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  1. Sara B, I've done the 'overworking' a young dog more than once. A trainer I worked with here finally told me, 'twice is enough' when I persisted. She told me that I was demanding things from the dog without giving it any further information. Hmmm. So I've had to train myself to keep things very brief. VERY brief. I feel that I've learned a LOT about myself through working with border collies. I hope to never be without one. Ruth & Gibbs
  2. Something I've seen on these boards several times, from people with a LOT of experience w/border collies: "You're ALWAYS training the dog. You may not realize it, and if you're not careful you'll train to the dog to do something you really don't want it to do." I've soooooo done this. With my first couple border collies particularly. Shoshone, my second, loved it when people laughed at her antics. I wound up with a couple behaviors I Could Never Train Out. Ruth and Gibbs
  3. Erikor, I won't sugar coat it ~ you may need to make a painful decision. If your children are not able to follow the rules that you set for them about the dog, then for everyone's safety you need to strongly consider returning Darcy. My parents made a decision to put a dog of ours down when I was a kid. Long story short, my brother teased the dog a lot, dog went after my brother during an argument between my brother and my dad, and savaged him. I saw it. My parents had the dog put down. It's painful to remember. Not every dog is right for every family. Not every family is right fo
  4. Don't have kids, but my recommendation is that the kids only pet Darcy when there's an adult actively supervising. You don't say how old your daughter is, if she's not old enough to understand to give pets instead of hugs, she shouldn't be left alone with the pup. I believe it's a common behavior when something is happening that your 6 month old puppy doesn't like. Your daughter could have accidentally pulled Darcy's fur, or pinched her, or scared her, or Darcy could just have been done with playing. There's no way to know. Someone else who's got experience w/puppies and kids playin
  5. What they both said^^^^. I can't add anything that would help, except that if you're consistent you'll get the results you want. Ruth & Gibbs
  6. I'd simply train 'look at me', reward, then keep walking. Every single time he starts to focus on another dog or person, you say, 'look at me'. For right now he should be learning that you are the center of his world. That includes walking along calmly, sniffing when he wants to sniff. Stopping for a minute to sniff more intently. I wouldn't do anymore than walk with him. Training in games or learning directions are best done separately. Walks are for exercise and relaxation. And at the same time, teaching him that the Human is always in charge. If I were training anything, I'd be traini
  7. Michael I just took a look at a few rescues/municipal shelters in the El Paso area and there were several border collies and bc mixes available. I'd start there. Two of my 4 border collies, (Not all at the same time) and my first herding breed, a cattle dog, were from shelters/rescues and all have been wonderful pets/companions for me. Ruth & Gibbs
  8. If you're close enough to a veterinary school, might be worth it to check your dog out with them. Or vet who specializes in reproductive issues. Good luck! Ruth & Gibbs
  9. I wouldn't leave any dog restrained alone in a public place. A couple of my dogs would be have been really upset if they were restrained and a stranger reached out to touch them. A couple sirens flashing by would have upset another previous dog. The other side of it is that some people are not trustworthy. I'll never forget the time a man walked approached me and my bc at the time, years ago. I asked the man to back away, my dog didn't like strangers. 'Oh, dogs LOVE me,' he replied and kept on coming. Luckily I already had a tight hold on the leash and knew what was going to happen. The man
  10. Try to 'capture' something that he does naturally that you like/want. Does he back-up, or offer a paw, or turn in a circle on his own? I wouldn't start with capturing 'lie down'. Start with something he's comfortable doing but doesn't 'revert to.' Will he accept a treat if tossed to him? Simply pick a behavior you want to reinforce and toss a treat when he does it. Ignore him as much as possible while still keeping an eye on him. Only reinforce one behavior at a time. Work on reinforcing/rewarding that one behavior for at least a week. Then see what happens if you move on. My second bc ha
  11. Amy Coapman he's gonna be 13 in a few weeks! Not as spry as he used to be, particularly with the left rear knee, but he's happy to go rambling with me 3 times a day. Or go visit friends. Ruth & Gibbs
  12. 9/17/20 - The sky was blue, blue, blue yesterday, no taste of smoke or grit in the air. Took this morning's walk with no mask on! For the first time in several days, maybe a week. I took one with me, just in case I ran into someone I'd chat with. It's gray out, but much more like our normal a.m. fog. Might get out and do some yard work today and that will feel soooo good. Amy so sorry to hear about your community and the losses suffered. The tragedies seem unending. If your friends in Santa Rosa need anything, please give them my contact info and I'll help if I can. Gibbs says '
  13. No, nothing will get magically better. Perhaps marginally better on it's own, and I remain hopeful. There's not much I can do individually except vote and encourage others to do so. And I am definitely doing that. Ruth & Gibbs
  14. Wonderful news about your nephew, Mark ~ hope his recovery is going well. Nice to read everyone's updates! I'm about an hour north of San Francisco so I'm living with the smoke, etc, from the fires on the West Coast. As a good friend of mine says, 'Will this f***ing year EVER be over?" I'm working virtually, which is a boon. I've been in an amateur improvisational comedy group for a few years and we started meeting virtually last March. Thank god for the laughter I get with those folks. Gibbs will be (gulp) 13 in a few weeks. It's hard to believe I've had this guy for 11 years. Havi
  15. Makes me smile! My first BC, Samantha, LOVED water. Except for the bath tub water, of course. She'd play in puddles, streams, anything larger than a tea cup. Brings very fond memories. Congrats to Buddy and thanks go to Molly, as well. Ruth & Gibbs
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