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  1. Lol, yes, I'll be veerrrry careful to always refer to them as horses. But I think they'd understand if they saw the Welsh Pony, which I was referring to. There are a few breeds that have the long elegant legs and carriage. I wasn't referring to the ones with the short-legs and thick-torso. http://www.welshponies.com/sig_4670sm.jpg http://www.theequinest.com/breeds/images/welsh-pony-2.jpg http://hqworld.net/gallery/details.php?image_id=22816&sessionid=027c27352328299252be563e9907fc45 The Icelandic horse is absolutely beautiful to watch. What I love most is their curving necks, the flowing mane and the alertness in their eyes. I actually like best the Icelandic horses' full running gait, but the tölt is very cool too. Hehe, I love biomechanics, so please explain away Smalahundur! One cannot enjoy 3D animation or!!!! dance without biomechanics.... Speaking of biomechanics and gorgeous videography, hope people don't mind if I go off-topic but I saw a killer "biomechanic" video on Vimeo. Sheeeesh! Now if only we can get someone to do this with taking gorgeous video of Border Collies herding combined with the captures of farm life in preparing sheep.... Too bad I don't know how to do video-ing. I only know how to do After-Effects but my specialty is really 3D modeling.... And one needs great footage/the original capture anyway to have a worthy video. I try to study video like these to make me a better artist. Oops, folks I just looked more carefully at Vimeo. The person creating this video uses Premiere CS5 which I have at my new job, but his camera much to my shock is not! a video camera but the D Canon series the Canon EOS 5D Mark III listed at a whopping $3,484.00 Hmmmmmm....
  2. yeahhhhh, I was wondering about that gait, never seen anything like it, lol! hehe, very cute pony-like horses, but I was giving the sheep my "Eye" for the night, lol! I love those fat sheep and the Border Collies-- was looking for this and ahhh too brief of a spot for them. But I love the videography and the beautiful scenery....Vimeo has some of the best! animations and video but you have to really surf and weed out the junk- et al. when us artist-types get too weird and pretentious.....Designing "excess" or being off in Lala land. Would be great if we could get B.C. herding videos the quality of that horse herding cameo. There was one real cool comical one with the LED Samsung commercial spot, but that was just for play/comedy/Clint Eastwood spoof. We need one serious one I'm thinking....There's so many spectacular opportunities with the B.C. I would think, and what better place than Iceland or Oregon or Scotland/Ireland, somewhere with tons of green space and landscaping contrasts....
  3. Me, too Pam! I looove cold ocean locales!!! Pam and I are tortured being landlocked in Kansas! I loved visiting Alaska in 2006 and my cousins live in Newfoundland. I still remember to this day, the gorgeous cliffs, even though I was only 12 at the time and it's been over 3 decades, lol! Every tiny detail I remember! You can see all the sealife deep in those pristine waters. Just BREATHTAKING!!!!
  4. VBEG (very big evil grin)....Serena who is always literally jumping into broiling hot debates says, "NOT QUITE, Smalahundur! Try breeding dogs that can Swim in Iceland with Global Warming Melting all your Glaciers away" Pam, hehe, I saw Movie screening clips on Batman Begins with Liam Neeson and Christian Bale practicing their ice duel in Greenland, and the screen clip explaining how the actors were having a hard time practicing their duels on ice because of global warming issues.... Granted Greenland is still more South than Iceland, but give it a decade...... Here is also where our U.S. weather is at. http://www.weather.com/news/weather-forecast/record-heat-triple-digits Kansas is at 107 F / 41.6 C....
  5. Wow, Maja! I'm a total goofcase and don't know a thing, but I think I see Bonnie making much improvements? If I compare 1st video versus 2nd it seems she has more mastery of a direct line versus taking up energy with the zigzags? Regardless when she reversed more slowly it made the geese settle down better. I wonder if there is a sheepherding command for slowing down too.... It's sort of tricky because one has to think ok, do I let the B.C. learn on its own by test and trial or do I guide first to the ideal action.... Sheepherding disciplines are a completely different "animal" for me, so I'll be interested in everyone's thoughts as well. Anyway, loved the new video!
  6. Awwww, how lovely! What a great working pup!
  7. Hi, Maja. If you copy out the original video from your camera and re-upload it under a new name and as a new video but without adding music, you should be fine..... Sometimes timing of verbals can also have an impact on our dogs too, and it could give some of the sheepherding experts a clue as to when and how you are using your directives....Even though the language is different, they will know what you are trying to tell Bonnie, and they might have a suggestion or two as well.
