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  1. I was slightly concern about the ramen bowl but figure since she hadnt eaten for a couple days it was no worst then can chicken noodle soup after being sick. It was a Japanese ramen bowl from a restaurant so couldn’t separate it out. The bone broth is low sodium, has some vitamin/mineral, and protein in it. I didn’t check the fish. I don’t normally feed her fish but thought the fats would be good for her. I only used 2 slices of bacon and that has been stretched over 2 days so wasn’t too concern about that sodium. I do appreciate your concern since it is easy to overlook like I did with the fish. I have tried butter to make it more “slippery “ but she still spits it out. Normally after 3 rounds the pill is smush. I do gently close her mouth and tip her head back. The only thing that seems to be more success is drizzling some water down her mouth after I toss the pill in.
  2. So this last week she started to snub food again and she was having some bloody stool for a couple days. I was able to get her to drink bone broth though. On Friday we ate some ramen bowl and Cressa beg for some. So she got some ramen broth, chicken, and noodles. Saturday she was eating bone broth with chicken. Today she ate some salmon with bone broth and also rice/egg whites/boil bacon/steamed chicken. She hasn’t had anymore bloody stools yet. Hate seeing her act old. But I am glad she started to get back to her spunky old self. Thank you for the suggestions. I thought I knew how to give pills but Cressa is pretty good regardless how far you toss it in at spitting it back out making me go rounds with her. Val and Parker I just hand them the pills and they greedily eat them. Cressa use to take them with cream cheese or butter.
  3. I have gotten her to take her medications again(yesterday and today!). She been eating green tripe happily. I give her some bone broth mid day so make sure she is getting enough liquids. She was acting like her spunky self this morning.
  4. I was giving her a kidney friendly homemade food that the vet approved of. It should be low in phosphate. My sister gave me some raw green tripe. So I started feeding her wet cat food (bff omgravy!) and raw green tripe which she ate without issue finally last night. I did mix some low sodium bone broth with water for her to drink. I was hoping to add water to her tripe today to just help increase her liquid intake. Am planning on buying some green tripe for her now. I used to feed raw but it got too expensive for me. I was going to figure out how to give her the medications. She normally will take it but can be picky some days. Im also will try to take her to a physical therapy dog place. They advertise as being able to assist senior dogs and help with pain management. I’m hoping they can help migrate the level of discomfort but need to call them to check.
  5. Cressa had some bloodwork about 2 weeks ago to see how her kidneys were doing. The vet advised they were steady he was worried about her phosphorus level. But I’m slightly worried I feel like this is mainly weather related but that is something out of my control. The last two days Cressa has: - Decrease thirst. I used to have to refill the water at least 2x a day. Lat couple weeks i just change the water since I like them having fresh water. - Decreased appetite. She has snubbed her homemade food, and kibble. I have been giving her wet cat food currently so she has something in her since I know not eating can compound other ailments. I also gave her part of a sausage sub which she ate hungrily. - Constantly panting even though we have multiple A/C working. -Snubbing her medication even the ones which look like treats or the ones coated in butter. - Acting sore or discomfort (panting, issues standing, favoring legs, etc) I called the vet to see if he had any thing else we can do. I think the weather is impacting her joints which increase her discomfort making her not want to exists. Last week the weather was in the 90s this week it has been cool enough to wear coats at time and super humid other days. And I do realize I humanized her about not wanting to exists.
  6. That used to be Cressa she loved biting the water from the hose. You couldn’t spray her directly but she would bite at the water. Valek and Parker just takes one looks at the hose and goes “not today”. Neither are a big fan of getting wet.
  7. Flying a puppy isn’t bad. I didn’t meet Valek parents till after I got him. I followed the breeder on Facebook. It was the same breeder as Cressa although not related. I got to see how his half sibling turn out. I got to watch through video how his parent worked and played. Talk to some of the owners also to see what type of personality the parents threw. Talked to the breeder. I believed I also talked to some of his grandparents owners also. When it came time to picking puppy I already knew I wanted a boy. I watched multiple videos and talked to the breeder who help me select Val. The more time you allow the more research you can put in to make sure your puppy will be suited for you.
  8. Our summer competition for the K9 Toss and Fetch Disc dog was complete as of July 5th. In our club we finished 3rd place with a total of 72 points. He was amazing. We only got like 16 points the last two weekend. Here is a video of one of our throws. I’m still so stoked we finally have a disc dog club here. While I love border collie I also love watching the other breeds play. There are a ton of impressive breeds out there competing. Will upload our “winning” picture. IMG_8329.mov
  9. Hoping for many more fun loving years for both doggos
  10. Maybe I just spoil my dogs but when my dog snub there food more then two days and I know they have a clean bill of health I switch the food. Cressa and Val both as puppies would snub specific foods. I figured how else are the dogs supposed to let you know if the food isn’t working for them aka maybe sensitive to a ingredients or making them feel sick or what have you.
