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How big are your collies?

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Just curious, how big are your collies? In terms of height and weight?



On another board I saw lots of people posting their collies are 45-55 lbs! That's pretty big for a collie in my opinion. Some of those dogs are from sports/conformation backgrounds though so their average may be a bit bigger than here.


I'd like to see the range of sizes in working collies. I know it doesn't really matter or affect their working ability but I just want to know for fun.



Most of the collies I've met through agility/flyball were between 35-40 lbs.


Edit: Your dogs don't have to be working bred or anything like that. Everyone's welcome! Just wanted to see the size range in the breed.

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Dont know if I my dogs count or not?


1. Cressa is from a farm and is 17.88in and 30 lbs -measure for agility(height at least 2 judges got)

2. Troy is 1/2 working ( ;) ) and is 21in and ~55lbs <-I dont know how he is 21" but that was his measurements twice from 2 different judges and Troy was NOT shrinking down/crouching. So...? I alway had him around 21.5-22in. -Measure for agility



my sisters border collies come from mainly farms


1st Border collie is 21in and 47lbs -He was measure for agility(height 2 judges got)

2nd border collie is ~20in and 40lbs

3rd border collie is ~20in and 37-39lbs

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nova is a rescue, so i have no idea of her backround. i chose her partly for her smaller size. she is a little under 18" at the withers and about 33lbs. for, me she is a perfect size for agility and travel!

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Jade, working dogs a couple generations back- 22 inches, 41 lbs (I'd like to see her around 35-38 lbs), almost 4 years old


Pepper, working bred, will be six months old on the 16th, measures in at 17 inches and 23 lbs- she's going to be an itty bitty thing I think!

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I have two little males. Rescues of unknown origin.


Alex: 19.5", 31 lbs.

Will: 20.5ish", 34 lbs.


ETA: I probably keep my dogs thinner than some people would choose. Since they both do flyball, and Alex also does agility, I think it's much better for them to be lean. They're both fine boned, too.

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I have working bred dogs. Nick is 48 pounds, all muscle and bone. His younger sister (same way bred) is a svelte, whippet-like 30 pounds. My retired ranch-bred rescue, Jesse, is @ 45 pounds. Well, he's old and a bit fat, so probably closer to 50, now. ;)


I've never measured mine for height, but nobody is tremendously tall or small.


~ Gloria

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Mick is 7 and reg. height. weighing in at 39-40#'s. I like to see about 2 extra pounds on him. Sometimes he gets to feeling bad and will lose 5 pounds quickly so if he's got an extra 2 or so I feel better.

Dew is rather short but she weighs in at about 35#s and is 5.

Raven is 12 or so and she is now getting a bit of fluff on her, she weighed 39#'s which is the most she's ever weighed.

Jazz is 15 and goes about 35#'s she weighed 42#'s her whole life but her muscle is disappearing fast these days. She has no butt anymore.

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