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  1. Im really sorry to hear that. I know much he meant to you guys.
  2. Riven isnt happy to wait or something. She BARKS loudly the entire time. When we come back she's panting up a storm and all worried. I wish we had a van that would be great. If I had the money to talk to a behaviorist, I'd be there in a heartbeat. However with just me working we barely make enough to scrape by at the moment, I cant even do agility And you are right that it is me she reacts to leaving the most, but recently she's been spending more time with my hubby, even if Im at home, so I figured she was getting used to him being around all the time. Now I just dont know.
  3. I wish I could take her to work, but I work the front desk of a hotel, so it really isnt an option. With summer coming, and no a/c in our car I would rather clean up pee than risk her getting sick in the car while my hubby job searches, or we shop ect. The problem is that we can be gone 5 minutes and she will go. It doesnt have to be a big trip or anything. Hubby can just leave to take me to work, be back 10 min later and she'll have gone. The other day he walked into 2 HUGE piles of poo, and she had just been outside for like 30 minutes but never went.
  4. Hi all!!!! It has been forever it seems since I was here. Let me recap who I am for those of you who dont remember or know. I am Donna, I have a BC mix, Rivendell. She was left for dead in a fenced yard in the dead of winter and nearly died. We believe she has been abused, and she has extreme seperation anxiety. But despite all that she is the sweetest dog, incredibly loving, and I couldnt begin to ask for anything better. Until about 3 months ago. When we got Riven in Feb 06, I was a housewife, and my husband worked a lot. We spent all our time together, we'd camp, ect and last
  5. miss you!! E-mail me!! Chatatme@hotmail.com


  6. No!! That stinks so much. Buddy was adorable, and Im so sorry he's gone. Im glad he was with you, he wasnt alone, and Im so happy he knew what it was to be loved and cared about before he died. Thanks so much for takin the old man in, and loving him.
  7. I dont have time to read all replies, but Riven does sleep with me. I cant imagine her not being there actually lol. She is warm, cuddly and she lets me lean on her a bit when my back starts acting up and there is no position comfortable enough to lay in normally. She's a good dog Now... if I could just get her to flippin quit shedding her black hair on my light green sheets....
  8. I dont think that sounds stupid! If I hit Riven on accident (which happens frequently - I am usually asleep and aiming for Rohan for biting me), I immediately, say sorry or something and love on her. IMMEDIATELY. Just so she understands everything is ok. I honestly think they know if it was an accident if you just act like you're sorry immediately. I wouldnt worry much, dogs forgive pretty easily. She just has to trust, and as long as you dont try to force it, it will happen, likely sooner rather than later!
  9. Rivendell weighs 42 lb. She is a mix though, so dunno if you wanted mixes
  10. lol I still love it! I have watched it a few times and every time I laugh.
  11. That is like Arwen!! I got groceries the other day and set them on the counter. Walked outside, grabbed more bags and brought them in. In just that time, Arwen had jumped on the counter pulled the steaks from the plastic grocery bag, opened it, knocking a glass into the sink and breaking it. She was happily munching on steak when I came in!! I could have shot her lol. Then, I am making hubs a quilt for Christmas and she merrily decides to attack all the squares on the bed and mix them all up. I had to redo the pattern because her furry butt messed it all up We have nicknamed her Destr
  12. Wow! Has it been a year already??? Happy Gotcha Day !!!!!!!
  13. Ok this is wierd. I saw the cat outside again. I brought it to my friend, and she's like how did she get out? I was like I dunno, she's like that isnt the same cat. I said yes it is. She opened the door and goes... no, thats Hannah... Hannah was on the chair sleeping. There was another nearly identical kitten. So she took that one, but Im sure her hubby is gonna be upset about it. We may have to take it to the shelter But they have a daughter who doesnt have an animal, the other 2 do, so maybe they'll keep it. Anywho... wierd. But they're both litter box trained! They have to have
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