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  1. Sometimes adding a young dogs adds a spark to your older ones life. However on the flips side depending on how long your elder lives you will have two vastly different dog needs to tend to.
  2. I’m glad she is improving and you were able to narrow down.
  3. You will probably be told to move this to the general discussion section. In answer to your questions. I’m not sure what you mean? If your dog is being a rude you tell them knock it off. My border collies has no issues with small breeds (chihuahua, miniature poodle, small terriers) and depending on the dog but they are never allowed to harass the cats.
  4. He has still been way more relaxed. I also have been putting his kong in his kennel when I leave. He seems to go into the kennel with the door open for about 3 minutes before bringing the kong out. I have still been giving him the CBD oil and treats plus composure and he is wearing his pheromones collar. When I gave him a little less CBD oil he was acting a little stressed. Lol that all might be a moot point since until covid-19 is passed (hope it does die out!) I will be working from home now. Hope everyone is staying safe!
  5. @GentleLake I’m currently using Honest Paw soft CBD calming treats and oil. They are supposedly tested to verify the ingredients and strength. They also have the lab results posted for each product. Lol I’m not the most knowledgeable about interpreting lab results but it seem legit. Which was why I went with them. I really like the ingredients in the soft treat why I tried them. and yes I am happy he isn’t as worried. Lol now to get him back in his kennel being relaxed. I didn’t want him to associate the calming treats/oil with his anxiety trigger. *tbh I’m curious to see how he will handle his true triggers if we get this anxiety under control. I’m not 100% if it is the pheromones helping him or the CBD helping be calmer.
  6. So I got Val CBD oil, CBD treats, composure treats, and calming pheromones (collar and diffuser). We also been doing calming sessions daily in the living room. I also moved his kennel. Work Day 1 Thursday : I gave him xanax, CBD oil, Pheromones collar, and composure / CBD treats in a kong in his kennel. I didn’t have to fight him to go to his kennel and he wasn’t acting as stressed about me going to work. We did calming training in the living room. He squeaked a couple time In his kennel but sounded like he calm down. However when I got home his water dish was pulled off the kennel door making me think he was stressed. Work Day 2: Not as stress with me getting ready for work. We did calm training in the living room where his kennel is. I did give him CBD oil, pheromones collar, and CBD/composure treats in his Kong. I also left him loose with his sister. Had an xpen set up so he couldn’t get into anything. Got home from work and he was WAYYY more relaxed. The weekend he seem calmer? Idk the right term. He normally in play always has a competitive edge and a drive to be first, which he didn’t display. The weekend I left the calming pheromones collar on him. He also got CBD oil and just 1 CBD treat in the morning. Work Day 3 Monday: he got CBD oil, CBD /composure treats in a kong, and wearing his pheromones collar. Did a brief calming session in the living room. I left him by himself in the living room with the xpen up. He gave no problems going into the living room and when I got home he was relaxed. Work day 4 (today): he got 1/2 dosage of CBD oil, CBD treat in a kong, and wearing his pheromones collar. I didn’t do calming training this morning but I did leave his sister in the living room with him and the xpen up. Today I put his kong in the kennel with the door open. He actually went into his kennel happily, didn’t immediately try to escape but was playing with his kong IN the kennel. I didn’t shut the kennel door but left it open. Will see how he is when I get home. I don’t want him acting drugged, just not anxious. -The pheromones collar and diffuser is supposed to be going 24/7. -Composure is supposed to only last up to 4 hours. -I’m not sure how long xanax is supposed to stay in their system but on 4th of July it definitely doesn’t last him 12 hours more like 4 hours. I was only using half a dosage in this circumstance. -CBD oil is supposed to last 24hours but some site mention it only last 4-6 hours -CBD treats should last for about 4-6 hours
  7. Awww poor pup. Generally once that worked up they are really stressed. I wonder if something happen to him when he was loose with the other dogs in your truck? I have 3 dogs who travels everywhere with me. Once’s one start barking it causes a chain reaction and they just feed into each other. I have started to reward the quiet in the car PRIOR to their triggers (people walking, dogs, suspicious looking leaf, SQUIRREL!, etc...) . I live by myself so just keep treats handy in the car so I can toss them in the back as a reward for calm or ignoring their triggers. If you have a buddy that can ride with you it could help make it easier since you could focus on what is leading up to his behavior and hopefully get him refocus prior to him reacting. Or if you don’t mind the kennel and he likes the kennel you can just start using that again. Good luck
  8. GentleLake she would have probably prefer that! Cressa has always gotten a human grade birthday cake. This year she got a milk cake topped with fresh pineapples and strawberries, and she also got a yellow cake filled with fresh berries and cool whipped frosting. She snubbed the frosting but enjoyed the cake with berries. Lol Val always gets dog friendly birthday cakes and I buy a human cake for the humans. Parker gets a giant biscuit decorated all to himself since he is a food hound and I get a cake on the side for everyone else. I do like that idea so maybe if she is still with me at 15.5 we will celebrate a half birthday.
  9. Thank you. I do feel blessed. She is one amazing lady.
  10. I didn’t know seizures meds and CBD were bad given at the same time. Fortunately he isn’t on seizures meds anymore! I will definitely be putting it in a dog proof cupboard to keep them safe from dogs who have munchies but good to know they can possibly OD on it! Val gets mad munchies from xanax. Im getting both CBD oil and CBD treats. I’m really hoping the treats works for him. They are CBD and L-theanine soft treats.
