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  1. Beth, now I'm curious! Which book were you talking about, the one Painted1 read by Elisabeth Rose or the one I read by Dr. Patricia McConnell? Thanks!
  2. "For the Love of a Dog" by Patricia McConnell. I LOVED it! I actually have an autographed edition. My daughter and I went to a book signing and lecture. She is an amazing person. I have nearly everything she's written and find her information insightful and helpful. The photos in the middle of this particular book are helpful in reading a dogs emotions. I think if more people could read dogs better, there would be fewer bites. Another great book by Dr. McConnell!
  3. Sheryl, I hope Mick is found asap! I've been involved with a couple of lost dog searches and it seems to me that what is done immediately is very important as is never giving up hope if the search goes on for awhile. In addition to moral support, you've gotten some great advice here so far. More solid advice can be found here about finding a lost pet: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-a-Lost-Dog In my experience, an active search is the best way to get a pet back and the above website offers great tips on how to be most effective. Good luck and I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for Mick.
  4. Sorry to take so long to get back to this but I've been busy. However, I want to clarify something I said. re: Mydogmilton's post, "And Susan... snooping around TRYING to make the dog "look" neglected seems untruthful. Baaaaaad idea." You're right and I agree completely. That's not what I was implying. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was simply this: 1. What exactly constitutes animal neglect in the op's area and had she researched this? 2. Does that dog meet this criteria? It sounds like she needs more information.
  5. I've used the ticked-off brand tick removing spoon three times- the only tick encounters I've had in the past couple of years- and it worked great. Each time the entire tick was removed easily. One tick came off my daughters tummy, one from the other daughter's pet bunny after he'd been out for a romp in the yard, and one from a very heavily coated elkhound/bc mix. This tool worked better for me than forceps I've used in the past. http://www.tickedoff.com/
  6. Maria, have you contacted your local animal control or humane society directly to find out what exactly they regard as neglect? Could you show them your pictures of the dog to show them that her coat condition is poor and she's under weight? Can you see if her collar is rubbing and has made her neck sore? If the collar is digging in or worn the fur off, can you get a picture of that, too? What is needed to document neglect in your area? I hope you're able to find a way to help.
  7. I had the privilege of meeting Bob, his two daughters, and the famous Sparc. I found Bob to be smart, kind, gracious, and engaging. Sparc is as adorable and full of personality in person as he appears in his photos. Bob's passing, while not unexpected, is so sad. He was a wonderful man. You could tell a lot about him by looking at his daughters' faces and seeing the genuine love and respect there, as well as watching him interact his dog. I wish I'd had the chance to know him better. My heart goes out to his wife and daughters, and of course to Sparc, too.
  8. Thanks for the update! Woohoo! ! ! ! ! A 30% reduction is fantastic! ! ! Mary Ann is a wonderful, dear person and I'm so grateful that so many people are pulling for her. Chris and Ursala at Fido's deserve many thanks, too! Does Mary Ann need more donations to keep the therapy going, or is her insurance kicking in now? Thanks again!
  9. Allie, you and I live fairly close to each other. For most vet things I use Fidalgo Animal Medical Center. When my dogs were in this July for check-ups and titers, the vets there strongly recommended that my dogs get the new lepto vaccine. My dogs train on sheep at various farms, but largely they are house dogs, too. I get titers run on my dogs annually and don't over vaccinate. Based on my vets' recommendations, and that they said several dogs in the area did get lepto this year, I went ahead and had my dogs vaccinated with the new vaccine. The vaccine was well tolerated by each of my 3 dogs and my daughter's 2 as well. I don't know if this helps you in any way. A few weeks after their vaccinations, my dogs and I were at a trial on Whidbey, then back there a few days later for a private lesson with Pat Shannahan (which was fabulous, by the way! ! ) My dogs were/are healthy and I am comfortable with my decisions about their vaccinations at this time. It's hard to know what to do when information changes and recommendations vary. Good luck and take care.
  10. My daughter and I adopted a little border collie, Bailey, from Mary Ann. Mary Ann is a wonderful person. It made me sad to hear she's fighting cancer and sadder still that the treatment is so expensive. I sent a donation this morning and have been passing the word around, too. If enough people make even small donations it will add up. Thanks for posting this here!
  11. Trying again- don't know why that posted before I was finished! Rainierlass, I think we have a large group of border collies in rescue here. They don't get posted until they're ready for adoption, which can take a lot of time, money, and care. The rescuers I know have many more dogs in their care than the web pages show at any time. It's overwhelming. I'm hoping RDM and/or Colleydogge, who are active rescuers, will address this. I, too, am distressed by the numbers of puppies here. I hope they're not coming from back yard breeders or puppie mills and they're not poorly bred. Thanks,
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