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  2. One of our first Border Collies, Peggy, was extremely versatile. An excellent sheepdog, she also was a good varmint dog and had a super soft mouth as a retriever. We don't hunt but we do shoot target practice from time to time, and you could shoot over her with ease. She would have made an excellent game retriever. I think Peggy was probably the most innately intelligent of all our Border Collies. Amy
  3. Perfect! Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures with your Arrow! Amy
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  5. Perfect! I love the way choosing names just clicks when the right one is found. I haven't heard of that film so will have to check it out!
  6. I love the name and the fact that he does too kinda says it all. It sounds to me like your process for naming is a lot like mine make a pretty long list of possible names and then the right one - usually not on the list at all - just comes to you. And I love The Point and the song too. It should be required viewing for everyone, regardless of age. I haven't thought about it for quite a while now so thanks for reminding me I need to watch it again.
  7. thanks for all the ideas! I considered most of the suggestions, and tried a couple of them, but nothing seemed to stick. Then the name Arrow came to me. I started calling him Arrow around 5 PM yesterday and by 6 this morning he was answering to it, which he never did with the other names I tried even if I kept at it for a couple of days. So I guess he's Arrow. That cool little animated film from 1970-71 or thereabouts called "The Point" has a boy and his dog called Arrow, and the song "Me and My Arrow" is where the name comes from. Great little film, if you haven't seen it.
  8. I have never heard of a BC used for hunting. For the most part, that predatory trait has been bred out of the lines...or more properly I should say that it has been turned into an urge to stalk and move livestock, as in herding. So it's interesting to hear of your dog. What does your dog do? Point, flush, retrieve? (Not that I mean a formal bird dog point, but showing you where they are). I'm curious to know more. These dogs are incredible in their versatility.
  9. I second what Gentle Lake says. You need to protect your other dog, especially as the border collie will grow to be a lot larger than the spaniel.
  10. Hello, and welcome to the forum. My understanding is that dogs cannot fly in the cabin on an airplane unless they are certified service dogs, or are emotional support dogs and you have paperwork to support that. Most airlines are not willing to accept the passenger's word that the dog is a support dog without proof these days because they have had to deal with people who bring untrained animals on board. Also, you need to take into consideration the demands this places on your dog, such as the fact that your dog may not be able to go 12 or 13 hours without going potty, which is impos
  11. I second the above. You need to take this dog to a vet asap.
  12. Have her checked by a vet for possible UTI.
  13. I have a rescued BC and we experienced this in the beginning. What really helped her get out of the house was walking with more than one human. Having two or three humans really helped her and we could finally start working on counter conditioning during walks (we worked a lot on the “look at that” game someone also mentioned). It’s a long process but it will get better!
  14. My pup is only 4 months old, so accidents are expected I guess. However she is having accidents up to 4 times in 30 minutes in her playpen. It's infeasible to be taking a dog out every 15 minutes for the entire day. Life gets in the way of being able to cater for that. Are there any tips I should be doing to help improve this training? Is it expected that there are many accidents up until they are 1 year old? I do crate training and she doesn't do it in her crate overnight or when she is in there, just the playpn
  15. Rylie having a taste of sheepskin from his favorite tug toy.
  16. I can't help you locate relatives, but wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss. The one disappointing thing about dogs is that they have such short lives relative to ours and it can be a real gut punch when a special one like Izzy leaves us. Cherish the memories.
  17. Border collies tend to mature young, so your pup may well end up well withing the more average range when she's done growing. FWIW, period of less activity should always be countered with a reduction of calories. Same as for people.
  18. Welcome to the Boards. Many years ago I bred a litter. One of the pups - a huge border collie who weighed a lean 70 lbs at 1 year of age - went to a guy who hunted. He said the dog was the best bird dog he's ever had. I don't remember anymore just what kind of birds he hunted. Pictures are always welcomed here, even encouraged.
  19. Put a treat inside a plastic bottle and see if he can get it out. Kick around a cardboard box and get him to attack/ herd it. Get one of those giant tennis balls from Amazon. Put a string onto a stuffed toy, toss it about 10 feet away and pull it back slowly and let him stalk it. All fun for both of you.
  20. Anybody use Border Collies as hunting dogs? Mine is very good at it. Helps me to get ruffed grouse.
  21. Anybody down your way use Border Collies for hunting? Mine is very good at it.

    1. maeflower


      I really have no idea. I guess I only see or hear about people with retrievers and coonhounds but then I'm not much in contact with anyone that hunts. I don't see why a border collie couldn't be trained to hunt as much as any other dog though. As smart as they are, they could probably be trained to take the shotgun or rifle and do the actual hunting! Wouldn't that be something to see! :lol:

  22. Well I know they are all individuals but Rylie at exactly 5 months was 33.2 lbs and not fat at all. I would say his weight is about where it should be, not fat nor thin, just muscular and sleek. There is a photo of him on the Gallery if you'd like to see him.
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  24. Good evening all, this forum has brought me so much joy! I am posting this in the hopes that crowdsourcing will send me in the correct direction here. We lost our wonderful Border Collie, Iseult (Izzy) three months ago after 14 years and 3 months together. She was the cornerstone of our family and we will never be the same without her, but she gave us so many incredible memories and we are thankful for all the time we had with her and all she taught us. Her emotional intelligence, work ethic and intuition were truly remarkable and we would love to find another pup related to her. We hav
  25. Urge to herd, we don't have foxtails and I have definitely examined his pads and between his toes. I have been reading a lot about Pano and I'm beginning to agree with GentleLake that it very well may be Pano. Regardless of what it is, I have no idea how I'll be able to keep him quiet and calm until it clears! I haven't let him do any running around today and right now he is bouncing off the walls! We have done some training and puzzle treat dispensers and other calm activities but he really has a lot of energy!! I may need medication for me for the duration of this!! lol
  26. No laying down for a meal here. I've had 3 previous to my current guy and they've all preferred to eat standing up. As did the heeler I had before I had a border collie. I'd go with the 'somebody made this up to sound wise' about keeping an eye on flock or herd whilst eating. Ruth & Gibbs
  27. maeflower have you checked between his pads for burrs or foxtails? Don't know if you have them their, but we've sure got them where I live. They get up in between the pads and get wrapped up in the fur. Sometimes it doesn't bother my boy, sometimes 2 or 3 get together and he'll start to limp. It's the first thing I look for. you can use a little cornstarch on the 'hairball' around the burr and it makes removing the burr much easier. Good luck! Ruth & Gibbs
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