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  1. I got a camcorder and recorded a new song. I'd really love for you guys to check it out. Please?
  2. Thank you! Im hoping to buy some decent equipment with my tax return. Thats the plan anyway, but somthing always seems to come up. But. . .hopefully I can make some decent videos. If I can get enough people that I know to look at it, then it will bump my video up to the main stream where a lot more people will be able to see it and give me feedback.
  3. YAY!!! Its back up! **Runs off happily to look around. . .** eta. The post times seem to be off. And although I didnt forget my password, it wouldnt accept it for some reason. But that was easily solved by making a new one.
  4. Hey guys! Please, pretty please help me out and check out my very first youtube video. Well, its actually a slide show, but its set to one of my songs. It would really help me out if you mosied on over and rated my video---really high--- :D and maybe added a few reeaaaalllyy nice comments. Oh, and there are some pictures of Jenna in it to.
  5. I was just about to ask if S was one of those people who wouldnt listen about Ido's issue. Im sorry for the pup, but not sorry for the girl. Yes she screwed up, somthing we all do sometimes. But instead of feeling like absolute crud for what she did, she tried to brush it off. Like almost taking the life of a pup was no big deal. Says a lot about her character. If she is a "close" friend, I'd be wary if I were you. She's not the type to take responsibility for her actions.
  6. My vet charges about $200 including bloodwork which is (I think) about $40.
  7. Didnt Riven get a haircut this summer? I think I remember somthing like that anyway, and if that was the case, their hair does tend to grow back funny somtimes.
  8. I dont know about the harness, but I just wanted to say how much i've missed you. Its good to hear from you again.
  9. To be honest, it really does sound like kennel cough. Its not really a cough. I think my vet described it as sort of a reverse cough. I had to deal with it when I brought Buddy home from the shelter. Both were stuck at home for a month at least, until it eventually cleared up. Go ahead and get some meds from the vet. If I remember correctly, they were not that expensive.
  10. I dont have a calendar in front of me but would those dates be on a Saturday or a Sunday? Sunday is the only day of the week I have off.
  11. "The problem I see, from a fuel efficiency standpoint, is that a lot of drivers buy and drive big pickups when they don't need the hauling capacity. When I drive the Baltimore I-695 Beltway, I routinely see drivers commuting to work in their gas-hog pickups when they could be getting three or four times better gas mileage if they were driving a Fiat-Panda-type vehicle." Thats great of you to expect everyone to own 3 or more vehicles. Most folks who need a pickup own a car and the truck. So while DW takes the gas sipping sedan to work, what's DH left to drive? Think about it. Not everyone has the money to buy vehicles for use specific to their puropse.
  12. I dont normally participate in political type discussions, but I just wanted to pipe in on the bio-diesel. We have a plant here in New Kent, and I think its a great alternative. The President actually visited us last year , to draw more attention to the industry. Its burns so much cleaner than other fuels.
  13. I think that creating an "off topic" section might invite more, umm. . .political spam. Right now, the occasional post might provoke some OT discussion, but I dont see a problem with that.
  14. IMO, (and I dont have a dictionary so this might not be Webster's definition) Culture is a group of people who share the same set of beliefs. So to equate dissagrement with a belief to racisim is wrong. Racisim would be seeing an asian person at the mall or on the street and immedietly thinking, "Those people 'over there' kill dogs. Im not going to associate with them." That of course is wrong. And I dont see where anyone has that kind of issue.
  15. I lost my heart dog to the road, so I know how difficult it is, and I know what I did wrong and I will never repeat the mistakes I made with her. I should have known better, but I didnt. She was my first dog. My parents had always let their dogs out to potty unsupervised and never had any problems. I know its easy to be angry at someone for their ignorance. I was angry at myself, and Im sure they probably are to. Having said that though, I saw somthing yesterday that floored me. We live on the main road that runs though our town. It is extremely busy. On our way home yesterday we had to stop because there was this hound mix wandering around in the middle of the road. Dh stopped and I opened the door and tried to call the dog to me, but he hesitated and went the other way. When we pulled into our driveway I looked back and instead of crossing to the other side of the street, the dog was just walking down the middle of the lane. Dh went back out and there were a couple of kids on skateboards and a woman (who I assume was their mother) comming down the sidewalk. The kid said that it was their dog. WTH!? :mad: DH said, "Well arent you worried that its going to get hit?" And the kid just shrugged and rode off. The dog was about a block away at that point and walking in the opposite direction. And they didnt even care! I stood there and watched them walk on down the street. They did not even a glance back to see where the dog was.
  16. Hey! Awsome news! 20wks!!!! Yay! See, all that patience and. . ahem. .hard work paid off. Congrats!
  17. Jenna has the same reaction to my son being picked up sometimes. They have a hard time with things if they dont seem quite the way that "they" think things should be. So my son being carried around up in the air seem really odd to her and she gets anxious. They are pretty sensitive to their surroundings and anything that they deem out of the ordinary can make them act out.
