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  1. Where are you located? You could probably get some recommendations for classes from this group. There really is nothing quite like having a live person work with you. An instructor can pick up on things that you might not notice and explain why and when you would use different moves.
  2. The water spray, I have seen a friend of mine do that to his 1 yr old lab to deter her from jumping on tables and counter for food, when everything else failed. It worked well. Training a lab is totally different than a BC. Labs are notoriously hard-headed and BC's tend to be sensitive. I don't think that you'll need to spray a BC. Mine would fall to pieces over that! With my girl a simple "uh-oh" with my hands on my hips is enough to send a message.
  3. My girl LOVES her crate! We took the door off and put it by our bed. It's her favorite place and she hangs out there most of the day. It's really nice having a crate trained dog especially when you want to go on vacation and need to board them (or take them with you to a hotel).
  4. My sister had a coyote that killed and partially ate her neighbor's Westie. It was against the law to shoot it, so everyone had to keep all pets inside for weeks. It would just sit in her yard! Finally, animal control killed it as it threatened a young child. Scarey. She's in Massachusetts, here in GA, guns would be a-blazin'!
  5. I also use Trifexis along with Frontline. The Frontline just doesn't work on fleas anymore, but it still works on ticks. We live in the country, so ticks are a big issue for us.
  6. Wouldn't it be great if we could just send them through the standard car was? Stack them on a cart and send them on through, with the deluxe wash cycle of course!
  7. As a kid I used to love pulling out the clumps of fur when our GSD blew her coat--more fun than popping bubble wrap!
  8. I agree that the short haired dogs shed the most. My JRT shed more than my heavy coated golden, and she shed year round. I had a GSD that used to lose her coat in clumps, it was crazy!
  9. It's not bad yet, a few pounds to lose. She looks like a show dog now .
  10. I put my dogs on Taste of the Wild a month ago due to allergies that my golden has. Now both my BC and my golden have put on some weight. I'm trying adding green beans to their reduced kibble, but they really don't like them. Any suggestions? My BC was getting 1C of TOW daily now I'm cutting her down to 1/4C 2x a day w equal amounts of green beans in to give some volume. Could I add sweet potato instead? Suggestions?
  11. Which has the most trials in your area? If you are interested in titles, it's cheaper to stick with one venue. I chose AKC just because there are more trials in my area than USDAA.
  12. Yes, I used 12' boards. They have supports under them so there is no bounce at all. Sort of a pain to move, it takes 2 because the boards are so heavy. Other than that, I'm really happy with it.
  13. I bought the PVC dog walk kit from affordable agility. I also bought the rubberizing granules and rubberized my boards. The kit was easy to assemble and the whole thing turned out great. The rubberizing was fairly simple, but I'm an art teacher, so I'm really good with gooey stuff!
  14. I ran out of home made treats a couple of weeks ago before an agility session, so I boiled up some penne pasta to use. You would have thought I had filet mignon in my bag!!! My trainer and I were both floored at how much she loved it. So, our go to treat now is plain penne!
  15. Asa had the same thing happen 2 yrs ago. They did surgery to remove the nail, then she had to wear a bandage for a couple of weeks. She looked like she had on a boxing glove, and hobbled around on 3 legs with her front paw in the air--pitiful!!!
  16. Two articles that have links to studies: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/25/why-runners-dont-get-knee-arthritis/?_r=0 http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1948208,00.html There are many more if you search.
  17. Thank you! I get sooo sick of people (mostly out of shape and overweight) telling me how bad running is for my joints!! I've been running now for 30 years and have NO joint pain what-so-ever. The only two friends I have that have had joint replacement never ran a step in their lives. As far as running with the dogs, moderation and proper training are the key, iMO.
  18. Adorable, but not seeing the BC. Still stinkin' cute though!
  19. Be careful about letting him rip the stuffing out of toys. Dogs can swallow it and get intestinal blockages. I'd suggest raw bones or antlers instead. Also, if you play ball, make sure it's a smooth ball like a chuck-it, not a tennis ball, to save his teeth!
  20. That dog is fairly fast, but not as fast as most BCs I know. My girl is definitely faster (and prettier!) IMO.
  21. We have fleas and ticks to deal with. I'd always used Frontline in the past, but it stopped working and we had a flea infestation last Spring--totally freaked me out! I gave the dogs a Capstar, switched the flea control to Comfortis, bombed the house, sprinkled borax on all the floors, checked the pets into the boarder and left for the beach for 5 days. Came home, vacuumed up the borax, brought the pets home an all is good now. No more Frontline for us!
  22. Is it a problem for the dogs using the glow in the dark chuck-its in a wooded area? Too dangerous?
  23. My sister's BC has nubs for teeth now from too many years playing with a tennis ball. I vote for chuck-its too!
  24. I have always thought that if my dogs get out, a passerby is more likely to stop and help them if they have a collar on. With tags that means they are coming home!
  25. We encountered a large black lab on a bike trail. Owner hollering "He's friendly" me screaming back "SHE"S NOT" Thank goodness I can pick Asa up, she was terrified! (She had previous experiences being attacked by a cattle dog in our agility class) The owner of the lab had NO control over their dog and couldn't call him off. If could have been an ugly situation!
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