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  1. I don't have an epileptic dog or one with pancreatic issues, but I've been feeding my healthy dogs mostly prey model raw for about 7 years. I feed kibble sometimes - I certainly don't think kibble is bad. I also don't think raw is bad, but it's not necessarily a cure for all ailments. I'm sure some dogs do poorly on raw, but I've fed prey model raw to dozens of dogs of various breeds and sizes, and haven't had any issue with prolonged poor digestion or deteriorating condition. It's a good source of energy for my house dog, who tends to bounce off the walls if given a carb-loaded food or e
  2. My dog is a garbage disposal. Prey-model raw, taste of the wild and various treats and food scraps that I give her throughout the day. She'll eat grains, she'll eat vegetables, she'll eat cooked or raw meat, bones, fruit... Iron stomach.
  3. I do wish I lived closer, she looks like a lovely dog. I have a female who hates other dogs already, so management and rotation is a must and is easy for me...
  4. Jumping on the side of "there's a kernel of truth to it" - as a young handler, after my first dog washed out for health reasons, I wanted a border collie to do dog sports with. I wasn't really thinking that I wanted the "easiest" dog out there - I merely liked the way the border collies interacted with their handlers. I liked that the people who put time into training their border collies didn't have to constantly play mind games and pull rabbits out of their bum to keep their dog focused. Easier? You betcha. And for me, a young kid who was new to the sport, it seemed more fun to have a dog th
  5. I lost my childhood "heart dog" before I ever got a border collie. I dearly loved the dogs I acquired after she died, but I didn't feel that same level of understanding with any of them until I got Eve. She's been special from a very young age, for a number of reasons. She's my soulmate in dog form, and I don't know if I'll ever have this kind of connection with another dog. I consider myself so lucky to have had two of these special dogs in my life, in such a short period of time.
  6. Completely awful. At times I wondered if the puppy was fake, or already dead, but it doesn't matter. The depravity of those who could laugh at something like that . . . It's beyond my comprehension.
  7. Autumn: You sure can have your opinion. But we have the right to tell you that you're (in our opinions) wrong. Just as you have the right to ignore us, as you're doing right now. You would not believe the comments I've gotten about my dog from show people. That Eve is "ugly" and too leggy, that I starve my dogs because they aren't morbidly obese... I could go on and on, but frankly I don't care much about the things that show people (and these people were "friends", too!) have said about my beautiful, sound working bred bitch. Though I like her appearance a lot, it's on the bottom of the
  8. "Ditto" everyone else's comments, thank you for the update!
  9. Frankly, Autumn, you need to relax. I've been in your shoes, I started out with a half show-bred dog, and I thought every comment in regards to show dogs was a direct attack on my Dakota. It's not. Frankly, those dogs ARE fat. Not Ghost, not all dogs with show lines behind them, but those dogs in that video. Dakota's a half-brother to your Ghost, and he is a hell of a good dog. He (along with my folks' dog, Dash) is probably "show quality", but I choose not to show him because I don't care to support that industry and those activities with Border Collies. Dakota wouldn't like standing stil
  10. My dog's rear is level with and sometimes (depending on her growth) lower than her shoulders. Doesn't affect her ability to work at all.
  11. Welcome! I live right outside Casa Grande. Your pup is gorgeous. I, too, am inclined to think Aussie mix simply because of her head and face shape, but it's awfully hard to say. She's a good looking dog, no matter what she is! I say go for it if you want to try her on sheep! You never know, she might enjoy it and you probably will too.
  12. These handlers weren't dressed as oddly as some of the toy breed handlers were! There's full coats, and then there's fat. Without having my hands on them, I'd say those dogs are just plain fat. I have a dog with a really thick coat, but even when he's blow dried and fluffed out, he doesn't look nearly as chunky as those dogs do. I'm always amazed at the condition or lack thereof of the dogs I see at shows. Any breed. ETA: That red dog disturbs me greatly. Wow.
  13. OMG! I know. I'm just getting over losing my voice and I have never been more thankful for the fact that Dakota and Eve have a recall and down whistle on them. I have to keep the other two close, or they'll never hear me.
  14. The training discussion is being covered, but what about breeding? I truly think that a lot of dogs are the way they are due to their breeding. I hate to make this another "nit picking" post because someone who owns a dog like the ones described will undoubtedly take offense. But it's my opinion that most dogs bred for sports like agility and flyball have virtually no impulse control. They're wound up so tight that they need those little obsessive or obnoxious behaviors in order to release some of their nonstop energy. Training these dogs out of certain behaviors is often difficult because
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