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  1. miss you!! E-mail me!! Chatatme@hotmail.com


  2. I dont have time to read all replies, but Riven does sleep with me. I cant imagine her not being there actually lol. She is warm, cuddly and she lets me lean on her a bit when my back starts acting up and there is no position comfortable enough to lay in normally. She's a good dog Now... if I could just get her to flippin quit shedding her black hair on my light green sheets....
  3. Riven doesnt attack, she paces. I finally have been making her jump onto one of our chairs, and sit there for the entire time I vacuum. If she gets down, the vacuum stays on and I put her back. Although shes so used to it, I get the vacuum and she immediately goes to her chair. When I vacuum around the chair she lays opposite the side I'm vacuuming LOL.
  4. Fortunately I read this some time back, although I cant remember where. Hubby and I go through phases where our side dish every night is a sliced up avacado with salt and lime... mmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. You are now my friend! Muhahahaha!!

  6. This Profile has been looted by Foo's Crew!

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