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  2. That's what we're thinking Bailey might enjoy, and to just mix things up a bit I've seen it done with tennis balls too, so no special ball required as far as i can tell
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  4. Hi hi, we have got our dog go play sheepball-we focus on him working out he needs to be in the right position (12o clock to us). He likes it and it makes him think/nice change from fetch. he still prefers fetch tho but we try to put a variety so he is not so obsessed.
  5. That's funny. I'll say this. It seems as if Labradors were made for the beach. There were plenty of them out there and they were having a ball.
  6. AS D'Elle said, work on the recall in very boring situations. Recall in the house, then in boring spots outside the house. Veeery slowly add in distractions. You might have your partner walk by, then you cue recall. Make sure you use the same cue every time. When you take him outside, try to make it a quieter time of day. Make sure your partner works on this, as well. Reward him Every Single Time he obeys this cue during this phase. Make it a Really Great Treat. Put the frisbee out of his sight. It's a toy, and toys come out for play. The training you need for him is not play, i
  7. Mine likes the ocean , she is more a floater than a swimmer at the moment.
  8. I agree that you don't need a special ball to do this unless you want to go to some competitions. A soccer ball works great for this kind of play. My former foster dog Kelso (whom many of you may remember) loves to play "trieball" with his soccer ball, and also has enjoyed an exercise ball or beach ball in the same way. He noses them down the hallway as fast as he can, and his person sets up obstacle courses for him to go through.
  9. Personally, I am opposed to the e-collars, and I think every other kind of training needs to be fully explored, and fully exhausted, before resorting the use of one. And only in a life-death case, which I do recognize this is. There are situations in which using the e collar to train a solid recall ends up allowing the dog to have much more freedom than they would otherwise, if all other training methods fail. But my suggestion would be to use the long line (hold onto it all the time if it's too hard to grab) and rewards for at least a few months if you have not already before using the
  10. Cheyenne, the border collie who lived with me on the beach in Mexico (and then later in the US) loved the ocean, and we played with the waves every day. My Jester, with whom I lived on the California coast at the start of our time together, was the same and we always played you chase me I chase you on the beach. He also loved to chase the waves out and get chased back in by the next wave, and was very adept at the game, never going very far out, keeping his feet on the ground. It was a joy to watch.
  11. Thanks for that information, Journey. Although I am not ready yet, due to having an elder small dog who should have a peaceful life, I will be looking for a good border collie puppy at some point and will remember this as a possibility.
  12. Samantha was my first border collie and that girl LOVED water. Puddles, streams, ponds ~ she gloried in getting wet, unless it was a bath. I took her to the beach a few times, but she got too focused on 'catching' the waves. So no ocean after that. My other 2 previous bc and the current one? All sure they're being slowly and painfully murdered. Ruth & Gibbs
  13. I am so sorry to hear this. I know that you will make her last days as wonderful for her as possible, just as you have done for her life before this. It is so hard to let go. I wish you good days with your lovely Cressa while she is still here. Sending her a little gentle petting......
  14. From a quick look at the link, IMHO this 'sheepballs' thing is more about training the dog to play with the largish ball in a specific way, than the ball. Cynically, I think it is just marketing to sell the ball. I don't see why several other types of balls couldn't be substituted (i.e. jolly ball)
  15. It was Hazel's first ever trip to the beach. I thought she might be more intrigued, but she was rather indifferent. Neither bothered by the waves rolling in nor drawn to them. But we'll certainly go again if in the area. How does your BC react at the beach?
  16. On the plus side it’s so far isn’t the kidney disease but I made the decision to let Cressa go to the rainbow bridge on May 26 while she still has some good days with me. Idk if it’s her eyesight going or her cognitive skills but she is getting more confused and lost lately. Once across at the rainbow bridge she won’t be alone if there is an afterlife she will be with my dad, her best friend and favorite cousin, and of course all of her playmates.
  17. And if you still are having issues..look at getting a pup from Joyce H, 5H Farms, Alzada MT. Working dogs, reputable breeder, stands behind her dogs!
  18. Thank you for this Journey. Yes our property is fenced and I like the idea of the coin cans to help snap him out of it. I can get a down out of him if I show him the frisbee or the chuck it but he struggles to hold it. I need to be faster on snapping up the long line before he takes of again. I do throw the frisbee to bring his attention back to me...I hope that is ok or am I just jacking him up even more? I figure I have to throw it if he gives me his attention otherwise he'll figure it's not worth it if I give him nothing in return. I will start the conditioning of the e-collar. And yes, I a
  19. That's unfortunate..have you reached out to Elvin Kopp? My Canadian geography is lacking..but I think he may be on the west coast. Also, Alta Pete stockdogs, Jenny & Scott Glenn may be a good resource. I know Jaline Knoll is expecting a litter here in the next few weeks. You should be able to find her, and all of them, on FB.
  20. Thank you all for your responses. I have tried a number of those contacts, including the Ontario Border Collie Club, without success so far.
  21. Ah, it is a tricky situation..I am glad you have the E Collar, yes, this could potentially be a l/d situation. At 14 mo they should and do know better but the juvenile mind just holds them back on occasion. Some of this is just training, all the time, and keeping in mind he is young. You have to be consistent, whether or not you have time. Start at home, setting him up, not to fail, but to learn. Make the proofing even more difficult than what you are now. I find that walking them down with the chase behavior, throwing penny cans in their direction, to make them snap out of the mindless behavi
  22. Looks interesting! I have never heard of this before. my pup also is not interested in fetching. She likes goaltending as well though, so worth a look. I can’t tell too much from the website as far as how to play exactly, maybe it is the sort of thing that you adapt to yourself and your situation. Cool. It was interesting reading on the fetching thread of all the great games people do around fetch, our dog doesn’t have the 8nterest in a ball to work like that for one. She does like tug and will play games around that. Maybe this is something new to try. currently h
  23. Bit of background. I have a (newly) Neutered 14 month old BorderAussie. Since day one when we welcomed him in to our home at 8 weeks I have followed Leslie McDevitts methods of training religiously along with reading other animal behaviouralists and trainers books all using Positive re-enforcement methods. We've also been to a pile of puppy classes and obedience classes. Oden is a wonderful, mostly well balanced dog who adores his family.... We've worked through arousal issues (not there yet but greatly improved using LAT and other methods. The problem that I'm struggling with at the momen
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