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  1. It's so good to hear your guys progress with your dogs. With the 20 total we had only 2 that are failing to connect. The ones that are in homes are doing great. The 7 that are still with us 1 needs a high energy home with lots of directions. She was wild from the start and she was way too much for an a pet adopter. 2 poss 4 are ready for special needs type adoptions they are needing understanding homes who will encourage them. They prefer to still be somewhat invisible if they can. The other 2 are different not willing to accept humans. 1 will tolerate it if you can catch him. The other takes 2 people to try to get him if get away in the large yard which is often and really doesnt care to be part of the dog pack. Routine is not for him. Does your guy stick his tounge out between his teeth? almost all our dogs do that. It's pretty endearing in a way. Originally I thought they had undershot jaws but, they dont.
  2. I did see that Actual working dogs are exempt but, I wonder how you prove they are real working dogs? It talks about a 3rd party hired inspector. From what I read it leaves alot open to intrepretation. When Pas laws went into effect there were some who killed or sold off their dogs in other states but, plenty are still operating there is one I have been reading about regularly who has untill oct of 2012 to comply with state regs but, they cant enter the facilty without gas masks it's not heated or air conditioned. It almost seems like they made it more messy since they cant immediately close bad mills. They got lucky that the only guy they ever agressively prosecuted in this area was also a drug addict and he assaulted a prision guard and a nurse over his meds. Otherwise he may have been paroled in a month. despite thumbing his nose at the state over and over.
  3. Is there a link to what the signed legislation says? I clicked on a bunch of things on the page for 1451 Mostly I'm curious. I know in Pa all breeding kennels are supposed to be in total complience with the state law but, so many waivers of hardship have been given out some for another 18 months.
  4. Tell your wife not to feel bad, with the scared ones here they will run up all excited with the rest of the group to see me and then I'm not allowed to touch them. The super scared guy (on the previous page) loves to stare directly at me. He is studying me closely at all times but, the closest he gets to me is 10 feet away.
  5. I'm curious what everyone is doing with their dogs who are nearing 10 or over 10 in reguards to booster vaccines. My state requires me to rerabies every 3 but, I wonder if they have had all their shots in their life if it makes sense to do them in old age. I dont have time to finish the whole series now but, I'd rather hear what people do or have done.
  6. Burdock when susquehanna county humane was super rescue friendly we had alot dogs test neg for hw and pos on the lymes. It depended on the vet but, some did the 2 weeks of doxi and some did nothing unless symptoms showed of lymes infection. (Genie did the doxi) She will always test pos so I'm told even if you do the doxi.
  7. Their sister was adopted yesterday at the best friends adoptathon. All we have left now is boys aside from Meg who is a bounce back for being way too hyper a girl and Lousie who's pups are almost weaned. The other girls are all doing great in their new homes. We have adopted out our one young boy and one is ready to be adopted. I'm unsure How the last 4 will fare. The brother a twin to the one pictured is submissive he shows you his belly all the time. 2 more very prety ones are ghosts you would never know they were even in the yard. We are working on them but, it will be a process. I enjoy hearing about others process with them. I hope to post puppy pics tomorrow. They are way too much.
  8. That pic is from the day they arrived in April. I really have to wonder though what happened to this man last year that so many pups survived but, werent sold or placed. Alot of the most scared are more like Kelso in that when they think you cant see them they play happily but, when they see you they hide. This guy is just learning to be a peripheral of the dogs. He cant take treats or join the group to come when someone arrives he only stands and watches from a distance.
  9. This is one of the boys I'm talking about they also have a black and white sister but, their mom was a black tri. They were born some time last summerish. This guy is our toughest he wont get with the program after 7 weeks. The closest he comes to me is 8 feet away and it takes at least 2 people to catch him if he gets away in the big yard. Their coat has an unusual wave to it in the shaft. Like it will never lay perfectly straight and smooth.
  10. How old did the vet think Taff was? I'm curious as I'm wondering if he is the dad to the boys we have here with the large female(who I thought was a male) who went home. They have similar hair and are Red tri. Physicially they are big like the mom and more aussie red but, the coat style seems like them.
  11. I would think you'ld have no trouble in tx getting a border collie. Our puppies are 5 weeks and many of the dogs from the texas seizure were more pregant in the beginning of April. We have found alot to like in all 14 of the dogs we recieved. Many are already adopted into good loving homes. Plus Tx is a place for pure breds in rescue. We are still getting requests to take dogs from there. Watch your petfinder look at the border collie rescue boards frequetly and check craigs list. I'm sure you can find the perfect border collie with a bit of looking BTW I probably have your perfect dog from the texas seizure but, she is now in Pa. She was adopted but, too much dog for the couple. She needs an agility home.
  12. We got a call from the tx non BC breeder that we and other shelters in the NE are helping and they dont feel that being AKC status is going to help them. The license is going to be 1300 dollars to be able to sell 20 puppies and keep 11 breeding stock dogs. You will also have to pay the state of tx to evaluate your dogs and kennel approx 2 times a year. The price goes up form there. I feel that it will make alot of border collie places in Tx begin to dump their dogs too. The non BC breeder still has way more than than the 1st level even after putting about 1/3 her breeding stock and unsold puppies into rescue. These dogs are all in great shape unlike a Pa puppy mill surrenders. I worry that like in Pa people in Tx who find themselves desperate will auction their dogs into the places that milling is unregulated. Most of the Pa dogs went into Oh to be sold at auction. The Penn Pspca chased them there but, they had to drop the (cruelty) case against the millers of Pa due to violations in their case.
  13. I might even take a trip to cornell or one of the Pa vet schools and see if they can help your dog if cost is a factor.
  14. I have a multi female household and aside from occasional grumbling between Genie and maddie all is well. If appears Dal holds the highest status in my home. He is first everywhere and he is allowed to move anyone out of their food bowl when the goodies are gone. My moms is at equal status in boys and girls right now and Penny is the boss of the crew but, she gets issues where they will try to change positions esp with the boys Frodo her split face is the current top male. Oddly the loss of Dave has had no effect with them as though he wanst really part of the pack. The most interesting part is they are all ruled by a 1 eyed 4lb male shitzu. It's like he's a rotti in disguise.
  15. We are feeding 4 week olds who still nurse off their mom when she lets them. Bad mom. But, we give them a very flat style dish to eat and drink off. I wonder if trying something of your kitchen dishes would be best at first since he's so little. I'm sure weaning him off the bottle isnt easy either. Currently I use divided kids trays I bought at Target (think old school lunch trays. Giving him a large quanitity of water at first is just going to encourage a mess for you. I'd do the swirl method too but, I guarantee he will walk through it.
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