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  1. so sorry. would type more but my eyes are leaking too much.
  2. yes, it does, once the BC trains you, it will be perfect. LOL. actually, I've adopted 2 adult BC's. one from Carolina Border Collie Rescue, one privately. the 1st was a complete unknown quantity. she was found in a high kill shelter, HW pos. The rescue pulled her and saved her. I fell in love with her little foxy face at first sight (my avatar) and had to adopt her. she was a handful at first. obsessed with anything she could stare at. we redirected with first obedience classes, then agility training. I recommend classes rather than home schooling as I find it a great socializing and bonding e
  3. what I thought was interesting was that out of 16 dogs sold, 5 were red/white.
  4. yip, yip, yip! there is much joy in dogville! long and happy partnership together.
  5. great job! do try jackpot, it's lots of fun. your dog may surprise you, plus there are non-tradtional jackpots that don't require distance.
  6. when I was looking for a dog in a shelter, way back when, I stopped at a pen with about 8 dogs in it. all of them came to the front barking and wiggling, except one. he sat in the back corner looking sad and forlorn. he was a skinny white dog with black spots and giant ears. I asked the attendant to see him. as she went in to get him, an aussie puppy slipped out. he was adorable, bouncy and friendly. the b/w just kind of sidled up next to me and eventually rolled over for a belly rub. the aussie continued to bounce around the room. I knew which one I wanted. I took home the b/w. I knew the aus
  7. he's terrific. probably the best first experience you could have!
  8. great job! now be prepared to spend all your money and free time taking in agility trials. welcome to the addiction. who was your judge, by the way?
  9. very sorry for your deep loss. you were very lucky to have found each other and have 10 yrs. together.
  10. CPE is a lot of fun. enjoy. have you run in other venues, AKC, NADAC? CPE is very relaxed. don't forget to take the collar off your dog. volunteer for jobs. ring crew gives you the best seat in the house and allows you to see how others run the course. judges are friendly and want to answer your questions, so ask if confused. you will get the hang of snooker, really, you will. remember it's just a game and run like you stole it and have fun with your dog.
  11. I think the answer you will hear most is "crate the dog at night". a crate is not cruel, it is a home. you can put it in your room, so he will be near you. both the dog and your belongings will be safe.
  12. My friend Susan, whom I've known through running agility, has been where you are with her Shellie Asta. She has written several articles about her journey. Ill try to share them here, even though I'm on my phone and a techno idiot. Rats, can't paste. You can Google the articles written by Susan Klavon titled: AN UNEXPECTED ODYSSEY By Susan Klavon And Beauty for Ashes Good luck.
  13. I have one of those "deal breaker" dogs. he was sold to a man for herding purposes but after 2yrs, the man thought he was too soft and sent him back to the breeder. the breeder worked with him and offered him out again on a limited basis. they thought with his speed and agileness, he would make a good sport dog. I was looking for a sport dog at the time and had sent out feelers to friends. I was told about the dog now known as Hobbs. went to see him, fell in love, took him home. he excels at agility.....until you get in the ring. then he gets anxious. he is too soft for corrections and will sh
  14. I have 2 border collies and neither will fetch a ball, stick or Frisbee, they will fetch the dog that DOES get the ball though. I always call them my defective collies and swear my next dog will fetch so these 2 have something to do.
  15. I have seen my dog jump to the top of a 5ft wall from a standstill, but she respects the 36" fence around our front yard. she has many opportunities to leap over it- other dogs passing, cats, children on skateboards, but chooses not to.
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