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  1. I lost my heart dog to the road, so I know how difficult it is, and I know what I did wrong and I will never repeat the mistakes I made with her. I should have known better, but I didnt. She was my first dog. My parents had always let their dogs out to potty unsupervised and never had any problems. I know its easy to be angry at someone for their ignorance. I was angry at myself, and Im sure they probably are to. Having said that though, I saw somthing yesterday that floored me. We live on the main road that runs though our town. It is extremely busy. On our way home yesterday we had
  2. Oh Donna, you are not the only one who felt like POO all day yesterday. I had my last drink around 2am. I went to bed shortly there after. I was puking all day yesterday. I was finally able to keep some cup-o-soup down at around 7pm. last night. Im still not feeling all that great. I didnt even drink that much! Only a couple of drinks. . .well, they were pretty strong. Someone mentioned party poppers???? Dont get me started on the party poppers. My brilliant dh hit me in the face with one of those. Um HELLO! You aim them up at the ceiling! Oh and then, when I went to pull min
  3. "they were seperated and Buddy went to his crate. They are fine now. I guess I'll save the chewy for crate time from now on." Yes I have a crate. Just. . you know what. Nevermind.
  4. I understand what you're saying. Down time in this household is difficult to come by though. I was working with her alone in the kitchen a while ago. Just some basic commands and the clicker. Buddy could hear us through the door. When we were done, I opened the door and gave the pup a chewy to play quietly with. Buddy came in and tried to steal it and a fight escalated immedietly. She would have gotten hurt if I hadnt intervened. So they were seperated and Buddy went to his crate. They are fine now. I guess I'll save the chewy for crate time from now on.
  5. Barking, growling, lunging. . .the whole bit. She seems so young but she's definately trying to assert her dominace. I have little doubt that she would follow through if a dog decided to fight about it. I took her to petsmart to fit her for a halter and she wanted to go after every dog she saw. I hope that with some training I can get her to in effect "leave it". I dont think I will be able to necessarily change her, but hopefully control her. She likes people though.
  6. I want to do this the right way. This pup I found the other night is quite the little roughneck. Im trying to understand what triggers her. I think its mainly the noise and excitement when I come home or when its time to go outside. Its not a real problem now since she's so small, but im worried that when she gets bigger that she could really do some damage. I think its mainly for show, but she sounds so agressive. She settles down pretty quickly. How do I put this little b**ch in check? I plan on starting basic training with her ASAP. She has had no prior training that I can tell. Sh
  7. The little one didnt make it though the night. It just breaks my heart. Sometimes I think life just likes to smack me around, just to see how much I can stand before I break. I'll sure miss the little girl. For the short time she spent with us, she lit up my heart. Thank you for everyone's prayers. I heard that Christmas song today about the little girl named Maria that finds a bird with a broken wing. I completely lost it. "The Gift" A poor orphan girl named Maria Was walking to market one day She stopped for to rest by the roadside Where a bird with a broken wing lay
  8. Jordi44, Tell me about your cat. If she makes it through, how do you manage it? Will she grow out of it when she gets bigger? I dont know anything about it. Her ribcage isnt rounded, it turns in. The vet said that it wasnt uncommon. I wish he would have said somthing yesterday when I was there. Somthing like hey, dont let her eat to much there might be a problem. Uggghhh. I wish I had taken her somwhere else. I just took her to the closest vet because I wanted to get her help as soon as possible. But they havent done anything for her.
  9. Thank you guys. God I just wanted to sream at someone to help her. I cant stand the thought that there is nothing I can do. On the way to the vet I took the side road to get around the light, I had my emergency flashers on and got stuck behind some guy in a jeep. People can be so stupid sometimes. Cant they understand that emergencies are emergencies. Would it have killed him to pull over and let me by. Sorry, Im just so worked up right now. I feel so helpless.
  10. I just took the kitty to the vet. Her breathing was really labored. They did xrays and her ribcage is malformed. And combined with a full tummy she cant get enough air into her lungs. All I can do is wait and see if she pulls through. The vet said he wouldnt charge me to let her stay overnite. I just cant watch her suffer like that. Please pray for her. This is so heartbreaking.
  11. Hmmm, like I said. . . spies? clarivoiant? I guess the world will never know.
  12. lol Becca. Yea you might be safe with that one. I learned the hard way. Unless of course you are prepared to either fight it out, or grovel and apologize profusly to some highly insulted owner. I swear, they've either got spies or their clairvoiant.
  13. Just a bit of insight from someone who has been there. Be prepared because when you link to a specific site, the owner just might find their way here to battle it out.
  14. In this area big animals like deer are picked up and animal contol picks up dogs that have been hit, but the small animals get left for the scavengers. If it is bothering you or you are really worried about Bandit, you could bag it up and dispose of it.
  15. When Jenna was a pup we had to start out rolling the ball on the ground. I used to sit on the floor and roll the ball so that it would hit the wall and bouce up off the base board into the air. At first she would watch the ball and try to grab it off the floor, but she figured out pretty soon that it was easier and a lot more fun to wait until it bounced up to catch it. I think I have a video out there somewhere. . .goes off on a hunt. . .
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