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  1. Thanks for the story on Sophie, sounds so much like Hoku, especially the unpredictability of his reactivity. We have been working on it for most of his life (he started grumping on leash in puppy class...) and he has gotten alot better in some situations (agility class, walking on leash in town or at the park) and not much better in others (tight spaces, leashed, small yappy out of control hyper dogs... just what we will be dealing with ) I will definitely get his thyroid checked before we go, would love to find a pill that would 'fix' his reactivity bc4pack, I think of the exact same t
  2. Laura, no, never thought we had a reason to check his thyroid.... maybe we should pursue that. What were Sophie's symptoms? Our old boy, Spencer (RIP) had thyroid issues late in life, but he was just acting super tired, slept all the time. The meds changed his life, gave him 5 more peppy years. If he got along with other dogs, he would be the absolute perfect dog, he is so well mannered (except with other dogs), gentle (EWOD), sweet (EWOD), respects boundaries (EWOD), plays well with others (EWOD)... ahhh well, nobody can be perfect, I guess
  3. Well, you all have confirmed my gut feelings about the muzzle idea. I'm afraid it will just intensify his reactivity. I was not crazy about the idea, and now it's OUT. The other dog owner is bringing a crate (she is trying with the pups, but they are pretty out of control), and Hoku is crate trained, so I think we will try the rotation thing as Julie and Kristine suggested. We (the dog owners) could go with the baby gate idea, which would be great, but there is one very grumpy old man involved that will just make it all very miserable... We will stay overnight at least one night, so I thi
  4. Greetings all. Lately I've just been in lurking mode, but need some input on the upcoming holiday stuff. We take Hoku to the family gathering every year, and he is a perfect gentleman, he loves all people, everyone loves him. Other dogs, another story. This past year he has gotten into scuffs, and has hurt 2 dogs now, one he knew very well. I have figured out that it's a space issue for him, when another dog gets in 'his' space (what ever he perceives that to be at the moment, it fluctuates, but I really think he will view grandma's house as his) he gets very grumpy. Bottom line is that I can'
  5. Oh Ruth, I'm so sorry.... our thoughts are with you.... Run free, Buzz boy
  6. This is great, glad we're not the only ones.... Hoku= puppy-boy, puppy-pants, boy-toy, Mr. MaGoo, puppy-pie, puppy-pie-pants,Hokie-polkie, Bub, and the #1 nick name is Hoku-Pie.
  7. Hoku is only allowed on the furniture by invitation, and he seems uncomfortable on the couch. But he LOVES his Costco dog beds (we have two). Gussy is allowed on the furniture as she is TheQueen. But, being TheQueen, she often wants the bed that Hoku has..... so they often share Gussy is always happier with this arrangement the Hoku is... Mooooommmmmm, she's on my bed again...... Hoku will go back and forth between the bed and the hardwood, more on the wood in the summer, more on the bed in the winter. And of course he follows us from room to room. He has a crate pad in his crate
  8. Will be interested in this thread, as we have the same issues. What we are doing is similar to what Reddii describes. We work on him looking to us when he is nervous or tense. We are also working on calm leash greeting with dogs he has gotten familiar with in agility class. We let him approach a dog on loose leash (very important), sniff and greet for a second or two, and we click for the greeting, he turns away for his treat, we call him a few steps away, treat, and then sometimes let him go back for another sniff and greeting, click, call away, treat. It seems to be helping alot, but have no
  9. I will just chime in on the CU and CC as great resources, and give a small antidote. Hoku has been reactive with other dogs for most of his life, and we have been working positively using the above methods. We did the county fair agility demo this weekend, and it is a high stress situation, where his triggers are all in his face. We are sooooo proud of him. A couple of out of control dogs rushed him, and he just looked to us (as we have worked so hard with him to do) and was fine. On our practice night before the fair opened, I had him tied off to a big tent on one side of the course (I was wi
  10. Sending lots of good JuuJuu to the BuzzBoy, both of you, and the rest of the BC3 gang. Hang in there, it's good that your vet is being so careful. Thanks for the update, I was thinking of you guys.....
  11. You could also teach 'shake', then 'high 5' (one paw to your vertical palm), 'high 10' (both paws to both your palms), 'Wave' (same as 'high 5' but without the your hand). All of these will help develop your pups strength that is needed for 'sit pretty'. It took Hoku almost till he was two for him to be able to hold and balance in 'sit pretty'. Once he had that, we taught him to stand up on his hind legs from there. We are now working on his walking on two legs ....
  12. That is really a silver lining, I bet it makes all the heartache with Buzz just a bit easier. Continued good mojo for you all. Thanks for sharing such a deeply personal story, it's a great reminder to fully live each moment we have.
  13. We struggle with this, too. We have been hiking with Hoku since he was a pup and our plan has always been that we carry the long (50') line with us. While hiking in a safe place (no roads near by) I'll engage Hoku in an ongoing game of stick (thrown only up or back on the trail, never off the trail) , which he loves, and I can keep his focus on me quite easily. Even just carrying the stick and throwing every couple of minutes keeps his attention. If he ever gets out of sight (on trail or off), he goes on the long line or leash for a while. I stay vigilant, and if I see something that I think
  14. Ekk! Sorry you are going through this. Glad the pups will be OK, remember to take care of yourself, too. I know how hard it is.... Keep us posted!
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