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  1. Cressa will be 16 years old in a little over a month. Nothing much has change. She sleeps a lot but wants to be included on all outings, and walks. She struggles to go longer than 40 minutes. 30 minutes is preferred. She eats whatever she wants. Typically I will offer her homemade meal, but sometimes she want dry food or raw food or whatever I’m eating. Sometimes she snubs breakfast and or dinner but she will typically eat at some point during the day. She has been really good about going up and downstairs typical right before bed she wants to be carried upstairs. Her blood work
  2. I know purina does a lot of research on their food. I’m curious to know if it does seem to help them.
  3. That was adorable! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thank you so much for your answer! I think that is what I read before <3 didn’t realize it was about 5% of border collies were affected. Is there any rule of thumbs about looking at pedigree? My current rule I look at the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. If their are multiple seizures on both sides of the pedigree closely related(cousins, Aunts/Uncle to a potential cross I pass on a pup. Is it wrong to assume a pup with multiple 1st cousins/aunts/uncles on their paternal and maternal side would have a higher chance for seizures?
  5. How common IS epilepsy in working bred border collie? I know I read somewhere it’s about 2% of the breed but I don’t know if that is accurate. I was looking at border collies pedigree recently and there are a LOT of dogs closely related to dogs with seizures. (1-2nd Cousins, Aunts/Uncle, father/mother, grandfather/grandmother) just curious does anyone know of a line that is truly seizure free or not possible since all border collies can be traced to a popular dog? Is there a rule of thumb about seizures when looking at parents pedigree? *I do realized the epilepsy database is only
  6. Sorry I know late to the thread by 8 years. Has there been any updates about genes or genetic testing for epilepsy?
  7. Do you feed her multiple times a day? Not much help. Cressa my senior I sometimes struggle getting her to eat. She is on homemade food. Sometimes she wants it warm up. Sometimes she doesn’t. If she is going to snub it. It seems to happen most often in the morning. Those day I try to give her a lunch or a bigger lunch. Somedays she doesn’t want homemade food and will beg for dry dog. She used to love bone broth but now she snubs it. Lately she will only eat if I place it on a plate not in her bowl. I guess not much help but I feel your struggle.
  8. Last week of our winter competition and competition for 2020. Valek did amazing. I kind of wish we would have sinc more. week 1: 18.5 points week 2: 7.5 points week 3: 27 points week 4: 7.5 points week 5: 9.5 points we are kind of all over the place with points. I’m glad to know we have potential to do better. Not quite sure how Covid will impact 2021 frisbee competition. I’m glad we have a disc club locally tho.
  9. I understand! Mine are also in capsules forms. I was using my sister dog probiotic and she has gel form. Cressa will refuse to take pills however she is indifferent to the gel. None of the food “should” have caused an upset tummy since it wasn’t anything odd for them but it was just in case.
  10. @maeflower the blue stuff was probiotics to ward off upset tummies.
  11. @Flora & Molly you should! It’s a ton of fun and you don’t need to be awesome to compete. We all start somewhere. I’m still trying to keep my throws not going out of bounds.
  12. We are currently competing in the winter K9 Toss and Fetch competition. Same team but with more participation! We changed locations which helped out. My throws kept going over a fence making my round get forfeit in the fall competition. My throws are getting a little better. I’m starting to throw more in the 3 point range and getting closer to the 5 point range. I’m also getting better about NOT letting the timer get to me. I was surprised how much it was stressing me out in the fall competition. I started practicing with the timer and it helped me out a TON! Even still I have to tel
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