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  1. I have that problem with one of mine too. She's look away, or turns her back to you as soon as the camera or phone come out. She's been doing it for so long, I have learned to become sneaky at taking pictures. I have another one that has had a camera in her face since she was a baby, just a few months old. She's 7 yrs old now and I actually think she poses for the camera. I get the camera out, call for her, and here she comes, posing all the way. It's pretty funny.
  2. My boy likes to sleep under the bedside table too, but he can only get his head under it. When you look over the side of the bed, it looks like just a black and white dogs body (no head attached).
  3. Sorry, sorry, sorry....I haven't posted ANY replies to everyone that offered their advice and experiences. Life in the home is getting out of hand. This times it's not dogs causing problems. I have a appt. June 4th at the vet. I had the chance yesterday to give the vet a "heads up" on what our visit is for. Someone asked if he has ever attacked or been aggressive with people. NO, he LOVES people. That we have no problems with. It does seem like his "bubble" is getting bigger. We have been extremely vigilant about who is where in the house and have been keeping him separate from the other dogs. We are having two play times; one with just him and one with the other three dogs. I know he misses playing with one of the other dogs, but it will just have to wait. I really appreciate everyones replies and will post after the vets visit.
  4. My boy, BJ, is 9 1/2 yrs.old. He has always had a problem with other dogs in his space, but he seems to be getting worse. He is starting to attack our other dogs at what seems very random times. Our newfie was walking by him to go to the other room and he attacked her. She is a very shy and gentle girl and does her best to stay out of his way. I don't understand what is happening to him and why the attacks are escalating. I am now leashing him in the house, keeping him by me on the leash or actually putting him in another room by himself with a gate up. Its becoming very stressful in our house. The other three dogs try to give him a wide berth, but sometimes they have no choice but to come closer to him. If anyone has suggestions on how I can keep him from attacking the others, I would be grateful.
  5. I use Previcox on my 9 + year old boy and my 8+ year old girl. I use it as needed. Somedays are more active than others and we have not had any problems. It makes them feel better for sure.
  6. I feed raw now, I think I will stay far away from this stuff. It was just curiosity and seeking more knowledge. Thanks for everyone's input.
  7. I was at Walmart last night, in the ice cream section. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Bil-Jac frozen dog food. I read the ingredients...not sure about some if it. I searched for reviews when I got home, didn't find too much about it one way or the other. Has anyone ever used this? If so, Pros and Cons please. Thanks.
  8. I took Belle to Home Depot a few months ago. It was great; some of the employees even had treats in their aprons. Of course Belle thought everyone was there to see her and give her a treat. I wouldn't hesitate to take her anywhere. She is a VERY well behaved girl.
  9. He gets three cups a day of TOTW. No supplements.
  10. He gets three cups a day of TOTW. No supplements.
  11. No one is telling me that he needs weight put on, I just feel that he is way too thin. From the way he feels when I put my hands on him, if you shaved his coat off, he'd look like a skeleton with skin covering it. You could plan a tune on his ribs and backbone. I too like my dogs lean, but I just think this is too much. People often comment on Belle that they think she is too thin...but she's just fine. I guess I'll wait a while longer and see if he changes, then address it again.
  12. I have a 7 month old pup that needs to put on just a few pounds. Of course being a 7 month old baby, he is very active!!! I have never had to "fatten" up a dog before, just the opposite. Does anyone have a suggestions on what I can feed him that will help?
  13. That's so funny. I can see Belle doing that. She is SO obsessed with fetching.
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