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  1. Adorable 5 month old tri male at Operation Kindness in Carrollton, Texas. http://www.operationkindness.org/opk/?page_id=344&ID=28634785&pet=1 Operation Kindness 3201 Earhart Dr Carrollton, TX 75006 972-418-PAWS (7297)
  2. Operation Kindness in Carrollton, Texas has a 5 month old tri colored border collie puppy up for adoption. His sister has already been adopted. I think they have named him Pillsbury. Please put the word out about this adorable boy.
  3. If you are in Texas, I highly recommend Jones Trailer Company. In addition to dog trailers, they make amazing crates. They offer a couple of different sizes or will do custom. Also have options for built in storage. I have one now and have just ordered a double for my new Yukon--very impressed with how sturdy they are plus good ventilation. And they look nice and they absolutely do not rattle. Good luck! www.jonestrailers.com
  4. I'm so sorry, I hate that vestibular stuff. My Reno had 2 episodes within a month of each other but he did recover fully (almost). Its just so scary!
  5. Yes but for reasons unrelated to working livestock which I will not go into out of respect for the OP. It was offered up as a suggestion, not a mandate; I was standing there when it was put on the dog. I also saw/heard the explanation/demonstration of the purpose and proper usage including not jerking on the dog and not keeping tension on the leash. During a lesson a cotton long line is attached to a dog's regular collar, not the pinch collar.
  6. Let's tap the brakes here for a minute, please. I am not going to say anything negative about the OP or her dog but she has COMPLETELY misrepresented the situation with the trainer. In reading this post, I just realized who she is and I was there last weekend and witnessed the ENTIRE session. First of all, the dog was in a small round pen with GOATS not cows. There are no cows on the entire place, only sheep and goats. I can promise you nobody whacked the dog with a rake, jerked on it or otherwise abused it. He was allowed to move around the stock, change directions etc as you would expect when exposing a young dog for the first time. That is it. I am shocked that she would come on here and say otherwise. For God's sake, nobody was crying. I am a novice handler with a beginning dog (recipe for disaster, right?). I have been training with this person every week for 9 months and she is a kind, patient person and amazing trainer. She was recommended to me by a well known "big hat" because of her ability to start dogs and to coach and mentor novice handlers. She has amazing dogs who are well behaved and respectful both on and off stock. She successfully trials at a high level; she is a thoughtful and careful breeder. She treats her clients like we are her family. I'll stop there but IMO border collies aren't suitable for everybody and working stock really isn't a recreational activity (its not herding ball class--whatever the hell that is). We don't use clickers and nobody gets a snausage for a pretty outrun. Sorry if that hurts anybody's feelings.
  7. Changing the food can definitely do it. It happened to me the first week I had Maggie. (Scared me to death having just lost my 15 year old to pancreatitis.) Luckily it was not serious. You should switch them over slowly over the course of a week if possible. I would call the vet back if it is not getting better. Sometimes you can put them on a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice and then gradually add in their dog food. Also, ask your vet about Endosorb. I keep it on hand and it works wonders for bouts of diarrhea. However, I am not sure if it is advisable for such a young puppy. Best of luck! It is sometimes scary having a new puppy. I had not had one in 15 years and I swear we were at the vet every other week for something (not really but it seemed like it). Luckily we're beyond that now and I have more confidence in knowing how to take care of her and what is an emergency and what is not.
  8. Food: I feed Diamond Natural lamb & rice which I am able to buy at Tractor Supply so may your feed & seed story would also carry it. Seems good quality and not terribly expensive. Treats: I pick from several brands, all of which are grain free and generally made of pumpkin or sweet potato and limited aritficial ingredients. Toys: Balls, balls, balls! Jolly ball, Kong (traditional and Kong toys), Dog Savers. Unfortunately no stuffies... No rawhides or anything too hard like those tough Nylabone thingys. Collars: Flat collar with brass nameplate from Gun Dog Supply Fleas: Frontline Mites: No experience Bath: In the summer, once a week...just because I like it that way...in the winter only when needed..goes to the groomer once a quarter.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had to put my Reno boy to sleep last year at 15 after an extended illness. I have second guessed myself several times but you really just cannot do that. You sought the counsel of your vet and based on the best information you had, you did the right thing. You clearly loved her and wanted the best for her. I thought I could never love another dog...but my life was so dark without my Reno that I only lasted a week and I got Maggie...she was even born on his birthday so I knew it was meant to be. Run free, Angel...and best wishes to your family..*hugs*
  10. Precious girl! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  11. If you specifically need a fish and potatoe food, I feed Royal Canin PW with good results.
  12. Nothing to add except I'm sorry...My dad let Maggie slip out the front door the other night and it scared me to death. Luckily she stopped at the curb and I was able to grab her but she could have easily bolted into the street. Keep working...she'll get better as she matures.
  13. Oh my--I just love this. I'm so happy for Kelso and I don't think I've ever seen pictures of him. He's adorable!
  14. -When I call home, I ask to speak to Spur. My father always says Spur is busy and can't come to the phone. -I tell Maggie I love her every morning when I leave for work. -I tell Maggie a story before I put her in her crate for the night. Its always the same story about the smartest little cowdog in the world who happens to also be named Maggie. She is allowed on my bed for her story. -I bought a SUV so I could take Maggie and all her stuff to her herding lessons. -I sometimes say herding instead of stockwork. -I know people who compete in AKC herding events and I like them. -Maggie has a little red Martha Stewart coat. And its reversable. -People sometimes think she is a service dog because of her red coat and I don't correct them. -She also has 2 matching pieces of luggage for her "stuff". She has more "stuff" than I do. -She has her own scrapbook.
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