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  1. @D’Elle I was hoping to get him interested in disc so I could do competition with him. He is a ton of fun to interact with. I was hoping/dreaming of playing disc with the terrier when Val gets too old to play and prior to growing out another border collie. I know he doesn’t HAVE to. I got the terrier to be a companion and he excels at that. Just curious how to get him to have interest if possible. @gcv-border you are right. When it’s something the terrier has to think about and repetitive he loses interest really quick. I’m planning on getting him into a nose work class since he would
  2. I hope it’s ok to post this here since it for a dog just not a border collie. My terrier is a super fun dog. He is a little over four years old. I have had him since he was 4 months old. He is super athletic and energetic however he has like no toy drive. He doesn’t typically look for toy. The only time he “wants” a toy is if Valek has a toy then it’s the best toy ever. However saying that even if my terrier gets the toy he doesn’t hold onto it. Typically he will drop the toy once the game of chase is on since he wanted the “chase me” game and not the toy. Everything I read says use a tr
  3. Oh and I also give Val a chore. It’s his job to find his toys, pick them up, and bring them to me for me to put away.
  4. I love the wobblers and the egg. My sister swears by those monster mouths. Val will make up his own solo game with tennis balls and sometimes he just loves laying on his back squeaking them ... other times he hides it under a blanket so he has to find it again. One game Val enjoys is me getting his toy and putting it under a solid object(bowl, tubberwear, etc) and letting him figure out how to get the toy. Or I put a couple treats in an empty cool whip or oatmeal container and let him figure out how to open and get the treats. The bones are antlers or marrow bones. Something that tak
  5. I haven’t given her any additional supplements, so other then the broccoli that’s chopped up it’s would need to be in what she is eating. I was tempted to look at powder supplement. My line of thought was to get her to eat again and I didn’t want to fight her on another pill. Lol I generally just buy groceries store basic eggs and since I think it’s typically bleached the shells aren’t safe to eat? But I could be wrong?
  6. Inside toys? We have an indoor toy bin but typically we have soft/cloth squeaky toys, ropes for tugging, tennis balls, and random bones. We also have puzzle toys (wobblers, Kong’s, dumbbells, Nina ottomans, etc...) but those require effort and observation from the human.
  7. Lol I was desperate and tired of fighting her. She is still eating! Thankfully and so far her stool has been solid and no blood. I started getting her back to homemade food. She likes it fresher. So I have been only making enough for 2 days at a time. So far it’s steam chicken, egg whites, rice, green beans, bone broth or lean ground beef, egg whites, rice, bone broth, and minced steamed California mix (broccoli/carrots/cauliflower) She also now gets Breakfast, lunch, and dinner much to the jealousy of my food hound terrier .
  8. I didn’t see it mention can you give her some calming over the counter medication? such as: Doggy weed, rescue remedy, melatonin, L-Theanine to name a few. It can help the dog with their anxiety while you try to decondition them. Also have you tried a thundershirt?
  9. I was slightly concern about the ramen bowl but figure since she hadnt eaten for a couple days it was no worst then can chicken noodle soup after being sick. It was a Japanese ramen bowl from a restaurant so couldn’t separate it out. The bone broth is low sodium, has some vitamin/mineral, and protein in it. I didn’t check the fish. I don’t normally feed her fish but thought the fats would be good for her. I only used 2 slices of bacon and that has been stretched over 2 days so wasn’t too concern about that sodium. I do appreciate your concern since it is easy to overlook like I did wi
  10. So this last week she started to snub food again and she was having some bloody stool for a couple days. I was able to get her to drink bone broth though. On Friday we ate some ramen bowl and Cressa beg for some. So she got some ramen broth, chicken, and noodles. Saturday she was eating bone broth with chicken. Today she ate some salmon with bone broth and also rice/egg whites/boil bacon/steamed chicken. She hasn’t had anymore bloody stools yet. Hate seeing her act old. But I am glad she started to get back to her spunky old self. Thank you for the suggestions. I thought I knew how t
  11. I have gotten her to take her medications again(yesterday and today!). She been eating green tripe happily. I give her some bone broth mid day so make sure she is getting enough liquids. She was acting like her spunky self this morning.
  12. I was giving her a kidney friendly homemade food that the vet approved of. It should be low in phosphate. My sister gave me some raw green tripe. So I started feeding her wet cat food (bff omgravy!) and raw green tripe which she ate without issue finally last night. I did mix some low sodium bone broth with water for her to drink. I was hoping to add water to her tripe today to just help increase her liquid intake. Am planning on buying some green tripe for her now. I used to feed raw but it got too expensive for me. I was going to figure out how to give her the medications. She nor
  13. Cressa had some bloodwork about 2 weeks ago to see how her kidneys were doing. The vet advised they were steady he was worried about her phosphorus level. But I’m slightly worried I feel like this is mainly weather related but that is something out of my control. The last two days Cressa has: - Decrease thirst. I used to have to refill the water at least 2x a day. Lat couple weeks i just change the water since I like them having fresh water. - Decreased appetite. She has snubbed her homemade food, and kibble. I have been giving her wet cat food currently so she has somethin
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