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  1. Kyna, George came to me with severe chronic ear infections. A raw diet took care of it.
  2. Melanie,

    I want to thank you for sharing your journey with Solo. I have been working with my vet on medicating Cocoa. We are currently trying the combo therapy of Prozac and Elavil that you mention you used for Solo. I am hopeful that it will be successful. The anxiety meds were very frustrating. Age has made Cocoa worse and I want to help her as much as possible. So thank you. Happy Thank...

  3. Location: Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Distance willing to travel: up to 2 hours Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee Overnight: Yes for day or 2 Extra crates: nope Available: Weekends Able to pull from shelter: Don't see why not Toni [transferred to database]
  4. Happy Birthday Ben, glad you made it home to be pampered. You brought tears to my eyes Becca. Toni
  5. Thoughts and prayers, Becca, that he is returned quickly and is safe. Toni
  6. I didn't realize. That is terrible for all concerned. Poor Beautiful Fly Toni
  7. If this is insensitive, I apologize. May I ask why Fly had to be put down because of a seizure? I don't understand. Toni
  8. My cats ususally live to be 20-21. They are indoors for the most part. Toni
  9. My cats ususally live to be 20-21. They are indoors for the most part. Toni
  10. That was very funny and all to real. I only have to deal with George, but it is just like you say. He starts out in a ball and before you know it he has sprawled his huge frame over an entire half of the bed. Being that I am also a sprawler and tosser due to bad joints I quite often wake up and yell at him to go to bed. He quickly runs to his crate but then sneaks back after I have fallen asleep. Dag nab it. The cats I trained long ago as one liked to sleep on my head and snore and the other is a compulsive licker. I blew in their faces until they realized I was too annoying to be bothered wit
  11. Cocoa & I are very jealous. The first snow of the season Cocoa gets all weird like she is being attacked by brain chiggers and then when she realizes it won't hurt her she goes nuts and refuses to come in out of the stuff. I love, love, love winter storms. Enjoy Toni
  12. Welcome Home! It must be weird not to have the dogs around. I bet you can't wait for Friday. Fast healing to you and Merry Christmas! Toni
  13. Hugs and prayers for Buddy today. Let us know what is going on. It would break my heart for his health to go now that he has a loving family and a warm home. Toni
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