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  1. Alicia


    Thanks Lani! Thats some great advice. Chey and I are learning our down and she has tried testing me a bit lately but I think were through it, nothing major. I have heard that there is a gal here that does training, it may be Sharon Simmons but I cant remember for sure and I know the gal I was told about does mainly Aussies so it probably is. I'm hoping to be able to work with her with Chey but it wont be until Cheys a bit older she's not ready yet. Thanks so much I'll check out those sites!
  2. Thats great! Enjoying the snow? Ugh took me twice as long to get to work today! Brought Chey with me, this is her first REAL snow and she's having a blast, diving face first in it and catching the snow I throw with the shovel. Silly wiggle nubbin
  3. Spokane isn't too far! only what 3hours? My bro lived in Cheney for a couple years (went to Eastern). Cool! Glad someone's from WA!
  4. Yeah they're a bit of a handful They're head strong and arent people oriented so Dally is having to work more but it seems to be going well. Icelandics are smart as far as I can tell so they seem to be learning fast and these ones know that when its over I give em some grain lol
  5. Alicia


    Thanks bunches guys! I haven't been working much on obedience with her except just the basic sit, chill out, here and were working on down. When I get a good down on her and she matures some we'll try sheep again.
  6. Thanks Ooky thats great suggestions! Dally window washes when she has to bring them to me at all. The sheep aren't dog broke is part of the problem so they dont move off right away and when she goes to the opposite side she will either just stand back and look at me or she'll start window washing at any head or heel that is not in the herd. Her main focus is on keeping them there until I get there, which is my fault from the dairy farm. She learned her job there VERY well and is still trying to do some of the components on the sheep. Its hard to explain what I've been doing..wish I had a video tape. I'm going out tonight so I'll see if I can think a way to word it clearer.
  7. Lol She does have a good bite for a BC Luckily she only uses it when needed
  8. Julie, I was ust visiting your blog and you take some amazing pics! What kind of camera do you use?
  9. Alicia


    Does anyone know of a board specifically aimed at ACDs or other loose eyed breeds?
  10. Thanks! I've been doing alot more on the left so she's using that side, not all work to the left because she gets frustrated after a while so I go right a bit to keep her from burning out. The lift is where she has a problem, she doesnt bring the sheep to me. She'll hold them together in one area all day long but she doesnt move them to me. She'll drive em with me wallking behind and keep em in one bunch by looping around to stop any from getting ahead but she doesnt bring them to me. She's starting to get it though Ive got her moving them in a counter clockwise circle and I walk so that as she makes them circle I end up i the front and then I walk and she's starting to push them to me that so I think in time she'll get it. I dont know if this is the right thing to do..but it seems to be working. It'd be fun to trial her someday but for now this is just to mentally and physically work her..and for fun Thanks, she is a really neat dog.
  11. Thanks! She's doing really well and has really grown into herself. She's super needy and wants undivided attention at all times, silly girl. But she's turned into an incredible dog. Cheyenne is different for me night and day ACD vs BC. She's going to be a little tougher but I think we'll get there. Thinking she needs some more growing up before we try herding again. PS. The 4mths weight doubled = adult weight discussion we all had at one point, when I first got Dally, is pretty spot on. Doo was 17lbs at 4.5-5mths and is now 36lbs.
  12. Alicia


    Thanks for the help guys! I don't have a trainer as I can't afford it at this time (I'm 23 and work as a vet assistant not exactly the biggest income lol) and I'm not looking to trial her or anything just something to do. I know I can do it and would rather do it myself but if I feel in over my head I will stop trying and seek pro help. I'm located in Ellensburg, WA She's only barely 7 months right now and I am starting to question whether she's mature enough to handle that kind of training yet. So.. I think I'm going to let her grow up a bit first and work on other things, such as her down and try again, with a line, when she's matured some.
  13. Cheyenne came to me a couple months ago as a stray. Long story, but after fostering her twice she is now mine. Chey is a great dog, she wants to please, is very devoted to me and is smart, smart, smart. I've exposed her to the sheep 3 times. Everytime has gotten increasingly more aggressive. She doesn't herd she chases and bites. She's got a lot of interest and drive but she is TOO aggressive for working these sheep, my friend won't allow it if she is drawing blood, which she has once now. I've spoken with her previous owner and she comes from working parents and I think she's got the drive to do it but i dont know what to do to stop her from being so aggressive. She calls off if I yell at her, or say her name sternely rather, but I don't want to discourage bite as she'll need it on cattle someday. Help?
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