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  1. Amy Coapman he's gonna be 13 in a few weeks! Not as spry as he used to be, particularly with the left rear knee, but he's happy to go rambling with me 3 times a day. Or go visit friends. Ruth & Gibbs
  2. 9/17/20 - The sky was blue, blue, blue yesterday, no taste of smoke or grit in the air. Took this morning's walk with no mask on! For the first time in several days, maybe a week. I took one with me, just in case I ran into someone I'd chat with. It's gray out, but much more like our normal a.m. fog. Might get out and do some yard work today and that will feel soooo good. Amy so sorry to hear about your community and the losses suffered. The tragedies seem unending. If your friends in Santa Rosa need anything, please give them my contact info and I'll help if I can. Gibbs says '
  3. No, nothing will get magically better. Perhaps marginally better on it's own, and I remain hopeful. There's not much I can do individually except vote and encourage others to do so. And I am definitely doing that. Ruth & Gibbs
  4. Wonderful news about your nephew, Mark ~ hope his recovery is going well. Nice to read everyone's updates! I'm about an hour north of San Francisco so I'm living with the smoke, etc, from the fires on the West Coast. As a good friend of mine says, 'Will this f***ing year EVER be over?" I'm working virtually, which is a boon. I've been in an amateur improvisational comedy group for a few years and we started meeting virtually last March. Thank god for the laughter I get with those folks. Gibbs will be (gulp) 13 in a few weeks. It's hard to believe I've had this guy for 11 years. Havi
  5. Makes me smile! My first BC, Samantha, LOVED water. Except for the bath tub water, of course. She'd play in puddles, streams, anything larger than a tea cup. Brings very fond memories. Congrats to Buddy and thanks go to Molly, as well. Ruth & Gibbs
  6. My first bc, Samantha, LOVED water. Never met a puddle or creek she didn't love. I didn't manage to get any photos of her swimming, but boy she loved it. Ruth & Gibbs
  7. If it comes off easily it's probably just dust that's somehow mixed with a few drops of water. Is your garden watered during the day? Is a there a sprinkler going that they could be getting a bit of drizzle from? Now I wanna go run through a sprinkler like I did as a kid! Ruth & Gibbs
  8. He looks a bit over to me, as well. As far as cutting back to one meal a day, I'd stick with 2 meals, and take maybe an eighth of a cup out of one. 1) You're likely to get dogs demanding to be fed both evening and morning if you cut one out. 2) Reducing by an eighth of a cup might be all you need. Do you use treats as training rewards? You can switch to kibble, slowly, and count that as part of their meals. You don't mention living with any other humans, a spouse, family member or roommate. If there is another human in the household, make sure that person(s) is not feeding the dog,
  9. See if you can replicate any part of the sound that sets her off. If you find something that will work, start at barely audible and give the BEST TREAT EVER, one small piece. The treat needs to be something that Tizzy will turn herself inside out for, that might need a little experimentation. ALL of my dogs have loved fruit, one went nuts for dried cranberries. Couldn't open a bag without that dog being right at my feet. Don't use grapes or raisins, they're not good for dogs, raisins particularly. Anything meat based, (dried liver is a winner here) is fine if your dog LOVES it. Whatever t
  10. My Gibbs is a re-home. He's got great working dogs in his immediate ancestry, and somehow he's sort of 'meh' about the working stuff. I got him when he was 2 and a half or so and he's been a wonderful pet/companion for me. Michael's idea is a great one. Ruth & Gibbs
  11. It's so painful to lose them, especially so young. You and Chummy are in my thoughts today for the next several days. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Ruth & Gibbs
  12. "I do praise praise all the time with her,when she does not pull.... Suggestion: Simplify it ~ give her a solid 'GOOD GIRL!' and keep going. The constant praise may be 'watering down' the communication, which is really, "THAT'S what I want you to do!' 'yes maybe i need to stay calm', Many dogs,certainly border collies, respond strongly to their human's tone. Your remaining calm and unflustered can only improve your communications with your girl. Raising a voice means there's something to worry about, and a worried dog is less able to respond appropriately. You could practice at home, w
