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  1. David they are beautiful boys! Drum is the spitting image of my dear departed Buzz. So glad to hear things are settling down with your boys. Please keep up with the pix! Ruth and Gibbs
  2. I'm in the US, Northern CA, an hour or so from San Francisco. I feel truly fortunate to have found border collies at all. I started out with a stray dog who I'm pretty sure was a cattle dog. Sweetest personality ~ I had friends at the time who didn't care for dogs. They all fell madly in love with Tillie. After Tillie passed on I had the good fortune to meet up with a breeder who said she had a dog who would be perfect for me. She was right, that was Sammie. From that point it's been all border collies all the time. Thanks for the compliment. It hasn't all been easy, I had troubles with Shoshone, one of 3 I had all at the same time. She was the smartest canine I've ever known and crazy. She had been rescued from an incredibly bad situation. a 'send-them-to-prison' bad situation and sent to a locally run rescue. Shonie learned anything in record time, I used to say she could hear me describe a trick and then perform it. As she got older she got crankier and a change in our living situation made things much harder for her. I tried an antidepressant for her, it didn't work. Then I was advised to try another one, clomicalm. It made a world of difference. That made things easier for everyone. Best of luck on finding a bc for yourself. Will be sending good thoughts! Ruth & Gibbs
  3. Umanoodle, all my dogs have been rescues or rehomes, I've never raised a pup. My Gibbs is a re-home and he's a great dog for me, but he's no social butterfly. Two of my previous b collies, one a re-home and another a rescue, came to me as adults. Samantha LOVED kids and babies. She'd approach any child anywhere. I always asked parents if it was all right, and if allowed, Sammie would get petted and played with by the kid(s). She followed a toddler around a park once for about 30 minutes. The toddler would sit down in the grass and Sam would lay down right beside her, then follow her around some more. One of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Buzz loved EVERYBODY! I had no idea what he was like when I brought him home, snatched him from a local animal shelter a day or so before he was due to be put down. He thought EVERYONE loved him and he loved them right back. I don't know how I'll find that next dog. It might take some doing, even going through a rescue. But that's what I'm going for. Ruth & Gibbs
  4. I'm actually working on teaching Gibbs to do this on command. He does it on his own when he's rolling around on his back so I decided to try and put it on cue. Gibbs is 12 and I've had him for a while, he's never snapped at me for anything. As far as blowing in any dog's face I simply can't think that's a good thing for any reason. It would annoy the heck out of me, so I figure it would annoy the heck out of a dog. And no, it's not 'breed specific'. I've seen other dogs snap at flies or other flying insects. Not acceptable when the snap is aimed at a human. Ruth & Gibbs
  5. I'd add to what's been said a couple things that work for me. 1) Take Drum out on leash, even if your yard is fenced. Put it on a schedule. Every hour, every 2 hours.Take him to the same spot every time. When he pees reinforce with praise and lots of it. 2) Once he's peed, if you want to, play with him a bit. You're 'installing' a behavior chain in Drum that will serve you well when the weather is bad. 3) Once you've got him used to eliminating quickly outside, you might want to teach him to ask to go out. I'd keep him on a schedule for a while, though. Right after meals, an inside play or training session, first thing in the morning, etc. I'd crate him at night for a while, too. As far as Drum and Max getting along, they may settle down quickly or you might have to manage them for a while. Work with each one for a few minutes a couple times day on obedience or trick training or whatever activity you like. You don't necessarily need to do this every day, but most days. Having 2 border collies can be a lot more than 2x the work, especially at first. The settling in process has its ups and downs, but you'll get there. And we do love pictures! Ruth & Gibbs
  6. What Mark said ^^^^ about the mats in the britches is true. The longer coats take more care. However, like D'Elle, personality is key for me.. I love my Gibbs and he's the opposite of social. The sole requirement for my next dog, (aside from being a border collie) is that it's got to be socially outgoing. Don't care about color/coat type/sex or even working ability, since it's going to be a pet. I miss having a dog who willingly goes up to strangers to say hi. Ruth & Gibbs
  7. Happy sounds coming at you! Great news ~ thanks for letting us know. Ruth & Gibbs
