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  1. Hey all, I know there are a lot of topics on the Boards about pet insurance and after reading through most, I still have a few questions. Right now I am only going to insure my 4 year old Blue Heeler. I eventually will add my BC but at this time I can only afford it for one, and since he is oldest I will get him going first. I am almost certain he will need some sort of care for his hips later in life. We picked him up from a shelter and you can tell he was a product of poor breeding... He has not been diagnosed with anything to do with hips so I am sure he will be covered under both
  2. While I am not 100% sure how to fix the turn, regarding the other matter of her not wanting to hurry and come back... Have you tried running away as soon as she gets to the box calling her name real excited like? Don't wait until she has turned around to head back, do it right before she hits the box. My heeler is the same way, he is a rocket going to the box, but coming back he is out for a Sunday drive! I found as soon as he is right about to get on the box if I call him in a high pitched, oober excited voice and immediately run the other way, it makes him come faster. I also use a se
  3. I use my Blue Heelers travel crate strapped into the back of the truck. Its plastic, so I just hose it out when we get home and scrub it with bleach every other time we go.
  4. I am thinking of making a few agility things this weekend. I'm probably going to start with weaves, a single pvc jump, and one other thing; not sure yet. I have seen some people recommend an agility ladder. Should I also do one of these to help build that re-end awareness that is needed for the weaves? Or will the weaves be able to help him with this alone? Thanks!
  5. I also have runner ducks in the yard for practice! Can't have any sheep in town... Although it sure would be nice not to have to cut the grass! I have found that I can work in the yard on close quarters work, like walking up into square corners (we run cattle at the in-laws ranch, and need him to be able to move cows out of square corral corners) and moving the ducks out of there. We also work on a little bit of driving with pressure, ie the ducks want to run back and it is a lot of work for him to keep them from turning back around and running to "safety". For long work, we go to
  6. Actually Singe was not in the movie. He was supposed to play a small role, but those scenes where edited out. (I knew his owner who also knows the owner of the dog in the movie.) The dog in the movie is named Dart and is indeed a Border Collie.
  7. Hi All, Just found out my local pet store is carrying Back to Basics and I was wondering if anyone has any reviews on the food? They also are now carrying Blue Wilderness, which is comparable to the TOTW I feed now, but the BTB seems to be a way higher quality feed then those two. I'm trying to decide if I should switch to Blue Wilderness as getting TOTW requires at least a 45 minute drive one way plus downtown traffic plus a steep grade going up coming home (and at least its fairly comparable in ingredients) or if the extra $10-$15 for the Back to Basics is worth it. Thanks!
  8. I usually make it down from North Idaho for the Trialing of the Sheep. It all depends on how much of that silly thing called homework I have from that evil thing called school.
  9. We have the opportunity to rent out 20 acres and put a few head of sheep on it. It's completely fenced and ready to go. To start we are only going to get 5 head, maybe 10 but probably just 5 for now. The pasture is located a bit out of town, but around some wheat fields and houses. Coyotes are pretty popular around here, but there are wolves about 45 minutes north of here and of course they may come down closer to us as they are quickly depleting the food where they are. Anyways, my question is, can llama's be just as good of a "guard dog" over the sheep as an LGD? In my research, it seems as
  10. It sounds like your puppy needs some place to escape from all the "interesting" things happening when your grandkids are over. She is on overload. There are new toys everywhere, these little creatures that are her height hanging out on the floor, easily accessible food... She needs her own place to hang out by herself to reorganize her busy, overloaded brain. What if you teach your puppy that she has a place to go to when people come over? For example, and you may need extra help with this... Place a rug, towel, or whatever on the floor, something that signifies where she is supposed to g
  11. I have a 2 year old boy that stays in his crate during the day while we are away. But, I have his crate with a X-Pen situated around it so he has a little more room as he likes to really sprawl out when he sleeps. He could very easily get out since the pen it really just placed up, not locked together, but he just stays there all day. Perhaps in your case, since your puppy does not know that the pen is his area, you could just try an x-pen without the crate. It will give him a little more room to play and stretch out to sleep during the day. You could give him a kong toy with puppy sized
  12. I happen to have both a Border Collie and a Heeler (ACD) for working cattle. I love them both and could not do without either. They definitely have their own unique style of working and how they handle different situations. My BC is used only on cows, yearlings, and calves, never bulls. He is gentle and patient with the babies, but holds his ground and gets in the cows faces if he has too. He does not have enough of that "fierce" and tough presence to work bulls. My Heeler on the other hand is brought out mainly for moving the bulls across the pasture. He is what I like to say fearless,
  13. Walmart carries a Furminator knock off type brush called a Shedzilla. It was only $20 at my Walmart. It's got rounded tips and I find that it works great on my BC. He's got really curly hair on his back and its hard to comb through, unless I use the Furminator style brush I have. Big bonus that it is a brush and deshedder too! Here's a link for the brush I'm talking about. http://bit.ly/Ivq5j2
  14. Have fun! I have to say I'm jealous that you have a flyball club near you! We don't have any close.
  15. I'm sure someone will have some better suggestions, but maybe he should be crated when you can't devote 100% all eyes on him to catch the act when it first starts. By the time he has rolled, it's too late to correct. Perhaps getting rid of the dog bed may also combat this situation. This could help prevent the many baths and clean ups. Good Luck!
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