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  1. Its funny the way some people just assume... Love that second piccie btw, such a cute *hop*
  2. Thats good that she could ease your mind like that Tammy, sounds lik eyou have a good vet! Glad Ben is on the mend even if it is slow going!
  3. Glad your feeling a little better today, I hate food poisoning!!!! I would have thought Riven will be ok, Bailey has had to go that long on a couple of ocassions when I cant move to let him out! Bless her she sounds like she was so good, Baileys way of making me feel better is wait until I fall asleep and then cover me in toys!
  4. Hi, well after our emergency visit to the vets the other day I'm glad the only thing obviously wrong with Bailey now is a sore throat (he hasnt brought up any more blood ), he's on antibiotics as the glands in his neck were slightly inflammed when we saw the vet so he's getting treatment for it but the glands are even more inflammed now and he sounds like he has a sore throat (he's only tried ruffing a coupla times but it sounded painful). I was wondering has anyone got any idea on what I could give him to soothe it (food wise), I was thinking something cold but I dont know what as his appetite is a bit funny at the mo, he'll only eat fresh meat. I cant get him interested in anything that is harder such as his usual treats or dry food (the vet reccommended feeding him that aswell as raw). Bless him, I'm not used to having a dog that just wanders around the house looking for his next place to sleep... its so quiet and tidy, the house isnt covered in toys like normal either Cheers Claire x
  5. I hope everything goes ok at the docs, maybe just some different antibiotics will do the trick. Its good your keeping such a close eye on it, I know some mothers that wouldnt give it a second glance after the first trip to the ER! I'm thinking of the two of you!
  6. Glad Ben is doing ok... shame he has to miss the time trials though! I'm ok, patiently awaiting the new arrival (only 3 weeks to go... )... its not dragging like i thought it would but that could be coz I have a sick doggy to look after! Is it getting easier for Ben to walk yet or is he still trying to stay off it? Take care
  7. Hey Tammy, I've just caught up on this thread. Just wanted to say how sorry I am... I hope Ben will be ok!!!
  8. Phew, what a relief. We just got back from the vet. Bailey has a temperature, his lymph nodes are swollen too so he's been given an anti-inflamitory injection and a weeks worth of antibiotics! As for the blood, the vet is certain there is an ulcer at the very back of Baileys mouth that we cant see (Bailey wasnt being very cooperative with the whole taking a good look in his mouth thing), which would bleed. If the bleeding doesnt stop in the next week or if it gets worse, we have to go back and they will sedate him and take a proper look (with the little camera thingy, not even gonna try and spell the procedure name ) The vets were really good, ours couldnt fit us in so they sent us to one of their other surgeries... it was further to go but I'm impressed they made the effort for us! I've just been and bought Bailey the nicest looking steak I could find as he's had such a rough day! At least with all this travelling he should get over his 'travel sickness' in no time Thanks for your support, I was a bit panicky
  9. Thanks, I have checked his mouth (his teeth need cleaning I didnt realise how quickly they get dirty, sorry off topic) and cant see any sign of damag. He's just brought up some more blood and when I looked in his mouth this time there was some congealed (sp?) blood right at the back of his tongue as if it had been hacked up..... but like I say he's not coughing at all. I cant get hold of my hubby (I dont drive so I need hubby to get him to the vets), so I'm really not in a good mood now. Poor boy, he seems quieter than usual but I had originally put that down to him resting after the excitement of being in kennels. And I'm panicking about everything now, when we brought him home he was ill in the car (he doesnt travel well), just as we got home. I just scooped it up thinking he must have eaten today and it was food but what he'd brought up looked just like old blood (you know, the brown yucky stuff) - I hope I'm just scaring myself coz if that was blood then theres a serious problem, there was loads! Arhhhhhhhh - I just feel so helpless!
  10. Hi again, We had to put Bailey in kennels again this past weekend as we were going away and he doesnt travel well. Plus he loves staying at these kennels (he gets spoilt rotten)! But when hubby went to pick him up this morning he was told that Bailey had been coughing up 'bits', sorta as if you'd had a nose bleed (without going into too much info). Obviously I've been looking out for any sign of something being wrong and listening out for a cough. Well A min ago Bailey comes running into the living room with bright red blood smeared up the side of his nose. I know it looks like more blood than there actually is when it comes out of the mouth but it wasn't what I'd call coughing up bits.... for starters he hadnt coughed! I'll get him to the vets asap but I was wondering what it could be. I'm really worried and wanna know if it is something that I should be seriously worried about. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Claire
  11. Thank you. I feel so silly now but everything just got to me all at once I guess (although I'm not sure what 'everything' is). I've completely calmed down now, just hope Bailey doesnt think I'm some sort of monster Gotta love those hormones
  12. Ok, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I think my hormones have gone CRAZY. Anything Bailey does tonight is winding me up so bad... I've never shouted at him so much (or even like this, my throat really hurts). But I cant stop. I feel sooooooooooo guilty (even whilst I'm yelling) but cant stop it. He's just winding me up so bad... he's not even misbehaving! My hubby is at work so its just me and the dog, so the poor boy cant even get some attention off someone nice. Ok I'm sat here in tears, I dont know what to do, I cant walk away from him as he follows me to try and make me feel better... which works for about 5 mins then I only end up screaming at him again! I guess I just need to hear that he wont hate me for being so mean, how do you apologise to a dog??? Especially if your not sure when your next gonna snap - how can he understand that he hasnt actually done anything wrong???
  13. Thanks, I cant get Bailey into see our vet til tomorro so I hope it isnt too painful for him. It looks a lot better today. And yesterday whilst tidying up the dog toys outside I found one of the in some stinging nettles that had grown through the fence, so I'm wondering if maybe he's stuck his nose in them trying to get his toy! Cant imagine that getting stung lots in your nostril/on your nose would be too nice, daft dog!
  14. I'd agree with Laurie, if your sure that he is happy then I'd invest in some ear plugs, you might need them for the next couple of nights. Stick to your guns and the howling should stop when he realises he doesnt get anything out of it! It may be the pen, does he howl during the day when he's in there? Good luck
  15. Hey guys, Poor Bailey still isnt right, only now its his nose. I took him to the vet last week about his having lots of 'accidents', but was told it wasnt a bladder infection. It wasnt my usual vet and I cant say I liked this one very much so I'm gonna get a second opinion on that as Bailey still cant hold his bladder for any real length of time. But this problem with his nose is unrelated I'm assuming. Hubby has gone into work this afternoon to see when he can get time off to take Bailey to the vets again but in the meantime I was wondering if you guys had any idea what might be wrong. I've just noticed that just inside Bailey left nostril it is all swolen and pink. It looks really sore and he doesnt like me touching too close to the swollen bits. I've taken some pictures but I'm not sure if you can see too well on them... I cant see anything that shouldnt be there ie a splinter, but thats the only thing I can think of that'd do this. Anyone else have any idea's?
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