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  1. It is good to be back, and to have BOTH dogs! Thanks for stopping by and being a friend, and a "friend"!


  2. Glad to have you back Michelle! Glad you are doing well with BOTH your dogs. Take care!

  3. Wow! What an opportunity! How long will you be gone? How often? How much of the country do you expect to travel across? I'd love to drive all over the US! If you're ever in Houston then be sure to look me up now. Congrats on the career boost and enjoy your travels!
  4. I just got off the phone with Joey's mom and she wanted me to tell you all "hello" and that she hopes everyone is doing well! She has no internet service but will in a month or two. She says she misses the boards and is thinking of everyone. She is doing very well and so is her dog Joey. I just wanted to pass this message along for her.
  5. Just read what happened and how scary! I'm so glad Hondo is ok and I'm praying that he stays ok and is able to go back to work for you real soon. That must have been terrifying for you. Back in 1997, when I was recuperating from my back and still using a walker, I went to visit my uncle. My old Mickey was about 12 years old back then. My uncle wasn't home so my friend and I (and Mick) went out to the pasture to see the horses. An unfamiliar horse started harassing Mickey and grazed her back with its' hooves. I couldn't run over to do anything and I was screaming at my friend to go help her
  6. I'm glad to hear that the vet visit went well and yes, I think you made the right decision. Are you on summer vacation now then? What will you do all day? Send me an email and maybe we can get together with the dogs. My ankle is all better so I can drive!
  7. Congrats on your foster! He's mighty handsome IMO. They were on both on the same bed? Wow, that's a good sign! I hope you all get along nicely and that he finds a great home soon!
  8. I have no experience with an electric collar and am generally against them. I know you've tried just about everything though. If you decide to try that route, be sure to learn as much as you can about how to use it best. I've read that timing is critical, and probably other factors are just as important. I've read that they can do more harm than good if not used correctly too. Please be careful if you decide to try one but I certainly wouldn't hold it against you if you do. Just learn as much as you possibly can first, preferably from someone in real life. Maybe someone here has some advice fo
  9. I am so happy for you! Congratulations Jo! He's beyond cute in that picture too! I'm sure Tex will be happy to have another dog to keep him company and I can't imagine that he'd hold it against you. Tex has his own special place in your heart and not even the cutest puppy could take that one spot, so I wouldn't feel bad for looking forward to having a dog you can be more active with. It will be very interesting to learn how a blind dog and a deaf dog interact with eachother. Maybe they will put their senses together and come up with some amazing strategies for enjoying life! I hope y
  10. Thank God things turned out the way they did! I bet you were shaking and you will probably run that scenario through your mind many times yet. Haven't you found anything to break him of this habit? I know you've tried many things but something has to be done to stop him. It would break my heart if something happened to him. That would pale in comparison to what you would feel and I don't want anything like that to ever happen to you or Dubby. I like him quite a bunch and worry, and I like you quite a bunch too! Big hug from me to you and Dublin and I hope you are able to find some way
  11. Boy is still doing pretty well. I heard from the neuro today and updated everyone. It's in the health section. I'll probably post in Carolina Garden too. The weather is fine! No problems at all. All of the rain has soaked in so no worry about mosquitoes. My rain flowers all bloomed and look very nice!! Fynne's fine too but I'm sure she'd like to get back to running and playing with her brother. She's not giving us any problems at all and is on the couch next to her mommy at the moment. Thanks! Zook, I already thanked you, so you don't get no more nice out of me!
  12. Welcome back!! I hope you had a wonderful time while you were gone and congratulations on the new house with the Fenced In Yard! I loved the story of your husband carrying Riven all that way. How romantic! Thanks for asking about Boy. He's doing pretty good. I heard back from the neuro a short while ago and updated the thread in the health section. That should bring you up to speed. He's doing pretty good though! So are you going to post any pictures of your camping trip? I suppose I should look in the gallery and see! Welcome back, we missed you!
  13. Y'all really need to stop getting puppies! Can't wait to meet your new pup, and see pics! I'm happy for you (and jealous too!).
  14. News says Pearland got 6 inches as opposed to only 4 inches in Friendswood. I've been home all day but hubby says he was an hour late for work this morning. The roads were all flooded on the way into Houston I guess and everyone was late. We've only been here a couple years but we had spring floods last year too, with water nearly up to my knees in some part of the yard (and floating fireball ants). I guess this is the land of extremes. No rain, too much rain, so hot you're gonna die...
  15. I'm watching the weather channel right now as it continues to rain outside. I think we might need to build a boat Stangs!
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