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  1. Sit Down Stand Stay Proofing those behaviours Recall work Its yer choice and other impulse control games Circle work Body awareness: back up, sit pretty (take it slow), targeting, picking up objects, 2o2o, give paw, give back paw, side paws, 4 feet in an ever smaller box, slamming cupboards (helps with teeter), cross your feet, are you shy and so so so So many more. Circling around a standard/pole Meet many many many new people. When shots are done, have positive experiences with puppy friendly, well mannered dogs. Crate work. Drive into crate, only release whe
  2. So great to hear! Keep the updates (and pics) coming! So adorable
  3. She doesn't need off leash time if you're willing to hike her, and adequately exercise her. Walks will not do. One day she can eventually be off leash with lots of training but in the meantime she's fine. Do you have a fenced yard? I used to use baseball diamonds too. Lots if recall training! Crate training will help with the house training. Treat her like you would a pup. Barking you are right, will probably be a big challenge, as hard as it is ignoring and not giving any attention (which would reinforce the behaviour) should do the trick. Do this from the first minute, so she kn
  4. Birthday/Christmas/etc present? Hah my gifts were always in advance dog/horse related IOU presents when I was younger, lol! I HIGHLY recommend silvia trkman puppy then foundation, then etc etc. So addicted to them already. Great foundation for any dog and it really focuses on speed and drive, as well as enthusiasm for handler/the game. Fun is #1!
  5. Sounds like they want a belly rub
  6. Agreed! It's not anger if we're disagreeing, or supplying our own opinion! Healthy discussion !
  7. It's late but my advice is to never slow down your dog. Work through the speed and drive. I would do a lot of circle work exclusively in your right side for a few weeks, I wouldn't even do any left sided heeling at all for awhile. After she's really good at the right, balance it out between the two. Always work on both left and right, but a tiny bit more right. Serps I like the / \ / \ / \ / method . Those are jumps and you straighten them slowly to a line. I think that's the way you do it. Table should be auto down. Where do you trial? I know AAC in Canada ju
  8. Oh and I've never once heard her training discussed with religion?!?!?! Lol the BAT method is quickly becoming a standard for reactive dogs. It's none confrontational, keeps the dog below treahold I have nothing but awesome things to say on BAT (Grisha's method) and a heap of other sports/pet people would agree. Words are words. Wow they cause a lot of trouble. So contextual with so many hidden and different meanings. My dogs name is Jude. Judas when I'm irritated. Jew when I'm calling him. It's just wordplay, but I'm sure there are a 100 bad things that could be said on th
  9. To the OP, you are training a future sports dog, therefore advice from someone without sports knowledge may not be the best. I don't know any thing on herding, therefore I leave that to the experts like Donald here. Sports I do know, agility being my main area. I 100% stand by my advice with those key words. While I couldn't give you trainer specific advice (although Grisha is famous in pet/sports training world and I myself am very good friends with a trainer who teaches her curriculum and is doing amazing work with reactive dogs, and rescue rejects.) those key words, in conjunction with
  10. Grisha steward invented BAT training, (I think invented?) . I would 100% recommend that place then. I had a quick look, the programs seem amazing.
  11. No specific recommendations, but search for key words like clicker, positive, fun, games, self control, socilization, confidence. Puppy start right programs (Karen prior curriculum I think?) Are really good, as the obedience start right. And yes, do not expect anywhere near the level you get of wok at home as in training, my dog as a up went into classes knowing everything pre taught, school was for stimulus control work.
  12. Oh! And like I knew I was getting a super athletic, smart awesome dog... But you just don't realize it until you live with and love one that they are so unique, so amazing, just so awe inspiring how you attach to them. My 4 year old who've I've had since he was 8 weeks, got him at 20 years old, he's just my world. I never expected that. I don't mean it in a stupid he is my "furbaby/furkid", he's not my surrogate child or anything. He's just my most epic best friend, a constant companion that I don't tire of (okay sometimes he's a brat). You don't realize the bond with them till you have y
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