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  1. I would recommend isolating the rear-end-in movement with a pivot disk, and attach a specific cue to the distinct movement of moving the rear end into position. After it is solid on pivot disk, fade that (maybe using a different target as an intermediate step), and make sure the movement is solid on cue. Then, I would pair the "get into heel" cue with the "rear-end-in" cue until the dog anticipates the "rear-end-in" cue and then I would try to drop that part. I hope that makes sense. I do have a video of how I use the pivot disk in this way (although just the first step), if you woul
  2. D'Elle, it is interesting to hear about your experience with your small dogs. I actually find that Rocky, the Beagle Terrier, tends to learn faster than most of my Border Collies have. It might just be his learning style. Or, it might be his background as a free-running farm dog. He had to learn fast when he was spending his days running free in farm fields because his survival depended on it!! Or, maybe he's just naturally a fast learner. In any case, I don't work with him much, but what little I have done really seems to "stick" quickly with him. I sometimes think it would be fun
  3. Laura V - CONGRATS on getting almost all the way into Level 5. CPE rocks!! Cool to hear what you are doing!!
  4. As a loudmouth, I can attest to this. I talk at the top of my lungs most of the time, and I often have fearful dogs in my classes, and I have yet to have a dog become frightened of me for that reason! You can be loud and super pleasant at the same time!!!
  5. 17!!!!! That is incredible!!! Isn't it interesting to work with the smaller dogs? I sometimes work a bit with Rocky, my husband's Beagle Terrier, and it is so different. He's very eager and fun to work with. I end up using a target stick with him a lot because I don't feel like bending down to his level!! Thankfully, he likes it! I know what you mean about a Border Collie, though. I miss Speedy in Freestyle, too. He and I were similar to you and Jester in that - most of our last performances were total improv!! Bandit is awesome, but we haven't meshed as a team to quite the s
  6. So, dog sport folks ..... what have you all been up to these days, dog-sport-wise? I thought it might be fun to just share some what what we are doing. My oldest, Dean Dog, who is going on 13 in February, although retired, still enjoys a bit of Canine Parkour here and there. He is pretty limited as to what he can do, but he throws his heart and soul into what he can do, even simple Interactions like walking between two trees or something!! He still does just a smidgeon of Musical Freestyle from time to time, as well. Tessa, who I truly think I will always think of as my once-in-
  7. Bandit would literally go out for a walk at any time of the day or night!!! He is always ready to GO!!!
  8. I am late to this party, but, honestly, that is the impression that I got, as well.
  9. Donald and I went head to head on many training topics on these boards, and his ultimate response to that was surprising to me. He reached out and invited me to meet up with him. We met, and talked, and became friends. He was truly gracious and thoughtful. He will be missed.
  10. Oh, I am SO sorry to hear this. He and I met up twice and he was SO gracious. I will always remember him well.
  11. It's good to be back!! I kind of got eaten by life and Facebook for a while!!! I have also updated my blog, and I mean to start keeping up with it again. With lots of pictures, of course!! In case you don't have the link anymore and you want to stop by .... https://tessamatic.blogspot.com/ I did write up an update of all of my dogs as my "I'm back" post!! Best to you with your puppy!! I agree that often just letting the dog feel out the situation (while keeping everyone safe) can be the best way to go.
  12. I've been playing fetch with my oldest Border Collie, Dean Dog, since we adopted him at 10 months old. He is going to be 13 in February and we still go outside every day and we play fetch. These days I have to watch that he doesn't try to jump up into the air, so I roll a plastic ring across the yard, and he chases it, grabs it, and brings it back. At this point in his life, I don't do a whole lot of "throws", but we still play every day unless it is pouring rain or icy. It hasn't caused him any harm yet. - Kristine and Dean Dog Oh, the picture below is not my old boy, but my
  13. Hi Riika!! I don't have an article for you, but I do have experience with this. When we first adopted our girl, Tessa, she was a former stray and she was terrified of all people, even me at first. She was willing to take food from anyone, though, so we did take the approach of having everyone at the training building feed her. Any time someone walked by her, they gave her a treat (these were instructors and classmates that I knew and trusted, not random people, BTW!!) In Tessa's case, it did not create a negative CER. She learned that her training building friends are treat machi
  14. I haven't read any of the responses, just your original post, so my reply is directly to you. Experience or no, I would not trust a trainer who used this verbiage. I agree with your gut on this one. Granted, I just popped up out of nowhere and you don't know me from a can of paint, but that's neither here nor there. I still agree with your gut. Cheers!! Oh, BTW, your Border Collie is gorgeous!!
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