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  1. I crate my dog because of his separation anxiety. It keeps him safe and my house doesn't get destroyed.
  2. I agree, Mara! Thank goodness Jack isn't an exercise junkie because he had ACL surgery in November and it would have been difficult to manage him if he wasn't content to settle inside. We provided mental "exercise" and he was satisfied to easy back in to his regular active life.
  3. Thanks! I should have looked there first before posting. I also saw there that the dog was not in danger of being shot, just needed a new home.
  4. My dog has been on Clomicalm for about 4 years for severe separation anxiety. This has helped take the edge off of his fear of thunder as well. Now he just curls up tightly and growls at the really bad booms. The "loopiness" doesn't last forever---once they adjust to the medication, you can't tell that they take something.
  5. Thanks, Angie, I should have refreshed my memory about the timeline before I posted. It sounds like the reporter is going to keep tabs on Swa**ord and follow up. I hope lots of other locals have their eyes on him too.
  6. The man has a serious problem. Hope they throw the book at him ......again. Glad the citizens in Portland have their eye on him.
  7. This is but one of the many reasons I detest retractable leashes. When dropped, it scuttles after the dog or pops and hits them. I also can't stand waiting in line at the vet while an owner checks in and their dog is stretched out on the stretchy leash, up in my dog's face, even though I am waiting several feet away. Or, worse yet, a child is holding the leash and can't understand how to brake and retract the leash to a safer distance. I would never use one where I needed good control over my dog. I threw DH's in the trash can (the one he likes to walk the dog with---I don't use a stretchy leash on my husband ). There are so many nice nylon or leather leashes on the market. For sheer sturdiness, you can't beat Lupine and their excellent replacement guarantee. I also like my soft German traffic leash for comfort and handy hooks.
  8. My experience having a puppy was that it was just like having a toddler all over again!
  9. Seeing this late, but offering heartfelt condolences nonetheless. Good dog, Zippy.
  10. Oh, I can top all of these........the Marshalls in my town allows dogs!!!! I stopped by recently to see what was new for spring and as I parked, I saw a woman with a dog on a leash, walking him in one of the grassy medians. As I was walking in, she turned and walked in with the dog! While I thumbed through the racks, I could see Ms. Dog Owner walking around shopping too (and of course Fido was on a despised stretchy leash). Finally, my curiousity got the best of me and I asked one of the associates at check out, "Do you allow dogs in here?" She laughed and said, "Hahaha, someone just complained about that! Yes, we do...there is not a law that says we can't." I was stunned. The next day I called Marshalls/TJ Maxx corporate headquarters and asked my question again of a customer service manager (I skipped over the regular CS rep). I received the same answer--yes, dogs are allowed. I pointed out that I didn't especially want to be shopping at Marshalls and dodging dogs or see that someone's dog had lifted his leg on the comforters on the bottom shelf. She said that many of their stores are in the same shopping centers at Petco or Petsmart and the owners like to shop with their dogs. I then pointed out the times I've been in one of these pet stores and rude pet owners have allowed their dog to poop/pee on the floor and have left it for someone else to clean up, despite the presence of clean-up stations, and that Marshalls did not have paper towels, etc., for this purpose. The CS manager said of my imagined dog messes, "THAT'S WHAT ASSOCIATES ARE FOR! THEY WILL CLEAN IT UP!" I couldn't believe my ears.
  11. I would definitely heed Sue R's advice! I would also search the board archives for other discussions we have had about flying with dogs. My dog also has "separation anxiety issues, large ones"------when I had to begin crating him again after he chewed my house up while I was out of town, he snapped most of his teeth off chewing inside the crate. After working with a veterinary behaviorist for several years and LARGE doses of Clomicalm, prescribed by the VB, he is able to tolerate the crate. He is NOT happy, but he is able to tolerate it. If I were you, I would be hesitant to put my severely anxious dog through an experience that he will be unprepared for and definitely frightened during.
  12. I would come up there and brush and smooch your orange dog for free! It would be an honor to experience his awesomeness! (His Awesomeness, as well!)
  13. hahaha, I actually have a leash just like this! It was a hand-me-down from my German SIL. She called it a German traffic leash but I don't know why. I love it and use it all the time. What is really handy about it is the second clip---it allows you to make a regular small handle to hold on to or hook it to the middle ring and be able to shorten the leash quickly. I like that I can hook my dog to a picnic table or tree when we are setting up a picnic lunch without having to run the leash through the handle like I would do with a regular nylon webbing leash. The leather is buttery soft and I think it's a super leash.
  14. I don't have anything helpful to add except I really like Revolution for my cats. My dog gets itchy, itchy, ITCHY several days after Vectra. No one seems to agree on the best way to apply it and I think I'm going to go back to Frontline.
  15. I like how Julie expressed my thoughts! Now that my parents are well up in their 80's, I see how little things like this brighten their day. They enjoy a big cat that lives next door to them who spends most of his day in their yard and much of their conversation revolves around what Smoky the Cat did that day. I can guarantee that if your dogs learn to take treats only when they are in their "treat spot", it will make his day and be the topic of conversation at the elderly man's table every night. It's tough to get old and it can be very lonely and boring. I say be as gracious and kind as you can. Think of him as your dogs' grandpa! Let the dogs send him a Valentine's Day card!
  16. I love my Roomba as well. It does a great job on hardwoods or tile and it will drive up under the furniture and clean. If I can't babysit it, I confine it to my kitchen and let it work. If I am around and can monitor it, I let it do the carpets and up under the furniture--sometimes it will get stuck and need to be rescued. I got mine at Sam's a year ago and it was a great deal. It came with replacement brushes and other parts. I clean it everytime I use it because the dog/cat hair wraps around the wheels and stops it like JohnLloydJones mentioned. However, it is very easy to remove the various parts in order to clean it out. It has two dust bins and picks up an amazing amount of "stuff".
  17. So disappointed that I didn't get to Rural Hill this year. It would have been an honor to see Miss June's final run. Happy retirement, June!
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