  11. Some trainers are doing video conference I’m not sure if that helps? See if you can video the walk to capture her behavior, your behavior, and what’s going on in the environment. A LOT of dog signals are missed until the dog is over their threshold/or escalates. A video helps the trainer and possible you. Also weird suggestion if she is scared of leashes maybe try a different leash(Flat leashes, braided leashes, leather leashes, etc...) and make the interaction positive. Use it to tug, willingly interact and get treats, let’s you touch it to her and reward. My terrier for being only 20# soaking wet can be a really bad puller. I found getting a slightly longer leashes helped a ton and also teaching him a “go on” but he follows his nose and stomach. My border collie(Val) is always in a rush to get wherever we are going the fastest time possible. Sometimes his tail is totally tucked. It’s not he is worried or stressed. He is obsessing about the destination since we normally walk to a spot he can be off leash and run so he wants to get there the fastest. I end up breaking the walks into short training session(sit, down, stay, stand, beg, catch) to get him in a different state of mind. Once he settled we would start walking again. It took about 1-2 months and he started to enjoy walks instead of obsessing.
  12. Val did awesome this last weekend. To be honest I think he is amazing regardless what he does. This last Saturday it was around 85-90*f and sunny. Our first round we had a couple bad time throws but he earn 5.5 points and round 2 he earn 10.5 with a total points of 16. I hoping we can earn 22 points the next 2 Saturday each Week. He is really getting into disc. I know we are still noobs but I can’t wait till we improve more. I have been really interested in UpDogs and Skyhounds but didn’t think we were at that level yet.
  13. Are you willing to travel or did you want to stay in Canada? There are some working Border collie breeders who also does puppy culture in Canada. I can’t remember their name.Puppy culture also has a breeder search is how I found them. >.< the majority of breeders I know of are in the USA.
  14. Generally speaking since it’s not all breeder... but bad breeders don’t normally admit fault in their lines SPECIALLY behavioral issues. So if they are a bad breeder there is a good chance they blamed you and bad mouthed you for any issues the dog had or in general. But that is of course assuming. The other part of while you deem this breeder to be bad the new owners CHOSE this breeder to get the dog from... there is a good chance they don’t view the breeder the same way. I would think you would need to be extremely lucky to find the owner on the internet. The internet is a big place and as GentleLake said not everyone uses social media or they use it very casual. I took a hiatus from social media for a bit and just recently came back due to covid. I have never had a reddit account. Don’t do twitter or whatever else is out there. Facebook is currently a necessary evil.
  15. Good luck in your search! When we were looking in our area the closest was about an hour away and they wanted all or nothing since flyball is a team sport. I had to pass since we live in a snowy area and I couldn’t promise to be there for every practice or competition.
  16. That is a great answer Gentle Lake! That is basically how I was introduced to border collies. My mom who is NOT a good fit for a border collie got a border collie puppy from a cattle farm since they are the smartest breed. My sister and I ended up having to train the border collie. My Mom realized she was not a good fit and sent the border collie to live with my brothers in Montana. My sister then got a border collie puppy who was perfect. I then got Cressa and have ever since been addicted. Before my mom getting one I didn’t know anything about border collies. Like what is ABCA is that even a real registry why isn’t she AKC.
  17. Pictures from the second day. These pictures were taken by our disc dog club.
  18. Val has his 2nd competition yesterday. I’m really proud with how he handle himself. round 1: he got 3 points and then I threw the frisbee over the fence so blew the rest of the round. round 2: he got 11 points The weather was amazing for June. Legit 65*f and partial cloudy. We all were given areas to stick in under the shade. Val was kind of smack dab in the middle. He had a border collie on either side. One who thought he looked like the funnest dog since balls were invented. We had an ACD in front of us and an GSD diagonal to us. Val can be worried about ACD since one attacked him a couple time but today he was unfazed. The ACD decided the GSD was the devil incarnated and decided it was his duty to try to put the GSD in his place. So the ACD is growling and snarling at the dog in front of us. The GSD just ignored him. I kept Val attention on me and Val was able to keep his cool. The owner took the ACD father away until his turn then came back. Once the ACD had his turn he was wayyy calmer and collected. We did come early to help set up and stay late to help tear down. Both times Val was “near” the Australian Shepherd who had ran up to him at one of our practice however both were on leash and Val was far enough away where he didn’t need to interact if he didn’t want to. So Val kept to his area. Even when we were done I let Val off leash a little. The Australian Shepherd was still on leash. Val kept his distance from the aussie. I had to leash him when we got closer to the dog yard since we currently compete at a doggy daycare. Val did get grumbly when the aussie tried to sniff his butt but he grumble the aussie backed off and that was it. *ACD Australian Cattle Dog *GSD German Shepherd
  19. I was tempted to check out a cooling vest for him. Thank you for the reminder @Lawgirl action pictures from his 1st competition
  20. Nose work: finding something with their nose. You can make it more challenging by letting the scent age. All of my dogs love it. We just currently use treat but we also have scents also. I hide in high spots, underneath things, behind objects, eye level, on different surfaces, etc. Tracking: following a scent trail Frisbee is a ton of fun. Trick/stunt dogs is fun. You can make it as challenging as you want. You have DMWYD if you want a title and they accept video currently. Doggy Parkour always looks interesting. Teach them to pull an object (sled, cart, bike, etc) Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  21. Oh no. I’m so sorry. I hope you have many more years with him. The unknown is what gets me. I only want them to live to 25 if they can have the majority of those years as adults instead of seniors. I love seniors but I also love all the fun adventures you can go on when they are more active and less likely to be sore afterwards.
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