  8. Very intriguing Maja/Julie on the process.... Hey, Maja, do you have a video version without the music. I can't hear the vocal commands so I'm trying to figure out the calls the timing etc....? and trying to coordinate where Bonnie is in relation to your handling.
  9. Well, I am so relieved, but I also empathize. Once a Mama, always a Mama about worrying over our sweet "pups". They'll always be a pup to us. And I can definitely so understand about constantly checking, always trying to triple make sure about the safety. And it's often hard to know for sure. I too worry when Eluane gets near retirement age, I will not know either. I always check look for her right hind leg. She once had a spiral fracture in that leg, and it's the same leg she tore a toe pad and sometimes I think do I see a limp or is she nursing something there?? But nothing at all like what poor Nick has gone through of course. Plus Nick continues to work whereas other dogs are more involved with "hobbies".... Well, as I say, the Good Lord and our big hearts continue to love and help us watch over our dogs. And Nick is a Lucky Boy to have Cold Laser, the Acupuncture and the Loving Home Remedies Well, Bless on Him! We are looking forward to seeing more NIck and trialing photos to celebrate with!
  10. Thank you Maja! I loved the explanation and the "pair-up poem/analogy"....brilliant!
  11. Hi, Gloria, I fell off the planet, had some issues starting January which did not clear until March, but so glad to re-read the postings here. How is Nick doing? is he back to trialing? I remember you mentioning about April. Bless on Tea and Wolftown too.... Loved the X'Rays. So crystalline sharp!
  12. Great video Maja, I totally enjoyed it! Hmmmmm, being ignorant of herding issues, to me Bonnie is doing an excellent job "training" the geese if anything. Some of her sharp angles gave me a "start" because I thought for sure with such sharp L angles it might startle the geese, but they seem to be doing great because she gives them lots of girth and doesn't keep pushing and pushing but takes just key moments to move?? Maja, IMHO, not knowing much, but to me, the geese was a wonderful idea, because Pam told me that in the UK they have a real wonderful sense of what she terms, "method" which actually hones in a dog's ability to really read and to exert its influence with doing very minimally physically. maybe, just maybe???? in my humble guesswork that perhaps working with several different animals deepens the border collie's intelligence and instincts to "read" better? because it is working with a diversity of animals? and teaches sensitivity to a B.C. in gaging different breeds when they encounter them?? Regardless, I really enjoyed the viddy.....
  13. ooo, yes, both dogs Gorgeous! HoosierMike, gorgeous photography!
  14. Oh, Maja! Hugs about the doo-doo! The worst is Labrador poop! Oh sheesh, sooo huge and gross and I too have stepped in a pile in spite of warning myself to be careful!!!! (was retrieving a frisbee from my Neighbor's lawn and the grass was very long and was plastered to the doo-doo so that it was hidden) It took me a good 2 hours to clean my shoe!!! Maja, I can't see the video! Can you re-post? I loooove watching Sweet Bonnie! She is so beautiful! If anyone else can see please say so. I can only see the top 3 videos.... P.S. thank you about congratulating Eluane but I always feel like such a nincompoop (speaking about poop) compared to my oh-so-fabulous agility friends across the pond. They are brilliant and have taught us so much.... Only Little Eluane deserves all the congratulations!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS, Diane! and oh so sweet to hear from you, looooved Danny and Keira's viddy!!!! It was sooo cute watching them play together. Also wrote a big fat huge PM back to you so be sure to check! Eluane sends you her pup hugs and thanks so much for your Congrats to us on Photobucket. She was such a good pup and the Good Lord and Beautiful Angel Sharon (how I miss her and it always makes me cry) really helped us in our Memorial Day run!! I am still not over the shock and happiness! Now your Angel Lacee really gave her blessings with Keira, when I saw the other dog, I was shaking my head, afraid to say too much (very big dog, not sure about the eyes and stance), but with Keira yes, the PERFECT MATCHUP! What a joy to see. Danny is going to be like a new dog all over again with his perfect and sweet playmate! Beautiful and so touching to see them play their heart out. Angel Lacee knew and prompted. Bless on every one of our Angels watching over us :wub:
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