  18. Believe it or not, but I definitely see the chihuahua. Not so sure about the sheltie though, but I guess anythings possible. But she's definitely got the chihuahua personality and the bark, she has a habbit of bouncing straight up in the air, and then there's that dome head. Never thought I'd like a chihuahua, but I sure am going to miss that little squirt.
  19. ***sigh*** I just got back from dropping her off. First of all we were supposed to meet at 5:30. But I waited for 15min's and they never showed so I went back home. A while later my phone finally rang and the girl said she just got off work and she could meet me know. ??? Why couldnt you have called me earlier? She knew I'd be there waiting. She's got a cell phone, how hard is it to use? If it were my dog I'd be making every effort to make sure the folks who had her knew what was going on. So I went back to drop her off and I gave the girl a clicker and some treats. I asked if she knew what it was and how to use it. . .No. So I gave her a 5sec. lesson. "Lexi sit, click, treat, Good girl." Hopefully she'll get some use out of it, but I doubt it. And again I told her she really needed a tag so that this wouldnt happen again. I wanted to rip this girl up one side and down the other, but I didnt. Hopefully this little stunt will get this girl to thinking about what she can do to keep somthing like this from happening again. Next time someone like me might not be there to keep Lexi safe.
  20. Oh Donna, you are not the only one who felt like POO all day yesterday. I had my last drink around 2am. I went to bed shortly there after. I was puking all day yesterday. I was finally able to keep some cup-o-soup down at around 7pm. last night. Im still not feeling all that great. I didnt even drink that much! Only a couple of drinks. . .well, they were pretty strong. Someone mentioned party poppers???? Dont get me started on the party poppers. My brilliant dh hit me in the face with one of those. Um HELLO! You aim them up at the ceiling! Oh and then, when I went to pull mine it ended up being a dud and burnt my hand. Bla, bla, bla. But still, I had a good time.
  21. "Lexi" Is going home tonight. I got a call from her owner. She saw the flyer at the Food lion. I asked her what happened and she said that Lexi jumped out of the car. Which is what I figured happpened. I had them make an anouncment at the food lion when I found her and nobody came forward. Im frustrated because I feel like if she were mine I would have done everything I could think of to find her. The woman didnt stick around to try to find her, they just left. They didnt even go into the store and let the employees know she had gotten out and oh, I dont know, leave their number just in case someone came forward. Would it have been to much trouble for them to put up their own flyer? Or even a call to the Animal control to report her missing? They didnt do anything. For those interested, the woman said she is a chihuahua/sheltie mix, and they have had her for about two weeks. I told her that this could have all been avoided if she had gotten her a tag. You can get a tag made up at Petsmart for $7, not exactly going to break the bank. I mean, I dont need another dog. But this whole situation just makes me unhappy. Of course Im going to give her back. I just wish I could make them understand how irresponsible they have been concerning this pup. I almost feel like they just got pi**ed and left. The woman was right there when she got out of the car. They havent worked with this dog at all. No training. And of course no recall. She's way to young to have that anyway. I think they just got poed because she didnt come back when they called and just left. They really dont deserve her.
  22. "they were seperated and Buddy went to his crate. They are fine now. I guess I'll save the chewy for crate time from now on." Yes I have a crate. Just. . you know what. Nevermind.
  23. I understand what you're saying. Down time in this household is difficult to come by though. I was working with her alone in the kitchen a while ago. Just some basic commands and the clicker. Buddy could hear us through the door. When we were done, I opened the door and gave the pup a chewy to play quietly with. Buddy came in and tried to steal it and a fight escalated immedietly. She would have gotten hurt if I hadnt intervened. So they were seperated and Buddy went to his crate. They are fine now. I guess I'll save the chewy for crate time from now on.
  24. Barking, growling, lunging. . .the whole bit. She seems so young but she's definately trying to assert her dominace. I have little doubt that she would follow through if a dog decided to fight about it. I took her to petsmart to fit her for a halter and she wanted to go after every dog she saw. I hope that with some training I can get her to in effect "leave it". I dont think I will be able to necessarily change her, but hopefully control her. She likes people though.
  25. Buddy has ongoing problems with demodex. This the second time he has lost most of his hair. We are treating with ivometin. It worked great the last time but it doesnt seem to be working as well this time around. In adult dogs, demodex is a symptom of some other underlying problem, but figuring out what that is can be a difficult task. I would suggest getting a second opinion from another vet. It doesnt seem like the one you are dealing with knows very much about it. If its the demodex thats causing the hair loss, it should be clearly visible on a skin scrape. All dogs have demodectic mites, but its when they multiply out of control that causes their hair to fall out.
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