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  1. Does the ABCA give out limited registration papers? Like a no breeding listing? TIA
  2. It's funny, I have 5 dogs at the moment. 3 inside and my guardians out. They all get along. Some play with each other some don't. But if I took them to a daycare type setting I have a feeling they would feel a bit betrayed by me. I think I'd find them all, even the lgds sitting in a corner waiting for my return. My dogs don't interact with other dogs. They have their own pack. And yes, I know I'm lucky to have a "pack" of dogs. They are 2 different breeds, but I definitely know the breed snobs they are. Mine just don't think it's fun or polite to interact with any other dogs. They aren't me
  3. I guess I'm confused. She already does a bunch with this dog. Only place it acts out is daycare? Why is she supposed to do a bunch more stuff with her dog when all she sees is a content well mannered dog. Answer seem obvious to me. Quit daycare. And I thought I read the only time she goes to daycare is for her cleaning crew. Address things as they come. It's not about quantity. It's about quality. Maybe i missed some key thing?
  4. Haven't been on the boards forever! But I popped on to have a look see. I didn't throughly read all the answers so excuse me if anyone has suggested this. 18 months is hard. But not that hard. She sounds perfect at home. Why not take her on a short walk in the am. And a short walk in the pm. If you're home through the day let her hang with you. On the days u have your house keeper come (gah if only!) Put her in the Kennel and let her be. She is perfectly able to get used to a cleaning person if it's a routine thing. Maybe stay a while the first time to make sure she behaves. After that of
  5. Do u know he's been abused? I have head shy dogs. Again, they are related but I know no one or thing has hit them. They're just a bit handler over them shy. No abuse. If you're sure he's been abused I would try to erase that from your head. That way you look at him normally instead of trying to analyze why. Move forward from this minute. He will get over his issues if time is given and routines are established. In my rescue circles we say... 3 days 3 weeks 3 months before you get to see hints of your actual dog. And well over 6-8 months to be "home"
  6. I have a 1 year old pup. I bred her. She is a happy camper and has never been abused or neglected. Her best friend is her momma. She happily did "tricks" as a wee one. Sit, paw, stay etc. Few months ago she decided she isn't going to do tricks, they are horrible and not worth any treat. She is also very wiggy about me putting my arm around her. I chalked it off to oh well, she'll out grows it. Interestingly enough she is out growing it, I don't demand what I don't need and no matter what she must do the important stuff (recall, not get into sheep or chickens etc.) So I spoke to an
  7. When I put 1 rams together I put them in a space where it is to small to really run at each other. Llamas are different "boxers". If you have well trained dogs you might use a dog to work the llamas enough that they worry about the dogs more than each other. Another way is give them each some sheep. keep them close but apart. Llet them bond to their sheep, change the sheep out for a while to where they each have each others then put the whole kit and caboodle together. They sometimes can get so worried about their charges that they forget to fight. Time and space is your friend. They do
  8. I don't know where u live but Seresto collar didn't work for us this year on our LGD. I tick piked nightly with 20 or more ticks. She was on Doxy 2x's. Is bravecto then month pill? That is what finally worked for us. We live near St. Louis MO
  9. I don't get to read the board very much these days ut moved to post on this one. Geonni, I have 4 very nicely bred border collies. We live on a sheep farm. If I'm working (job not sheep) or otherwise busy the dogs get outside often but don't always get to work stock. Faye and her daughter would really really like to work sheep everyday. Everyday they go and check out the sheep and often times I see them look longingly at their sheep. But when called off the fence they come running over and start playing. Either with each other or with me. They are so happy the shine. They smile and they
  10. I was thinking about all that has been discussed here for a bit. Cultural might not be the word I would use. More like neighborhood rules. I think Chene's dog park is a free for all dog park. She acts or does what others do at that park. Other neighboring (dog or not) parks might be totally different. People tend to act in kind depending on where they are. I have a pack of dogs. They play quite well with each other. Like family kids. But they dont know other dog rules and probably wouldnt play without knowing what's expected of them. Single dogs have to adapt to the dogs around them if the
  11. For a short while it wouldn't hurt to keep a short check cord on the fighter(s). That way whoever provokes the spats can be given a quick yank off the other dog and a correction at the same time, if you see it happen. I wouldn't act all freaked out or upset or sad for the loser. Just matter of fact "knock it off ya jerks" a check cord is maybe an 8 inch light line you just clip to his collar and leave on. I'm sure he suprises himself with his little power trips or quick snarks. He could just be responding to hormones and then look and feel suprised at himself. Also the other more dominant dog
  12. I understand the issues with early neutering and spaying but I also know from experience that it can and often does change their behavior and the need challange pack orders. Some dog much more than others. I really think this is an issue of the dog feeling his hormones raging and trying to figure out the hierachary with his new found prowness. Most dogs that aren't affected (I never know if it's affected or effected) by neutering are those that have a strong leader and a solid pack order. Which doesn't sound like this dog has. No offence to the op. You can't know what you haven't learned y
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