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  1. its been two yrs and the good dog was severly errrr spoiled by me. hes now my shadow
  2. as some may know i inherited a cattle farm and two bcs from my dad. we had to sell offsome land and all the live stock. my question is has anyone had a working dog stop working for a period of time and then start again? we are thinking of cattle again. i have about 45 acres fenced off for cadaver and sar training, but the bcs need to work.
  3. oh my god, i thought we were the only ones who kept stitching them back up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. borderbob


    i can only hang my head in shame cause this was done by the same species as me.it just doesnt make sense
  5. that is actually bobs wife napping on the couch.if there was room the other two would be up there too!they now have an old bed(queen) to themselves but wont use it as there are no humans in it!!!!!
  6. should i buy stock in a tennis ball company now?
  7. check out my other post. get that poor dog off kbr before it falls down and really injures itself.my golden was on kbr and it just messed him up. pheno will take 2 months to reach therapeutic levels in its blood.my golden eats 300 mg a day. and he is slightly on the low end so we have lots of room to adjust.is the kbr making your dog act like hes really drunk?walks forward with head always down? walks into doors,walls,cabinets,etc?
  8. i have posted stuff on this site before so if you search for sar dogs youll find it
  9. i am the proud pet of a retired sar golden named shemp. shemp was at ground zero in 01.he was 29 mos old. upon returning home he started to have severe grand mal seizures.he has seen 15 vets .all agree on one thing. he has epilepsy.noe can say what causes this and none can say if his time in ny was a contributing factor. he siezes about every 3-4 wks.when he seizes he has about 10 a day for 2-3 days then is back to "normal" he eats 300 mg of pheno a day.he has regular checkups every 60 days to insure that the pheno levels in his blood are at a therapeutic level.be prepared to have this routine
  10. heres a suggestion; dont let katz near your dog.as he clearly has no knoledge on how to rectify or modify behavior issues with ANY dog he "owns"
  11. border times two but he lets me know when someone is two miles from the front door.ill post some pics of all the pack soon as i am actually going to buy a digital .......finally
  12. i am currently owned by a coyote/border mix who is a great guy.he howls alot though
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