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  1. I like the new look and feel of the boards, and the site in general. Looks a lot more up to date. Great job! ETA: I do think you should remove the 'Interests' field from the author info though, since it can get cluttered like mine lol. <-----
  2. Good to hear you and Jin are doing well. And sorry to hear of your disability. When were you up at Donner Pass? I was near there the weekend before last, the 9th through the 11th camping. I live in the Sierras.
  3. I had the same problem with Firefox on another forum and switched to Chrome. I like Chrome better but there are some web applications that don't work correctly with Chrome as well.
  4. Lance sleeps on my bed (as he has since he was housebroken) but I dont know if I could handle two dogs on the bed. Probably not. So once Mickey is done being crate trained I hope he likes the floor During the day when Mickey is out and sleeping on the floor Lance joins him so they may both end up on the floor, which is fine by me.
  5. Hi, Eileen. keep up the good work!

  6. My male BC is about 6 months old and NOT a cuddler. He's really playfull and friendly but when he's laying down to rest he doesn't want to be bothered. He prefers to lay by himself and will get up and move away if you try to cuddle him, or he'll just tolerate it at most.
  7. ok, now im worried. My pup is younge so will Lance not lift his leg after he gets neutered? I mean he just learned how and it's almost time for him to go in. He look's so proud of his leg-lifting, I'd leave him intact if it meant depriving him of his uber accomplishments. For the time being that is.
  8. yeah, those pics of Ouzo prove it pretty well. dang, looks real cold too (well yeah, it's snowing lol). well, hopefully you dont get snowed in too bad.
  9. sideways? hmm.. that cant be right lol. confused snowflakes usually come later in winter.
  10. your deck looks cold Anda, lol. How do you get a foot of snow in your chairs? is there no roof?
  11. last year we got a really nice winter storm here. 4 feet of snow, but I like winter storms and hope we get the same this year.
  12. Why would that be? I've seen lots of BCs that were pretty long haired. My pup probably will grow up to look something like this: His dad looks a lot like that, though his mom has shorter hair. Both are working BCs.
  13. I live in Sonora, CA, about 2 hours southeast of Sacramento. I need to start my pup in an obedience class asap and was wondering if anyone is from around here and could recommend a class. The only classes i've found myself here are offered by the " Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club " and is associated with the AKC. I may just try them out but since I might possibly want to continue after puppy obedience I wouldn't want to meet a border owner who supports the AKC too much, which could be possible there. The potential arguments are what I'd be worried about.
  14. oh duh, I should have read more. a golf club head cover! lol. I dont golf so I didn't know golf clubs had heads. Especially since the "head" is used near the ground. it should be called the "foot"
  15. "I'm actually debating getting my father-in-law (an avid golfer, and adores Jack) this for Christmas." What is that? a headcover? it doesn't look like a hat to me.
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