  11. The thunder/firework phobia started when he was 2.5 years old shortly after neutering. I wasn’t as concern about that since we are hopefully managing it with medications. Shortly after the phobia appeared he started having seizures. After each seizure he gets a little more quirky fortunately he doesn’t have them often. I might be pessimistic but I just mentioned what we tried since a lot of people mention them to desensitize the phobia. Most of my vacation has always included the dogs. So while he has always join at cabins, hotels, campsites... he has never had to be left behind. Tbh the airBnB might not even be an issue since a lot of the places in Idaho are dog friendly or he may just stay in the car at the non dog friendly places.
  12. I do apologize since I know this is a basic question. I have always used kennels with my dogs. Out of the 5 dogs I have had 4 either loved their kennel or tolerated it as a place to be while I’m not home. Val on the other hand has never liked kennels. As a puppy if you put him in a kennel he would sulk about it after letting him out. He wouldn’t eats treats you put in the kennel. He wouldn’t even go back into the kennel to eat the treats! Toys placed in the kennel he would either ignore or as quick as possible grab it and dart back out. His dislike of the kennel didn’t bother me much until recently(he is now 7.5 years old). From 5 months until around 6 he was trustworthy left loose. No accident. He didn’t get into anything. No destructive behavior. Three things happen which made me need to use the kennel more. He has always been pressure sensitive. As a puppy he was not super fond on tunnels eithers. 1. He is severely thunderphobic and scared of firework. He escaped my house during a thunderstorm while I was at work. He also chewed through the kennel to again escape my house during a different thunderstorm while I was at work. He now does take Xanax to help him cope during storms. I have tried to desensitize him to the noise without luck yet. He never wanted treats, or toys, playing sound on the tv he falls back to sleep it’s the real deal that sends him panicking. I had to get a heavy duty kennel and during storms he has to be kennel if I’m not home. 2. I got a terrier, Parker. When I’m home they are best buds 90% of the time. For the first 1.5-2 years Parker needed to be kennel since... terrier lol he got into everything and would eliminate inside. I started to leave the terrier loose when he started being calmer. I ended up having to separate Val since the second I leave he would become an a$$h@t to Parker. Val then escalated to being an asshat to Parker even if parker was confined. So I started separating them. When I am present Val is super tolerant to Parker it only happens when I leave. 3. He started to be destructive within the last 3 months when I put him in my room. He damaged the door and door frame recently making me have to use the kennel. Also he will at random times get into my cupboard and eat stuff when loose meaning I need to either have him confined to my room or kennel. He has gotten past any barriers I put up. When he is naughty it stresses him more or when he is at level of stressed he doesn’t cope well. I am still trying to make the kennel pleasant for him. He was, before being destructive to my room, taking Kong’s in his kennels since I would rotate between kennel and my room. Any bedding left in the kennel would be destroyed but he would take Kong’s and bones. I was also trying to do trick training in his kennel to make him more comfortable in the space (sit, down, stand, paw) with the door open and closed. I would also close the kennel and walk into another room without incident. When I actually leave though he starts squeaking, and now won’t touch the Kong’s or bones in his kennel. This last time he even had knocked the water dish off and was quite upset. Also it looked like he chewed on the kennel. The other thing is this is mainly when he is at home! At my sister house you can kennel him, he readily comes, and he is relaxed... even sleeping in a kennel. He doesn’t squeak when i put him in a kennel at her house and leave. It’s mainly at my house. Does anyone have suggestions? I was thinking of taking to a behaviorist once I can save up $$$ and have available time during the week. I’m also ordering more calm/anxiety med. (CBD oil for him, pheromones, and calming treats) I can also give him xanax if needed but it makes him have mad munchies. We are going to traveling to Idaho for a 2 week vacation in the fall. He is joining us but at the Airbnb he will need to also be kennel if left behind when we go to a non dog friendly place.
  13. Cressa throughout the years. She has helped me mature in more ways then I can count. Although she is on the smaller size for the breed her spunk and attitude more then makes up for it. She has been my first for almost everything that I sometimes wonder how bias I am for the younger dogs who just aren’t her(first in the competition world, tricks training, hiking buddy, road trip buddy, herding, obedience, exploring, etc...) . We butted heads for the first couple years since she had a high prey drive and was positive she was right regardless. Agility competition turn it around and our partnership grew. She has been everywhere with me. She has save me in multiple situations when she picked up on the person intent and warn them off. She taught me it isn’t so much about “dominance” but respect and trust. Although she is now deaf she still loves to outshine hers younger pack mates with tricks. To be honest she makes me looks good sometimes with how fast she picks up the problem and the solution. Half the time she watches(since she is deaf she can’t hear what I’m saying) me and the dog I’m working with. If whatever I’m asking is not working, Cressa after waiting patiently just come over and does whatever I was trying to communicate to my other dogs. Even though she is deaf I do try to include her in tricks training with the hand signals. If you have awesome senior stories feel free to share. I was trying not to ramble too long. The picture of her with the crown is on her 15th birthday and her puppy picture was when she was around 3 months old.
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