  8. I have no direct experience with dogs and kids. I'd advise that the kids have no direct contact with the dog until you've worked with a trainer, and not a dominance based one. So until you get that trainer in, to evaluate and work with the whole family, adults only in dealing with the dog. That means feeding him, taking him out to relieve himself, playing with him. Let us know how it goes. Ruth & Gibbs
  9. Years ago I saw a full grown bc who was at least 50 lbs. He looked huge to me! From what I've read here and on a few other sites the range of weight/height is pretty wide in border collies. Is your sister's dog a male or female? In general male dogs tend to be larger than females. I had a girl dog who was quite petite, I think her top weight was around 30 lbs. My boy dogs have always been larger than the girls. As long as he's healthy I wouldn't be concerned. Ruth & Gibbs
  10. Best wishes for his quick recovery. It's awful when they're sick or injured. And they're so dang smart and intent, these beasts. It's easier than we think to get outsmarted by them. Let us know how he does. Ruth & Gibbs
  11. Treats at my house also include bits of fruit. G loves bits of apple, banana, etc. I don't give him grapes or raisins. Raisins, I've read somewhere, are not good for dogs. However, I treat myself to an occasional bag of dried cranberries and he LOVES those. I don't give him a lot of fruit, but the occasional tidbit he scarfs down. Ruth & Gibbs
  12. So your vet has said it's not physical. Have you done any training with him? These dogs NEED something to do, preferably with their human. For a pet border collie, this can be anything from learning manners to trick training to agility, etc. If you haven't done any training, try a couple minutes of teaching him those manners, (sit, stay, etc). There are some good places on the web to look for ideas. You'll want to do those brief training sessions at least a couple times a day. Frankly, one walk a day is not enough for a bc. My guy is 12 yrs old. He gets 3 walks a day, with morning and noon being about 15 minutes and evening being at least 25. On the evening walk we also practice some behaviors and every now and then add a new one. Most days he gets at least a couple brief trick training sessions as well. Of course there are days when he doesn't get all those activities, but more often than not he does. You can also give him a portion of his meal in some sort of puzzle that he has to work at to get to the food. My guy loves his. Give it a try and let us know what happens. he might simply need more interaction with you. Ruth & Gibbs
  13. Pupdate! Went to Costco and picked up the gabapentin. This was a prescription that my regular vet had placed for me when I called yesterday afternoon. He also added refills to it, so we're fixed for a while. Thank you for all the feedback. I'm glad to have a more complete understanding of the process and will tuck this information away for the next time. Liz P, thank you particularly for the info about 'chronic' conditions that need medication forever. I'll have a chat with my regular vet and the Monolithic Admin as well just to make sure we're all on the same page. Such a great resource, you guys are! Have a good weekend. Ruth & Gibbs
  14. urge to herd


    So sorry to read about June Bug's passing. Your stories about her made me laugh - what a wonderful dog. Ruth & Gibbs
  15. amc thanks for the further info about the gabapentin. I get a text from Costco pharm whenever any thing is ready, it's very helpful. Both my regular vet and the ortho vet told me that G would be taking this medication probably for the rest of his life. Further clarity on the situation as I reviewed what happened. When I call in a prescription for myself. something that I take daily or weekly, if it's out of refills Costco pharmacy staff offers to contact the prescribing dr. If I need to see the dr before the medication is dispensed, the prescribing dr's office calls and says we need to see you before we will re-prescrib. I assumed it was the same way with vet medications. When this happened a few months ago, with the same vet practice, Costco pharmacy staff told me, (exact quote), 'We can't get them to call us back'. I got a text msg 2 days later from Costco saying G's prescription was ready, so obviously Dr. Hayes had approved it. I started following the whole process closely this time because I remembered what happened last time. And I assumed that because I'm a somewhat 'frequent flyer' at this Monolithic VP, that someone would either a) ok the refill or b) call to tell me I needed to bring G in for an update/check-up. Neither of those things happened. The Monolithic Veterinary Practice, (seriously, VCA bought or leased a building that had been built to be a multi-plex movie place but went out of business very quickly. It's a monolith, all right) At a minimum I believe it's poor business practice to not tell owners what is happening and what they need to do. When I speak with the practice manager I'm going to ask why I wasn't called and told I'd need to bring G in for another eval before they would re-prescribe? There was no communication at all. Thanks for all your input, you guys are the best! Ruth & Gibbs
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