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bob d - Sad news

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I found out yesterday while the boards were down that Bob lost his battle with cancer. This is what was posted on his bagpipe board.


We are saddened to announce the passing of Bob Dunsire at age 53 after a brave two year battle with cancer. Bob was born January 3rd, 1953 in Burnaby, British Columbia to Lily Bell and P. Kenneth (Ken) Dunsire. He passed away in his home on Camano Island, Washington on November 6, 2006, surrounded by his loving family
Here is a link to his photo gallery of Sparc. There is also a link there to his bagpipe boards if you would care to read the full text. Rest in peace, Bob.



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I went to Bob's site looking for this information, which others may be interested in:


In lieu of flowers please send donations to:

Robert K. Dunsire Memorial Fund for Sarcoma Research

C/O Diana Benson

PO Box 19024

Seattle, WA 98109

His memorial service is on Sunday. I also found this suggestion among the ten(!) pages of responses to the sad announcement:


I will personally take a moment at 4 PM EST, Nov 12th to think, reflect and say a quiet prayer.
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That's really too bad. I'm sad to hear it. My prayers and thoughts go to his family, friends and his dog.

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I had the privilege of meeting Bob, his two daughters, and the famous Sparc. I found Bob to be smart, kind, gracious, and engaging. Sparc is as adorable and full of personality in person as he appears in his photos.


Bob's passing, while not unexpected, is so sad. He was a wonderful man. You could tell a lot about him by looking at his daughters' faces and seeing the genuine love and respect there, as well as watching him interact his dog.


I wish I'd had the chance to know him better.


My heart goes out to his wife and daughters, and of course to Sparc, too.

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