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  1. SS Cressa, I think that you will often find that one skill leads into another. Keep trying by mixing in toy play with something he really, really loves. And don't worry about being judged when acting silly with your dogs. Do it when you are alone. One of the better agility instructors I know is constantly playing and acting silly with her dogs, but it is done with a plan in mind. Her dogs are awesome.
  2. Congrats on your future puppy! Just responding to your training question in the last paragraph: Consider shutting one dog in another room while training the other. You can also train both at the same time by working on stays with one and commands with the other, then swap them out. (This is a very advanced exercise and will take quite a while, but it is a goal to work towards. I know of someone with 4 dogs: 3 stay while she works the 4th. Then she swaps out.) Keep training sessions SHORT - 15-30 seconds in the beginning. Even now, with a 2 and 6 year old, I like to keep training session
  3. Very nice photo. I don't know. I think 5 minutes of toy playing in pretty good. In fact, I would stop toy play before he loses interest. (I am sure you have heard that before.) I am a big fan of very short training sessions.
  4. Condolences on the death of your mom, Gentle Lake. My step-dad had to be hospitalized a couple of months ago. I am 12 hours away. Needless to say, I couldn't travel to see him. His kids, who live local to him, were able to go and 'see' him once he was transferred to a ground floor room in a rehab center for about 10 days because they could stand outside the window of his room while talking on the phone. Yes, here in Virginia, we are seeing the hazy skies and the red sun as a result of the Western fires. Very scary.
  5. Hangin' in there too - although because both my husband and I are retired, we do not have to go 'out' to mix with the general population. I have realized that approximately 75% of my daily activities are basically uninterrupted by the pandemic. Most of the other 25% I wanted to change anyway. (DH likes going out to eat lunch almost daily. I think it is a waste of time and money.) That said, my heart is heavy with the worsening conditions and attitudes this country is facing. I don't want to get too political, but I was looking a real estate in Canada online. After about 10 minutes, I slap
  6. I liked James Rebanks. Donald McCaig used to be an active member of these boards before passing.
  7. I agree that a different opinion is required. I don't think you vet is taking your seriously. I am surprised that, at a minimum, s/he didn't take X-rays. I would consult with an specialist (orthopedic vet/ certified rehab vet).
  8. What was said above. A lot of great suggestions. Re: agility. I now try to use a game training approach to teaching agility. All (or as much as possible) of the 'teaching' is done through games. A lot less pressure on the dog to PERFORM since he thinks he is just playing with you. And with regards to trick training, sometimes one has to just ask for the tiniest bit of incremental performance toward a completed trick. Many people try to achieve too much of the final behavior. For example: give a paw. Usually people will expect the dog to pick up the paw or will grab the paw before tre
  9. I don't do flyball, but a search for national flyball organizations should have a list of clubs by state. Or just search for (your city) flyball club.
  10. Just seeing this. Lovely short film. Thanks for posting.
  11. Good Luck with Cressa. Like others, I have more experience with felines that have kidney disease. I never used Rx diets for them (against the vet's advice), but did pay attention to posphorus levels in the kibble, added water to their daily 2X feedings (which I do now for all my pets regardless of age) and gave subQ fluids. Both cats lived another 3 - 3.5 years of quality life until close to the end. One hint for subQ fluids if you ever go in that direction - warm the fluids in body temperature water. It is so much more comfortable for the animal. One cat would visibly relax, then go to s
  12. That was very sweet, and definitely one of the better ones I have seen. (although I am not an expert) Thanks, D'Elle for the explanation of Freestyle.
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