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  1. Thank you both very much A sheepdog trainer sounds like it would be great, but I am not sure if there are any around here...do you know of any? Also would it matter if Kaiser has never done any herding?
  2. I took Kaiser for a walk yesterday on a trail that crosses a road at one point, and he tried to lunge at a loud truck while we were waiting to cross over the first time, but on the way back there was another dog in front of us. Kaiser didn't even notice the cars that were passing by. I didn't think that anything could distract him from focusing on the cars...proved wrong again ...that gave me a little bit of hope and more determination ( for lack of a better word)
  3. All very interesting.. I have always heard of people saying that problems with dogs are usually caused by their owners, but I never really of that with myself, though, after reading all of this I am positive that I am the problem. It probably didn't help that all I pretty much did when he was younger was let him run around the farm, barely walking him....oops. If only time travel were real What's the "process" of teaching self control? Is it as simple as NILIF? I see border collies around my neighborhood house once in a while, and they are always really well behaved, and looki
  4. Thank you so much for the replies everyone! Gloria, that's probably what it is, though, even when I try to correct him while he is starting to crouch down, he is just so in the chasing mode that he ignores me..Should I correct him for just looking at the cars? He is eight months old today, and I'll be sure to do more trick training etc. ( 'cause it's fun anyway). Brady's Mom, good point, I definitely did expect to see results quickly with things like this....though I'm a bit different now that it has taken a long time Mr. McCaig, I will definitely take a look at that! Thank
  5. Adorable! Looks so much like my Kaiser did only a few months back...gotta love those ears
  6. I bathed him with dish soap, which worked like a charm. Thanks
  7. ...to roll in rotten fish. I have already bathed him, and sprayed his fur with lemon juice and vinegar...but the smell is lingering Anyone here have quick proven ways to get rid of oily stench? Thanks
  8. Haha, It's getting pretty cold and icey where I am...hope to get some good snowfall this year (we were ripped off last year)
  9. I don't think so...My Border chases cars, and if I use a shock collar he will stop, but if I walk him without it he will go back to chasing, which isn't trained in my opinion
  10. I would say blue merle...but that's just from looking at google images and this website http://www.bryningbordercollies.com/Border-Collie-Colours
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