball from a field that had just been mowed. 3 weeks later, messing around with different treatments, Tam lost a lot of weight, quickly, and his just hung on him in folds. I took him to another vet, who opened him up and removed 18 inches of necrotic bowel and half a small rubber ball. He's been doing great ever since. Then there was Obi, a year old pup, who unbeknownst to me, jumped up on the counter and scarfed down a couple of peaches. He started puking violently the next day. They opened him up and removed a peach pit. He got worse though. Sometime overnight, the sutures came apart in his abdomen and his entire abdominal cavity was "poisoned". I got a call late one evening from the vet who, upon opening him up again, told me what she found and was asking for permission to euthanize him. I gave my consent and said good-bye to Obi then and there. This was a heartbreaker because he was such an appealing little guy. So when I read of yours and Kit's situation, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. So glad you and Kit have a happy ending!
  3. I was there for the Supreme this year. Will post pics when I'm done uploading them.
  4. All the best to you Bustopher. What else can I say except that I'll keep you in my prayers. Glad you're back.
  5. I am cancelling the appointment to put down Tam. He's not ready. I'll know when he's ready. I'm hoping he'll make a come back like Sligo. We'll wait and see. One of my concerns was is that I'm leaving the country for the first half of September, and I don't want any of my dogs to die on anyone's watch but mine. Right now he appears to be functional and fighting and as long as Tam --- or any of my dogs have the fight in them to live, I'll fight right along side of him. And he'll be with my best friend who he's known for years, so I feel a lot better. Thank you all. I have 4 seniors that could go at any time -- in their sleep or by some other way, so it's going to be a rough year, but I owe them my half of our partnership and I'll be right along side with them if they've got the fight to live or if they decide it's their time. I owe them at least that much.
  6. That this topic was brought up at this time for me is sort of a relief. I'm going through the same thing now. Tam will be 15 in October. He has really aged the last year. He is almost entirely deaf, sight is not good and senility is setting in, but he still loved to eat and run after Joe, a dog he chose as the one to follow. I came home after work this week. Tam was Tam in the morning, but something happened during the day while I was at work. I'd say a stroke, maybe idiopathic vestibular syndrome, but he could not stand and staggered around like a drunken sailor. He had the presence of mind to hold his urine until he got outside and then he could barely stand as he peed. Today is the first time he ate a little since Tuesday. I can see he's fighting it. He's not incontinent and his balance has gotten better. I made an appointment to euthanize him this Saturday morning. A couple of months ago, Sligo, another one who will be 15 in November, also had a stroke and identical symptoms to Tam. I made an appointment to euthanize Sli, but the night before the appointment, he changed a little for the better. Now, 2 months later, you can hardly tell that anything was wrong with Sli. And I also saw him struggling to --- live? I had some leftover meclizine from Sli that I've been giving to Tam and maybe that's what's helped him. Tam, unlike Sligo, is tilting his head to the side and circling in the direction of the head tilt. So do I wait this out, with Tam, hoping he makes a come back like Sli? Maybe if he starts eating, but I won't let him starve to death either. It's been a bad week and I can't even think straight to make the right decision for this dog who, in his prime, was top dog, sleek, athletic, muscles rippling beneath his glossy sleek coat, a dignity about him, now an old dog nearing the end of his life. So do I send him off to meet his maker? I just don't know.
  7. I've seen one rottie years ago who appeared to be a "natural". I don't know anything about the training center shown here or their methods, but I have seen some clips of dogs, non-border collies trained by Tony McCallum which impressed me. I read that he likes to start other breeds besides border collies on livestock. The extent of this interest, I don't know, but here he with with his boerboel, another breed I kinda like, on cattle.
  8. I had to throw out that hideous rusted old thing when Sea wasn't looking. She put the bowl down for a minute to say "Hey. We'll have none of that sort of thing around here!"
  9. I have a little bit of a border collie named Sea. Sea collects feeding bowls if I don't pick them up after feeding quick enough. She's always got a metal feeding bowl in her mouth, whether she's running, playing. If she joins the other border collies in a running around, she makes sure she has a bowl in her mouth, growling and vocalizing the entire time. She's discovered the versatility of feeding bowls --- they can be stacked! so when I crate her, it's always with 2 or 3 empty feeding bowls because she stacks them and unstacks them just so she can stack them again, when she's bored. Quite a character, is Sea. I'll post some pics of the little booger and her bowls later when I'm home.
  10. OK, I'm not quite ready to believe what I think I'm seeing, but so far, only with the DAP collar, it appears that the edge has been taken off Fletcher's anxiety. It's only been a couple of days, but he's not barking now in situations where he would have been barking before..... Only a couple of days so I'm not ready to go over the moon with joy that something this simple could be working???? We'll be having thunderstorms roll through here for the next couple of days. I haven't had a chance to get the meds yet, so these next few days could be tough, so wish us luck. Overall, I'm hoping we may be onto something here?
  11. And so I took Fletchie in and had a check up done on him and here is what we'll be trying for now. He'll be wearing a DAP collar. I have a prescription for alprazolam to use during T-storms, although my vet said according to studies, it's best to try it on him before a t-storm rolls around. I need to be home with him and monitor his response to the medication -- which should be nothing or mild sedation. If that's what I observe, then when a thunderstorm rolls through, I'll give him another dose. On an "as needed" basis. Also what she suggested that I could give him on a daily basis, if he is really that anxious, is L- theanine, which is available at most health food stores. It's for humans, but it's OK for dogs too. As far as anxiety goes, Fletcher exhibited none at the vet's office (most of my dogs loooove visiting the vet). I watched Fletch, so different from the fearful dog I first met a couple of years ago. He held his tail low, but wagged it non stop at the vet, trying to engage in some interaction with her. Fletch, would sit, offer high 5's. He was a model patient and he did me proud today. He didn't present a picture of the anxious and reactive dog I claimed him to be. Thank goodness it's not a 24/7 thing with him, but has caused me enough concern to have posted here in the first place. So let's see how this goes. Thanks for all of your suggestions and well-wishes -- not just from me, but from Fletcher too.
  12. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2011/06/25/teen-arrested-for-cattle-drive-hit-and-run/ I don't know if this link was posted earlier, but it was before they caught the creep. As seriously hurt as Maggie was, here they say they had her up and walking and when she saw a pick up truck, she was ready to go back to work, bless her heart. She's got a nobility and probably work ethic about her that the creep who did this will never have.
  13. So has the entire FB group been deleted then? Or am I blocked? Maybe all these submissions of unstacked dogs were too much for the group. I'll bet that group was chuggin' along just fine until members of these boards got wind of it.
  14. And I'm totally ignorant about color genetics. FWIW
  15. More of one of the brindled pups. This is Satchmo: And Satch is certainly expressive if nothing else:
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