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  1. Fynne was like that when I got her. Just give him time, exercise, and challenge his mind and he will eventually get better. I found that teaching Fynne some self-control was key in helping her. I'd imagine his prior life was lacking so it's good that he has a chance with you to learn that there's another way before moving on to his next (hopefully forever) family. Time, structure, and meeting his needs are your solution though, and a great deal of patience!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I got some of the square chips on sale the other week and I'm seeing some tarter chipping off here and there. They'll get parts and pieces to chew on during deer season but that won't be until fall. Things should be looking up quite substantially next year so I'll just do what I can until then to keep those teeth clean. I think those pressed bones a couple times each month are probably the best for scraping teeth as far as rawhide goes. RMB's and the like just aren't feasible for me right now. Mr. Tiki is coming up to visit in a few weeks and then he'll be able to
  3. I can't afford to feed the dogs raw anymore and they are getting some tartar build-up on their teeth, Boy more than Fynne. I am aware of the choking/digestive hazards of rawhide and they only eat it under close supervision, but I wondered what shape is best for cleaning teeth. There are square flat chips, rolled "bones", and pressed "bones". Which does the best job of scraping teeth? I hope you're all doing well. Life is very good here! Miz
  4. I have no problem with (just about) any training tool IF it's used on the right dog, in the right situations, and is in the right hands. Using an e-collar in this situation would exacerbate the problem, not correct it, so please don't. I have a fear aggressive dog as well so I understand what you are facing. It takes lots of time and lots of patience. It's important not to put your dog into a situation where he feels the need to act out aggressively. If he's hiding away from strangers then have them leave your dog alone. My dog Fynne absolutely hated my dad, and that was a real issue becau
  5. Bo Peep, that's the kind my dad had in the garage, big sticks instead of the little pellets (Contact?). He thought he had them all put up but his garage is quite large and has a ton of junk in it. The vet said rodents can move the bait around, so it does no good to put them up where pets can't reach them. I don't know if that's what happened, or if he missed one or more. Either way, we are going to use safer methods to keep the mice under control. Fynne is doing wonderfully and I think I can stop worrying now. She'll continue to get vitamin K for the next few weeks though. I'm seriously t
  6. Hi guys. Fynne found some rat poison sticks in the garage a few weeks ago so I warned my dad about them. He thought he had them all put up but apparently missed at least one. He had the dogs in the garage with him Wed morn so that must be when she found it. Anyway, local vet thought she had an intestinal bug (not rat poisoning) but Fynne got worse, particularly with breathing and swallowing, so I rushed her to the emergency vet. She got real bad on the way and couldn't breathe. I thought for sure I wouldn't make it in time and just kept praying. They put her on oxygen and did a clot test a
  7. Dog food is something us pet owners have been kept in the dark about. I do agree that what you are feeding Polo is not something I would feed my dogs, simply because of the ingredients. Diet is a huge subject that takes time to learn and understand and can be overwhelming while you're learning, but a dog food containing meat as the main ingredients, minus all the fillers like corn and grains, will help keep a dog's coat and skin in good condition (in addition to better overall health). Smell won't be such an issue, nor will continual scratching, excessive shedding, etc. ALL dog foods on th
  8. Yes, it's bad for them to eat too much rawhide at once (or real bones for that matter). Something I learned is that the pressed (layered) rawhide chews are safer than the regular, but I can't recall why. I don't feed my dogs rawhide. I think it has something to do with potential blockage. Feeding too much of anything that is slow to digest can cause blockage, which can be fatal if not surgically corrected. At the least it could cause constipation. Do you have a kong you could give to Poco? That would keep him busy for a long time, particularly if you had more than one for back-up. I had to
  9. Thank you for those links, and for the tip on Cabela's harness. I have not spent the time to look into pulling harnesses yet. I know Fynne and Boy are shaped differently so will have different needs. This cart will be for both dogs to pull me around, and it will allow me to get Fynne out for socialization without me hurting so much. Depending on how well she pulls and how her socialization goes, I'll have another cart built that will be permanent. Remember, Boy is not a BC. He's a big dog, and I'm not even 100 lbs, so he's quite capable of pulling me in the wheelchair when I need him, whi
  10. It is good to be back, and to have BOTH dogs! Thanks for stopping by and being a friend, and a "friend"!


  11. It's so nice to hear you contemplate the pros and cons before getting another dog and not after like so many others, so kudos! Have you considered getting an adult BC or BC mix from rescue or a shelter or elsewhere? There are so many available. Puppies take up so much of your time, particularly with the potty training and socialization, and since you both work full time, an adult might be a better option for you. A rescue could match you with a less active BC or BC mix. Shelters have lots of mixes and there are always dogs needing homes in another section of this forum and in other for
  12. What do you feed Polo? Diet can have a bunch to do with how dirty and smelly a dog's skin and coat get. That may be something to consider. I got Boyden from the shelter and he was my shadow until I took my first bath. He wouldn't even come into the room. He's very food motivated so I would give him treats while I took a bath until he was ok with that. Then I'd put treats in the bathroom somewhere with the tub water running a little, then running on full. Then I'd put treats in a dry bath so it was easy to reach, then where he'd have to get into the tub to get them. When he was com
  13. Glad to have you back Michelle! Glad you are doing well with BOTH your dogs. Take care!

  14. I like the way that pulling harness looks Erin and may get that for Fynne for the cart. I will take the LDS harness into a custom shop and see if it can be fiddled with so that it's a 5 in 1 harness. I want it to have the vertical handle like shown to support me, the other handle like shown for pulling a wheelchair (which would be infrequent since I can't sit in them for long w/out hurting), padded and whatnot in the front for pulling the cart (and wheelchair), room for a backpack or something so he can carry a few small things around, and room for a blanket/coat type deal so he doesn't f
  15. It does look heavy, but it's only 1.75 lbs so not bad at all. I looked at the harness you mentioned but there is no sturdy handle for me to hold on to for support so that I don't slip and fall on the ice and snow. In fact, I only found 3 harnesses total that have a vertical handle for support, two from LDS. If anyone can find any others then please let me know. I'd like to avoid buying two seperate harnesses since funds are limited. In fact, I'm hoping this harness can be worked on so that I won't need yet another harness for the cart. We'll see...
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