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  1. Mouche, to my delight is coming along so well. Most of the time, she behaves as a normal, happy, engaged young dog. She is just the right balance of affectionate without being needy or constantly at my heels. She gets super psyched for our long walks, yet she has an off switch. She is content in her crate and handles alone time in the yard or behind the baby gate but leaps and dances and wags in greeting me. She’ll sometimes squawk half-heartedly in brief protest, but settles soon after. She occasionally enjoys toys at her whim, and roots around in the dog toy box, or wrestles with the s
  2. It’s been a few years now since I’ve frequented the boards here. I lost my beloved Jill a year ago last month—a loss I continue to grieve, and typing this, emotions that surface are raw. My little Bing dog, the sole remaining survivor from my original pack of 5, and the only non-herding breed member, still provides his magical anti-depressant powers (I refer to him as my little Prozac)... especially helping me weather many dark days over the course of the pandemic—he has been my salvation. For a long time I was on the fence about acquiring another border collie, vacillating back and fort
  3. Has anyone here had any experience with the electromagnetic pulsing "Assisi Loop" ? It's been recommended to me for Jill by the holisitic" vet we saw recently, and only sold thru vets or by prescription. My bullshit detector is going off, big-time. At a cost of almost $300 for an item with component parts that likely cost under $20, (yeah I know, R&D costs, marketing, packaging etc) I am not willing to purchase without a money-back guarantee, which of course is non-existent. This vets patient intake form discloses that "while there is mounting scientific evidence as to the effective
  4. Maybe inquire about Selegiline=generic. Eldypryl brand name for humans. Veterinary brand is Anipryl if you want to be massively ripped off. I had Minnie's compounded at a vet pharmacy so it was 1/4 the cost of the brand name that my former vet hospital offered. I'm going back 10 years since I used it so there may be something better. There were no dangerous side effects as I recall. A dog may or may not respond but it may be worth a try.
  5. Bing's healing is coming along nicely. I am fortunate to be in a position to take him with me to my office, so I can keep an eye on him. He appears to be bouncing back to his former buoyant, effervescent self. This after a period of having to be coaxed out of bed every morning, trembling, and reluctance to venture into the backyard unless I am right there with him. We had a vet appt Mon to remove the drains. The more serious wounds on his lower right side were still draining quite a bit, so we returned yesterday for that. I feel so stupid and frustrated. It didn't occur to me until it
  6. My little blond guy, Bing, was attacked by a neighbor's pitt Wed evening. Thankfully, his injuries, though serious, are not life-threatening. I was also bitten, though superficially, trying to protect him. Most of my injuries (and they are relatively minor) came from the other dog throwing me to the ground after I managed to fend it off momentarily. It spun around and returned for a second attack, and I grabbed it by the collar. Bing may well have been killed, if it hadn't been for another neighbor riding by on his bike and intervening by pushing his bike into the pitt, getting it to back o
  7. Do you notice any dark or rust colored gummy residue in between the pads? It has a distinctive odor as well. It is common for yeast build up to cause irritation in conjunction with allergic dermatitis. Nizoral is an over the counter medicated shampoo that addresses yeast/fungus.
  8. You can fashion a sling out of a towel to help support him go out to potty. Best wishes to you both for a speedy recovery. You may want to consider implementing an action plan to deal with any fear repercussions this ordeal may have induced.
  9. My (now deceased) little 30lb heeler chased after a coyote she saw while we were hiking the local forest trail. She raced out of my sight barking ferociously...way different from her bunny or squirrel bark. I didn't know what she was after until I heard a yelp and seconds later she came running back toward me on 3 legs with the coyote hot on her heels. When It saw me it stopped pursuit and sauntered away. There wasn't too much blood, but her hind leg had been torn from the socket. Talk about narrow escapes. She made a full recovery. A few years ago I was hiking with Jill on our tra
  10. Many years ago, when I had a senior dog exhibiting hind quarter weakness, I found acupuncture and therapeutic massage provided some relief for him. IIRC, as he continued to decline with age, the last ditch remedy was prednisone. That did forestall the decline for a time, but there may be newer, better protocols available now.
  11. Just as a point of information, many years ago, my dog Minnie was on selegilene for Cushings disease. When I initially scoped out options for pricing, I learned that the same medication, Anipryl, marketed to the veterinary industry, is marketed to people as Eldepryl. They are both selegilene. The human version was priced at about 1/2 the cost of the vet one. But, I was able to save 1/2 off the Eldypryl price by purchasing from a veterinary compounding pharmacy. One other important note for those who considering this route. I learned that due to potentially dangerous drug interaction, do
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss, Mary. You gave him the most selfless gift of your devotion; a peaceful end to his pain. My heart breaks for you. RIP dear Buddy.
  13. I am so sorry you find yourself embarking on this painful journey. It is one that I too have traveled more than once. And I've also found valuable information, insights, comfort and solace from these boards. I'll continue to hold you in my thoughts.
  14. This beauty was being offered thru a rural shelter at a discounted price because of her age--she's all of 5! Rather than allow her to fall into the wrong hands I drove over 300 miles to nab her. Such a sweet girl, very petite and well mannered--a real lover. I'm sure she'll be adopted in no time.
  15. Try doing a search on Terrierman's site. IIRC he addressed this kind of incident and how he treats the wounds inflicted by prey.
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