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  1. Im not sure whether they are harmful, I hope they arnt as Daisy likes to eat them too !!
  2. My sisters collie was put on it and it caused her to bleed and have severe stomach upsets !
  3. Thats a big step forward for both you and Marlie!! Good on you both !
  4. Really sorry to hear this. Thoughts and hugs to his family and the dogs! xx
  5. Took Daisy to the doggy doctors for a check up and am pleased to say she now weighs 20.75kg. A damn sight better than 14.9kg !! The doggy doctor was over the moon with her!! My problem being that when we were waiting to be seen in walks a baby border collie, 15 weeks old and totally adorable. He had a sniff of Daisy who then proceeded to lift her lips and show her pearly white nashers to the poor little thing. This happened several times. Finally we pulled her away and told her no. To which she kept doing it. We then got called in to see doggy doc. She is doing this a lot. Not just with the puppy but with dogs that she meets in general. She is fine with my sisters collie and my aunts dog but any other dog gets to see her pearly whites!! How can I stop this as I dont want her to be aggressive with every dog she meets!
  6. Daisy has balls, balls and more balls! oh and the odd soft toy that she likes to "suck" on !! Have never tried a kong but that could be an idea for "Santa" to bring her!!
  7. I wouldnt be without my Dyson! It picks dog hair up instantly and the hair is sucked right out of carpets from the deepest of carpet piles! Its really good on the wood flooring and the tiles in the bathroom and comes with great tools to get into the tightest of corners!! I wouldnt swap it for the world when Ive got a dog!!
  8. Good luck with the x-rays. Hope he is well soon and its not something major!
  9. What a bummer! Oh well if you get time off work then thats great! You get to spend more time with the babies !
  10. So pleased you are back up and running! Didnt realise how much I use this site during my workday !!
  11. Alicia, that little nose just reminds me so much of a piglet !!! How adorable! Have never seen one with such a pink nose before!
  12. I like the name Fin. Theres a border collie that needs a home in the dog shelter near me, only a year old and sucha beauty. My hubby would kill me if I brought anything else into the house!
  13. Daisy has the hands thing down to a T too!! Does anyone BC play with two balls, one in the mouth and pushes the other one to you to throw?? Maybe its just my Crazy Daisy !!
  14. Yorkshire is pretty close to me ! A nice drive out!
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