  13. Never heard of a dog who starved itself to death. Your vet says he's healthy. It's hard to wait them out, but he'll eat when he's hungry enough. It can be a challenge for us humans. BUT, if you give in and hand feed him, it's very likely to escalate. And you'll be dancing to his tune. Possibly escalating to more than simply food. Put his food down, pick it up if he doesn't eat it, just as GL says. He won't refuse to eat for long, maybe a few days at most. And that won't hurt him. I'd suggest leaving the room as well, which may be hard to do, but might be helpful for you in the longer run
  14. Consistency is key. Pick one approach and stick with it for at least 6 weeks, could be a bit longer. And trust me on this, you'll have put the 6+ weeks in and think you're done and BAM ~ you and your pup will run into a situation that scares her out of her skin, or intrigues her beyond anything else and you'll have to continue training. Another important thing is to curb your own frustration. A lot of dogs pick up on their human's feelings and it can affect their behaviors. Stay calm, keep your voice steady, give the command and encourage/enforce if necessary. And REINFORCE when necessar
  15. Tehanu, here's how I got my first 3 b collies. The first one I was offered for free by a breeder. She was a friend and I mentioned that I wanted to get a dog and she gave me Samantha. The next one I got at a rescue run by 2 women who were friends with a friend of mine. The 3rd one I took from the jaws of death ~ he was due to be put down that day at a local shelter, having been picked up off the streets by a animal control guy. I found out about him from the women who gave me the 2nd dog. The 4th was given me by another friend and he is still with me. My point is I knew or knew someone who kne
  16. Ooooh, my kinda Supreme Ruler of Everything. We'll have two thrones made ~ no, FOUR thrones. 2 very fancy ones for public occasions and 2 plain but extremely comfortable for just lounging around the castle. With room for a dog. Ruth & Gibbs
  17. Great! I've had dibs on Empress of the Universe since my mid=20s, I believe. I'm a Leo ~ we do grandiose very, very well. So, we can be the Ruling Immortals, right? Ruth & Gibbs
  18. Find something that he does naturally and reinforce/reward that action. For example, does he tilt his head? Something very simple. When he does that natural, simple thing, give him his favorite treat. Don't say anything. If/when he does it again, treat again. (I'm sure you know by now to use tiny smidges of yummy stuff for treats) With any luck he'll start 'performing' for you. You can give the action a name and put it on cue. You don't say how long you've had him. Maybe he's still settling in to being a house dog/pet. I wouldn't worry about it. He might never be into doing tricks, but he
  19. He was a wee bit loopy from the anesthesia. Got him home, he drank some water, fed him a light repast a couple hours after that. The next a.m he was rarin' to go on the morning constitutional. They took out three teeth altogether, so he got to eat kibble soaked in chicken broth for a couple days. Fit as fiddle! Thanks for asking, I totally forgot about the whole dental thing! Ruth & Gibbs
  20. What sweet photos! I love the bottom one, those eyes . . . Ruth & Gibbs
  21. Hiring a dog walker to take him out while you're working is also an option. My guy LOVES his dog walkers. Ruth & Gibbs
  22. My first bc loved water in any form, except the bath tub. She'd splash in puddles, play in creeks, etc. I had to be careful of her at the ocean as she seemed a bit too excited about the waves. The other 3 are/have been certain that any water outside of a water bowl will kill them. Ruth & Gibbs
  23. Thanks for the update! It is pretty funny, he doesn't want to fall asleep alone, poor baby And good for you to be dealing with it right now. I've got a dear and long time friend who got a small breed dog about 4 years ago. Delightful little girl, BUT ----- my friend, who has consulted me frequently about dog stuff, has not trained the dog to be by herself. I suggested several times that she a) take her to a reputable doggy day care and b) take her to an overnight kennel just a few times so that this good dog could learn that it is no big deal, her human always comes to get her. Friend h
  24. I went and looked at Welsh collies ~ physically, they don't seem different at all from b. collies. I've seen at least 2 b. collies over the past many years that were very similar to Stanley. What I gathered from my very quick reading about Welsh collies is that they have a different style of working sheep than b. collies. I am by no means a working dog expert, so I can't comment at all on that. Except that if it's true that Welsh collies work differently from b. collies, then the only way to tell if he's Welsh rather than Border would be to train him to work and see what his natural tende
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