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  1. I like the new look and feel of the boards, and the site in general. Looks a lot more up to date. Great job! ETA: I do think you should remove the 'Interests' field from the author info though, since it can get cluttered like mine lol. <-----
  2. Good to hear you and Jin are doing well. And sorry to hear of your disability. When were you up at Donner Pass? I was near there the weekend before last, the 9th through the 11th camping. I live in the Sierras.
  3. I had the same problem with Firefox on another forum and switched to Chrome. I like Chrome better but there are some web applications that don't work correctly with Chrome as well.
  4. x2 We use it at the ranch when the Llamas start to go in a spot they aren't supposed to. It completely eliminates the smell, even for their sensitive noses, and they will stop using the spot. It's great stuff.
  5. Congratulations! that is big news. Take lots of pictures for us
  6. I often do work for my parents' small business and, though I would love to get that sort of gas mileage, it can't hold nearly enough weight. I would need 3 of them to carry what one of our Chevy Express vans, or GMC Savana vans can haul.
  7. I think the chances of you ending up with another dog with such severe issues is unlikely. And you've proven that you will go the extra mile to work with a dog with problems. I disagree with SoloRiver, you are perfectly capable of giving a dog what it needs in your current situation. I hope your next dog is healthy physically and mentally. Best Regards, BM
  8. I only read a few chapters in the book but I think the book is better than the movie. I watched the whole movie but it wasn't something I would watch again, while I will definitely finish the book. I watched the movie with my girlfriend and my mom and both of them were bawling at the end. Almost made me cry seeing how much they were into the movie and upset at Marley's death. But I didn't because he had a great life and died a happy dog.
  9. Sorry to hear about Bandit being injured. I hope he recovers 100%.
  10. If you are around roads this isn't a good idea either. I've had a couple very close calls with my dogs chasing squirrels/rabbits/cats across the street. To teach 'em to chase is easy though. Use a GTFO sound ( like the sound you use to shoo a cat away "spssss", or something similar, when you see the animal) your dog will quickly get the idea.
  11. There's a time and place for everything. She obviously hasn't felt comfortable in the areas she's been with her dog. Even if it's the 'norm' in the area if the owner isn't comfortable with it, it probably isn't a good idea.
  12. Is there a nationwide all breed registry in the US besides the AKC? The best way to counter their ability to destroy breeds with their conformation is to create a registry that is comparable but with different standards and practices. We should be promoting such registries instead of fighting the AKC on a breed specific level.
  13. I am interested in them but it would require a very large price drop. Like drop $100 off and I'll take em.
  14. Good to hear from you AJ. I haven't been on much either and was wonder what you were up to.
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