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  1. Sanders Border Collies in Indiana is purported to be a BC puppy mill and he's still in operation, even after the county has tried numerous times to shut him down for unsafe conditions. Please consider signing the petition below. Not sure if it'll help, but it's worth a shot. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/126/494/255/stop-the-tippecanoe-county-indiana-border-collie-puppy-mill/ There's also a facebook page for the group trying to shut him down here: https://www.facebook.com/banRandySanders See the most recent news story here: http://wlfi.com/2014/05/21/dog-breeder-scheduled-to-m
  2. I'd just tell the dog to knock it off. Correct them for being obnoxious and just keep jogging. Eventually they'll settle. I'm currently running 5 miles with my 2-year old 3x a week (10K in a couple weeks and a mini in the fall) and at first she was zig-zagging and such all over. After a couple weeks of short runs with another steady dog she settled into a nice little running companion. Keep an eye on their pads and make sure to bring (or stop by) water when it's hot.
  3. I would take a different approach. Instead of ending the game for something the dog doesn't understand yet, which may make the dog stop bringing the ball to you and just run around with it, ruining the game of fetch, teach the dog a command to drop or give (or both) away from the game and the coveted ball. Food is the easiest to use to teach these commands, and no you don't have to use food all the time, just in the time it takes for your dog to understand the command/action, then you fade it. When training these commands, go inside and don't use a ball, but another less adored toy. There
  4. Update: this guy is being pulled today. Phew.
  5. Cute smoothie male in URGENT need at the Wise County (Decatur) Texas Shelter: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=537692909604481&set=a.179314288775680.35221.179295925444183&type=1&theater The only link I have is this one to the (public) facebook page with his info. PLEASE SHARE!!
  6. I do dog sports with my working-bred and working-line (first gen sports bred) BCs and they have excelled at the highest levels of USDAA and AAC and they've also run on winning Division 1 flyball teams. None of my dogs are aloof or not handler-focused; in fact, quite the opposite. Oh and all my BCs are 18-18.5" and 30-32 pounds.
  7. The latest from the local paper ... http://www.jconline.com/article/20130102/NEWS02/301020021/County-again-kennel-owner-s-tail CLARK HILLS — Tippecanoe County officials claim the dogs at Sanders Border Collies are being bred and raised in poor conditions, without water in their bowls and without the necessary vaccinations to keep them healthy. Meanwhile, owner Randy Sanders argues that he is the victim of repeated harassment from a number of Tippecanoe County agencies — most recently, the sheriff’s office and animal control, the health department and the building commission — and comp
  8. I use most of the ones Chantal mentioned. I use a switch command as Jovi describes as well, although I call it turn. Funny story, at a national event about 10 years ago, someone in the crowd came up to congratulate me after my run and said they were curious how my dog knew which way to turn from a simple "turn" command. lol I explained it just meant turn away, i.e. switch leads. Some more I use... "tight" as my dog goes into a tunnel to mean don't come barreling out, but look for me for more direction upon exit. Very useful for tight turns out of tunnels. I've been told my dogs c
  9. About your wildlife question, when teaching tracking you're teaching the dog to ignore other scents and focus on the given scent, so no it should not encourage going after wildlife. I also don't think it'll affect herding ability at all - you're working with two different instincts.
  10. Most recent story on this idiot: http://www.wlfi.com/dpp/news/local/dog-breeding-business-could-be-public-health-hazard How on earth is he not listed as a commercial kennel with 43 dogs? CAN ABCA DO ANYTHING???? Do you think Dianne Deal and Patrick Shannahan would be interested in knowing they sold a stud dog to a puppy mill? http://sandersbordercollies.com/sandersbordercollies/pedigrees_files/SPUD2010.pdf
  11. On average, from what I've seen (i.e. don't take offense as it may not apply to you personally!), sports people are a lot more attached to their dogs than in the working community. Dogs don't change hands as readily. That said, there are some top agility trainers who may hold on to two pups from a litter to train and then decide which to keep, offering the second up to a friend or student. Passing older dogs to students is not that unheard of either. This is usually not an advertised sale for a certain amount of money though. I used to let students run and trial my older dog to learn on,
  12. And what's wrong with ball-obsessed? If someone has a pet BC than it may need that healthy obsession just to be sane. I also wouldn't write off a particular breeding because of how a sold dog was raised. Not that I'm supporting this breeder at all, but it seems like a silly thing to judge a breeder by.
  13. Sad to say this guy is near me: http://www.jconline.com/article/20121004/NEWS/310040025/dog-breeder-sanders-collies-animal-cruelty-health?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
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